Signaling by FGFR4 (Homo sapiens)

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2, 3, 21, 40, 47...616, 27, 53, 70, 71, 82...5, 33, 42, 44, 9118711, 28, 72, 89383822, 32, 46, 48, 66...24, 43, 51, 585453, 70, 82, 9424, 51, 588, 5220, 24, 43, 5131, 55, 6223-25, 30, 37712, 5915, 373330, 4713, 15, 29, 9230, 4748, 6664, 69, 74, 858354, 81957, 938, 23, 371, 558, 29, 7845, 52, 80381830, 478, 30, 51, 8031, 41, 7983, 958, 30, 37, 5219, 79, 95181811, 45, 896, 27, 71, 9041, 7954, 60cytosolFGF2(10-155) PPP2CB UBB(153-228) FGF6 GAB1 FGF17-1 ADPATPRPS27A(1-76) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) ADPFGFR4-binding FGFsPIK3R1 p-Y371-CBL p-Y194,Y195,Y272-SHC1-3 FGFR4 Y367C UBC(153-228) p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 PIK3R1 GAB1 GRB2-1 KLB UBC(533-608) FGF19 FGF2(10-155) FGF8-1 S111/S120p-SPRY2:B-RAFFGF16 FGF1 KLB PPP2R1A ATPPIP3 activates AKTsignalingPIK3R1 FGF18 RPS27A(1-76) FGFR4 N535D FGF4 p21 RAS:GTPFGF9 p-5Y-FGFR4 UBA52(1-76) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF19 FGF17-1 FGF18 FGF1 FGF18 FGF6 SOS1 FGF16 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF6 FGF16 FGF1 FGF17-1 FGF9 p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 FGF2(10-155) FGFR4 KLB KLB FGF20 p-5Y-FGFR4 N535K FGF18 p-8T-FRS2 UBC(229-304) p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF2(10-155) FGF16 p-T202,Y204-MAPK3 FGF16 p-5Y-FGFR4 RPS27A(1-76) FGF2(10-155) FGF8-1 RAF/MAP kinasecascadeFGF8-1 PiFGF8-1 p-6Y-FRS2 CBL SHC1-2 UBB(77-152) GRB2-1 FGF16 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS:PTPN11FGF17-1 FGF9 FGF9 PPP2CA UBC(229-304) p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 p5Y-FGFR4 Y367C mutant FGF9 PI(3,4,5)P3FGF17-1 UBC(305-380) FGF19 p-5Y-FGFR4 Activated FGFR4mutants:p-4Y-PLCG1UBC(533-608) Activated FGFR4:FRS3FGF9 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF18 FGF4 FGF2(10-155) PI(3,4,5)P3UBC(381-456) KLB Activated FGFR4homodimerFGF4 p-5Y-FGFR4 V550E FGF8-1 FGF4 FGF9 FGF17-1 SHC1-3 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:p-PPTN11:p-CBL:GRB2HS FGF2(10-155) p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF17-1 FGF19 FGF18 GRB2-1 FGF19 KLB KLBGalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF20 FGF19 p-5Y-FGFR4 p-Y239,Y240,Y317-SHC1-2 KLB FGF8-1 PPP2CA p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 KLB p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 PPA2A(A:C):S112/S115p-SPRY2FGF19 FGF1 UBC(609-684) FGF2(10-155) HS FGF17-1 FGF17-1 FGF18 ATPUBB(77-152) GAB1 UbFGF18 FGFR4 mutant dimerswith enhancedkinaseactivity:PD173074FGF19 FGF17-1 SPRY2 FGF6 FGF8-1 UBC(229-304) FGF20 HS UBC(457-532) FGF16 ATPFGF18 FGF17-1 p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF9 p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 ATPactivatedFGFR4:p-4Y-PLCG1FGF4 FGF20 FGF6 FGF18 FGF18 FGF16 FGF19 GRB2-1ATPp-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 ActivatedFGFR4:p-8T-FRS2p-6Y-FRS2 HS UBC(1-76) GRB2-1 FGF17-1 SHC1-2 FGF9 KLB FGF18 FRS2GDPFGF4 GRB2-1 ATPFGF18 FGFR4:HS:KLB:FGF19PPP2CA FGF4 FGF6 FGF16 FGF9 FGF20 FGF4 FGF2(10-155) ADPGalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF8-1 PI(3,4,5)P3 p-5Y-FRS3 DAG and IP3signalingRPS27A(1-76) HS p-5Y-FGFR4 V550L UBC(77-152) FGF8-1 FGF20 FGF19 FGF9 CBL FGF1 PPP2R1A HS FGF19 PPP2CA HS ATPFGF19 FGF6 p-6Y-FRS2 GRB2:GAB1FGF18 UBC(1-76) PPP2CB UBB(1-76) UBA52(1-76) UBC(229-304) UBC(457-532) HS ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRSp-5Y-FGFR4 PPP2CB HS PPP2CA p-5Y-FRS3 FGF6 GTPFGF4 FGF9 HRAS UBA52(1-76) UBC(153-228) PPP2CB ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS3SPRY2 p-6Y-FRS2 Ub-(Y55/Y227)p-SPRY2p-5Y-FRS3 FGF19 FGF6 FGF9 FGF19 HS FRS2 UBB(77-152) p-4Y-PLCG1HS FGF9 FGFR4 V550E FGF17-1 FGF20 p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 p-5Y-FGFR4 GRB2-1 UBC(609-684) FGF19 UBB(1-76) ActivatedFGFR4:pY-SHC1:GRB2:SOS1ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:GRB2:GAB1:PIK3R1FGF17-1 FGF20 FGF20 FRS3 PTPN11 FGF4 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF1 HS HS UBC(305-380) FGF4 FGFR4 N535D UBB(77-152) FGF20 p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF8-1 FGF19 FGF2(10-155) FGF4 UBC(381-456) FGF1 FGF19 FGF8-1 FGFR4 enhancedkinase mutantdimersFGF2(10-155) FGF2(10-155) FGF18 FGF9 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) UBC(533-608) FGF17-1 FGF16 FGF6 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FRS3p-6Y-FRS2 FGF6 PIK3CA UBC(305-380) FGF8-1 FGF16 p-6Y-FRS2 p-6Y-FRS2 p-4Y-PLCG1 UBC(381-456) HS UBC(153-228) ADPFGF4 FGF18 UBC(153-228) GAB1 FGF18 HS FGF17-1 FGF1 FGF2(10-155) GRB2-1 FGF19 FGFR4 N535K p-4Y-PLCG1 UBC(457-532) p-5Y-FGFR4 UBC(305-380) KRAS UBC(457-532) KLB FGF2(10-155) BRAF PI(3,4,5)P3 PPP2R1A UBC(77-152) ATPGalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) PPP2CA PIK3R1 p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF8-1 FGF1 Activated FGFR4 enhanced kinase mutants PPP2R1A FGF16 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) SOS1 KLB UBC(609-684) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) p-5Y-FGFR4 KLB PD173074p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 ADPFGF20 FGF8-1 FGF2(10-155) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) PP2A (A:C)FGF4 FGF6 FGF18 p-Y194,Y195,Y272-SHC1-3 FGF20 p-5Y-FGFR4 p-5Y-FGFR4 UBB(1-76) FGF20 FGF8-1 FGF2(10-155) Ub:Y55/Y227-pSPRY2:CBLFGF20 UbADPFGF2(10-155) p-5Y-FGFR4 KLB CBLFGF9 HSp-Y371-CBL FGF16 p-5Y-FRS3 FGF18 activatedFGFR4:PLCG1UBC(609-684) UBB(153-228) KLB Ub-Activated FGFR4complex:Ub-p-FRS2KLB FGF19 HS p-6Y-FRS2 ADPp-T,Y MAPK dimersPPP2CB p-5Y-FGFR4 PPP2R1A p-Y371-CBL:GRB2GRB2-1 p-S112,S115-SPRY2 FGF17-1 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:GRB2:GAB1:PI3KBRAF UBC(77-152) p-5Y-FRS3 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) UBA52(1-76) FGFR4 enhancedkinase mutantsp5Y-FGFR4 Y367C mutant FGF19 ADPFGF4 GRB2:GAB1:PIK3R1FGFR4 V550L FGF8-1 PIK3R1 FGF1 HS UBC(229-304) PPP2R1A Activated FGFR4Y367C mutantFGF4 FGF1 UBC(381-456) PP2A(A:C):S112/S121-pSPRY2UBC(153-228) FGF6 GAB1 PPA2A(A:C):SPRY2Activated FGFR4GRB2-1 FGF8-1 FGF1 PP2A(A:C):Y55/Y227-pSPRY2FGF18 FGF6 FGF20 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS:p-PTPN11FGF17-1 FGF17-1 GDP UBC(1-76) Activated FGFR4 enhanced kinase mutants FGF2(10-155) FGF6 p-T250,T255,T385,S437-MKNK1FGF16 p-6Y-FRS2 FGFR4 N535K FGF18 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2FGFR4 N535D p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 FGF8-1 KLB FGF19GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) PI(4,5)P2ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:p-PTPN11:GRB2:GAB1:PIK3R1HS FGF1 PLCG1 PTPN11HSFGF6 ADPFGF6 Y55/Y227-pSPRY2:CBLFGF4 Activated FGFR4 enhanced kinase mutants FGF20 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF1 SHC1-3 p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF1 FGF19 FGF20 FGF8-1 p-6Y-FRS2 FGF20 FGFR4 Y367CFGF18 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF16 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:GRB2:SOS1SPRY2 FGF6 FGF16 FGF17-1 FGF2(10-155) Activated FGFR4:SHC1FGF9 UBB(1-76) UBB(153-228) FGF8-1 FGF9 GAB1 p21 RAS:GDPPPP2CB FGF16 FGF9 FGF20 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF4 PIK3CAUBC(609-684) FGF6 FGF20 FGFR4FGFR4 V550L p-5Y-FGFR4 N535D FGF1 UBC(533-608) p-Y239,Y240,Y317-SHC1-2 GRB2-1:SOS1p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF4 FGF19 FGFR4 V550E FGF17-1 SRC-1KLB UBB(1-76) FGF9 FGF17-1 FGF17-1 FGF16 FGF1 FGF4 FGF19 FGF1 HS FGF20 p-6Y-FRS2 ATPKLB FGF19 KRAS HS FGF2(10-155) ATPp-5Y-FGFR4 FGF16 PLCG1 FGF1 FGF9 PLCG1p-S111,S120-SPRY2FGF6 FGF20 FGF18 ADPPPP2R1A FGF19 UBA52(1-76) FGF6 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) p-6Y-FRS2 FGF16 p-S111,S120-SPRY2 PPA2A (A:C):Y55/Y227p-SPRY2:GRB2FGF1 PIK3CA FGFR4 N535K FGF17-1 UBC(1-76) SPRY2:B-RAFActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:p-PTPN11PPP2CB UBC(457-532) FGF16 HRAS FGF19 UBC(77-152) KLB FGF6 ActivatedFGFR4:pY-SHC1HS FGF4 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) KLB FGF6 SOS1 FGF2(10-155) FGF17-1 RPS27A(1-76) BRAFFGF8-1 FGF4 NRAS Activated FGFR4mutants:PLCG1NRAS HS HS FGF16 UBB(153-228) FGF1 FGF20 UBC(1-76) p5Y-FGFR4 Y367C mutant Activated FGFR4:FRS2FGF20 GRB2-1 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:p-PTPN11:GRB2:GAB1:PI3KATPFGF16 FGF9 FGFR4 V550E PP2A(A:C):SPRY2GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) UBC(533-608) FGFR4 Y367C mutantdimerPPP2CA UBC(305-380) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) KLB FGF2(10-155) FGF8-1 FGF20 FGFR4 V550L UBC(381-456) p-5Y-FGFR4 KLB FGF19 SHC1-2,SHC1-3p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF4 FGF4 FGF18 FGF18 ADPp-Y371-CBL p5Y-FGFR4 Y367C mutant KLB FGF2(10-155) p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF4 GRB2-1 FGF8-1 PIK3R1FGF6 p-S112,S121-SPRY2 Activated FGFR4bound toFGF19:BetaKlothoGalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF8-1 FGFR4 ADPFGF8-1 FGF1 FGF9 KLB Activated FGFR4enhanced kinasemutantsFGF1 FGFR4 homodimerbound to FGFActivated FGFR4mutantsGRB2-1 GRB2-1 FGF9 FGF1 FGF1 FGF6 UBC(77-152) HS GTP FGF16 UBB(77-152) FGF2(10-155) p-T185,Y187-MAPK1 UBB(153-228) FGF9 HS p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF16 FGF2(10-155) 155426, 34, 56, 6338383838383838383338543826, 34, 56, 6376384, 10, 14, 16, 17, 35...3865333883547, 75385453, 70, 82, 94383838