Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins (Rattus norvegicus)

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Small (40S) SubunitLarge (60S) SubunitRps25Rps18Rpl35Rpl24Rpl7aRPS15Rpl14Rps4xRps6ka6Rpl13Rpl37a-ps1Rps12Rps29Rpl15Rps21Uba52Rpl27aRps23RPL6RGD1559877Rpl26RPL36Rps6ka3Rps11Rps14Rpl32Rplp1RPS13Rps20LOC680700RPS6KB2Rps19Rpl35aMrpl19Rpl37Rps9RPS7Rpl23aRpl3lRGD1564051Rps26Rpl18aRps3aRpl27Rpl13aRpl3RPS28Rpl22Rps2RGD1561928Rpl34LOC691716Rps6ka2Rpl7Rpl10Rps27RPL38RPL41Rpl19RPS24Rpl4Rps10Rpl31Rpl23Rpl11Rps6kb1Rpl39Rps5RPL36ARpl28RPLP0RGD1562923RGD1564290RPL12FauRps6Rpl30Rpl18RGD1559955RPSARps6ka1Rps3RPS16Rpl17RGD1561333Rps8RPLP2Rps4y2


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This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP477(r21684) with a 81% conversion rate.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
FauGeneProduct29752 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
LOC680700GeneProduct680700 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L1
LOC691716GeneProduct691716 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S8
Mrpl19GeneProduct297372 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L19
RGD1559877GeneProduct364828 (Entrez Gene)
RGD1559955GeneProduct367324 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RGD1561333GeneProduct499374 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L2
RGD1561928GeneProduct306511 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L6
RGD1562923GeneProduct290825 (Entrez Gene)
RGD1564051GeneProduct501206 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L18
RGD1564290GeneProduct498837 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPL12GeneProduct296644 (Entrez Gene) Also known as L16e. E. coli L11.
RPL36GeneProduct58927 (Entrez Gene)
RPL36AGeneProduct292964 (Entrez Gene)
RPL38GeneProduct689284 (Entrez Gene)
RPL41GeneProduct124440 (Entrez Gene)
RPL6GeneProduct117042 (Entrez Gene)
RPLP0GeneProduct140663 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L10.
RPLP2GeneProduct140662 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L7/L12
RPS13GeneProduct161477 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S15
RPS15GeneProduct29285 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S19
RPS16GeneProduct140655 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S9
RPS24GeneProduct81776 (Entrez Gene) Also known as L33e. No E. coli homologue.
RPS28GeneProduct691531 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS6KB2GeneProduct361696 (Entrez Gene)
RPS7GeneProduct29258 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPSAGeneProduct29236 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S2
Rpl10GeneProduct81764 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl11GeneProduct362631 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L5
Rpl13GeneProduct81765 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl13aGeneProduct317646 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L13
Rpl14GeneProduct65043 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl15GeneProduct245981 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl17GeneProduct291434 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L22
Rpl18GeneProduct81766 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl18aGeneProduct290641 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl19GeneProduct81767 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl22GeneProduct81768 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl23GeneProduct29282 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L14
Rpl23aGeneProduct360572 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L23
Rpl24GeneProduct64307 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl26GeneProduct287417 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L24
Rpl27GeneProduct64306 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl27aGeneProduct293418 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L15
Rpl28GeneProduct64638 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl30GeneProduct64640 (Entrez Gene) Also known as L25e.
Rpl31GeneProduct64298 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl32GeneProduct28298 (Entrez Gene) Also known as S22e.
Rpl3GeneProduct300079 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L3
Rpl34GeneProduct362041 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl35GeneProduct296709 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L29
Rpl35aGeneProduct57809 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl37GeneProduct81770 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl37a-ps1GeneProduct500547 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl39GeneProduct25347 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl3lGeneProduct287122 (Entrez Gene)
Rpl4GeneProduct64302 (Entrez Gene) also known as L1e. No E. coli homologue
Rpl7GeneProduct297755 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L30
Rpl7aGeneProduct296596 (Entrez Gene)
Rplp1GeneProduct140661 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L7/L12
Rps10GeneProduct81773 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps11GeneProduct81774 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S17
Rps12GeneProduct65139 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps14GeneProduct29284 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S11
Rps18GeneProduct294282 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S13
Rps19GeneProduct29287 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps20GeneProduct122772 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S10
Rps21GeneProduct81775 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps23GeneProduct124323 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S12
Rps25GeneProduct122799 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps26GeneProduct27139 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps27GeneProduct94266 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps2GeneProduct83789 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S5
Rps29GeneProduct25348 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S14
Rps3GeneProduct140654 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S3
Rps3aGeneProduct29288 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps4xGeneProduct29426 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps4y2GeneProduct690845 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps5GeneProduct25538 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S7
Rps6GeneProduct29304 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps6ka1GeneProduct81771 (Entrez Gene)
Rps6ka2GeneProduct117269 (Entrez Gene)
Rps6ka3GeneProduct501560 (Entrez Gene)
Rps6ka6GeneProduct317203 (Entrez Gene)
Rps6kb1GeneProduct83840 (Entrez Gene)
Rps8GeneProduct65136 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
Rps9GeneProduct81772 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S4
Uba52GeneProduct64156 (Entrez Gene)

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