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Cell-matrix adhesions play essential roles in important biological processes including cell motility, cell proliferation, cell differentiation, regulation of gene expression and cell survival. At the cell-extracellular matrix contact points, specialized structures are formed and termed focal adhesions, where bundles of actin filaments are anchored to transmembrane receptors of the integrin family through a multi-molecular complex of junctional plaque proteins. Some of the constituents of focal adhesions participate in the structural link between membrane receptors and the actin cytoskeleton, while others are signalling molecules, including different protein kinases and phosphatases, their substrates, and various adapter proteins. Integrin signaling is dependent upon the non-receptor tyrosine kinase activities of the FAK and src proteins as well as the adaptor protein functions of FAK, src and Shc to initiate downstream signaling events. These signalling events culminate in reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton; a prerequisite for changes in cell shape and motility, and gene expression. Similar morphological alterations and modulation of gene expression are initiated by the binding of growth factors to their respective receptors, emphasizing the considerable crosstalk between adhesion- and growth factor-mediated signalling. Source: KEGG

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACTBGeneProduct60 (Entrez Gene)
ACTG1GeneProduct71 (Entrez Gene)
ACTN1GeneProduct87 (Entrez Gene)
AKT1GeneProduct207 (Entrez Gene)
AKT2GeneProduct208 (Entrez Gene)
AKT3GeneProduct10000 (Entrez Gene)
ARAFGeneProduct369 (Entrez Gene) ARAF1; v-raf murine sarcoma 3611 viral oncogene homolog 1 [EC:2.7.1.-]
ARHGAP5GeneProduct394 (Entrez Gene)
BADGeneProduct572 (Entrez Gene)
BCAR1GeneProduct9564 (Entrez Gene)
BCL2GeneProduct596 (Entrez Gene)
BIRC2GeneProduct329 (Entrez Gene)
BIRC3GeneProduct330 (Entrez Gene)
BIRC4GeneProduct331 (Entrez Gene)
BLKGeneProduct640 (Entrez Gene)
BRAFGeneProduct673 (Entrez Gene)
CAPN1GeneProduct823 (Entrez Gene)
CAV1GeneProduct857 (Entrez Gene) CAV1; caveolin 1 caveolae protein 22kD
CAV2GeneProduct858 (Entrez Gene) CAV2; caveolin 2
CAV3GeneProduct859 (Entrez Gene) CAV3; caveolin 3
CCND1GeneProduct595 (Entrez Gene)
CCND2GeneProduct894 (Entrez Gene)
CCND3GeneProduct896 (Entrez Gene)
CDC42GeneProduct998 (Entrez Gene)
CHADGeneProduct1101 (Entrez Gene)
COL11A1GeneProduct1301 (Entrez Gene)
COL11A2GeneProduct1302 (Entrez Gene)
COL1A1GeneProduct1277 (Entrez Gene)
COL1A2GeneProduct1278 (Entrez Gene)
COL2A1GeneProduct1280 (Entrez Gene)
COL3A1GeneProduct1281 (Entrez Gene)
COL4A1GeneProduct1282 (Entrez Gene)
COL4A2GeneProduct1284 (Entrez Gene)
COL4A4GeneProduct1286 (Entrez Gene)
COL4A6GeneProduct1288 (Entrez Gene)
COL5A1GeneProduct1289 (Entrez Gene)
COL5A2GeneProduct1290 (Entrez Gene)
COL5A3GeneProduct50509 (Entrez Gene)
COL6A2GeneProduct1292 (Entrez Gene)
COMPGeneProduct1311 (Entrez Gene)
CRKGeneProduct1398 (Entrez Gene)
CatnbGeneProduct1499 (Entrez Gene)
DOCK1GeneProduct1793 (Entrez Gene) DOCK1; dedicator of cyto-kinesis
Diap1GeneProduct1729 (Entrez Gene)
EGFGeneProduct1950 (Entrez Gene)
EGFRGeneProduct1956 (Entrez Gene)
ELK1GeneProduct2002 (Entrez Gene)
ERBB2GeneProduct2064 (Entrez Gene)
FARP2GeneProduct9855 (Entrez Gene)
FGRGeneProduct2268 (Entrez Gene)
FIGFGeneProduct2277 (Entrez Gene)
FLNAGeneProduct2316 (Entrez Gene)
FLT1GeneProduct2321 (Entrez Gene)
FN1GeneProduct2335 (Entrez Gene)
FYNGeneProduct2534 (Entrez Gene) FYN; FYN oncogene related to SRC FGR YES [EC:]
GRB2GeneProduct2885 (Entrez Gene) GRB2; growth factor receptor-bound protein 2
GSK3BGeneProduct2932 (Entrez Gene)
HCKGeneProduct3055 (Entrez Gene)
HGFGeneProduct3082 (Entrez Gene)
Ha-RasGeneProduct3265 (Entrez Gene)
IBSPGeneProduct3381 (Entrez Gene)
IGF1GeneProduct3479 (Entrez Gene)
IGF1RGeneProduct3480 (Entrez Gene)
ILKGeneProduct3611 (Entrez Gene) ILK; integrin-linked kinase [EC:2.7.1.-]
ITGA10GeneProduct8515 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA11GeneProduct22801 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA2GeneProduct3673 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA2BGeneProduct3674 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA3GeneProduct3675 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA4GeneProduct3676 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA5GeneProduct3678 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA6GeneProduct3655 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA7GeneProduct3679 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA8GeneProduct8516 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA9GeneProduct3680 (Entrez Gene)
ITGADGeneProduct3681 (Entrez Gene)
ITGAEGeneProduct3682 (Entrez Gene)
ITGALGeneProduct3683 (Entrez Gene)
ITGAMGeneProduct3684 (Entrez Gene)
ITGAVGeneProduct3685 (Entrez Gene)
ITGAXGeneProduct3687 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB1GeneProduct3688 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB2GeneProduct3689 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB3GeneProduct3690 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB4GeneProduct3691 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB5GeneProduct3693 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB6GeneProduct3694 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB7GeneProduct3695 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB8GeneProduct3696 (Entrez Gene)
JUNGeneProduct3725 (Entrez Gene)
KDRGeneProduct3791 (Entrez Gene)
LAMA1GeneProduct284217 (Entrez Gene)
LAMA2GeneProduct3908 (Entrez Gene)
LAMA3GeneProduct3909 (Entrez Gene)
LAMA4GeneProduct3910 (Entrez Gene)
LAMA5GeneProduct3911 (Entrez Gene)
LAMB1GeneProduct3912 (Entrez Gene)
LAMB2GeneProduct3913 (Entrez Gene)
LAMB3GeneProduct3914 (Entrez Gene)
LAMC1GeneProduct3915 (Entrez Gene)
LAMC2GeneProduct3918 (Entrez Gene)
LAMC3GeneProduct10319 (Entrez Gene)
MAP2K1GeneProduct5604 (Entrez Gene) MAP2K1; mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1 [EC:2.7.1.-]
MAP2K2GeneProduct5605 (Entrez Gene) MAP2K2; mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 2 [EC:2.7.1.-]
MAP2K3GeneProduct5606 (Entrez Gene) MAP2K3; mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 3 [EC:2.7.1.-]
MAP2K5GeneProduct5607 (Entrez Gene) MAP2K5; mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 5 [EC:2.7.1.-]
MAP2K6GeneProduct5608 (Entrez Gene) MAP2K6; mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 6 [EC:2.7.1.-
MAPK12GeneProduct6300 (Entrez Gene) MAPK12; mitogen-activated protein kinase 12 [EC:2.7.1.-]
MAPK1GeneProduct5594 (Entrez Gene) MAPK1; mitogen-activated protein kinase 1 [EC:2.7.1.-]
MAPK4GeneProduct5596 (Entrez Gene) MAPK4; mitogen-activated protein kinase 4 [EC:2.7.1.-]
MAPK6GeneProduct5597 (Entrez Gene) MAPK6; mitogen-activated protein kinase 6 [EC:2.7.1.-]
MAPK7GeneProduct5598 (Entrez Gene) MAPK7; mitogen-activated protein kinase 7 [EC:2.7.1.-
MAPK8GeneProduct5599 (Entrez Gene)
MAPK9GeneProduct5601 (Entrez Gene)
METGeneProduct4233 (Entrez Gene)
MYL6GeneProduct4637 (Entrez Gene)
MYLK2GeneProduct85366 (Entrez Gene)
MYLKGeneProduct4638 (Entrez Gene)
PAK1GeneProduct5058 (Entrez Gene)
PAK2GeneProduct5062 (Entrez Gene)
PAK3GeneProduct5063 (Entrez Gene)
PAK4GeneProduct10298 (Entrez Gene)
PAK6GeneProduct56924 (Entrez Gene)
PAK7GeneProduct57144 (Entrez Gene)
PARVBGeneProduct29780 (Entrez Gene)
PDGFAGeneProduct5154 (Entrez Gene)
PDGFBGeneProduct5155 (Entrez Gene)
PDGFCGeneProduct56034 (Entrez Gene)
PDGFDGeneProduct80310 (Entrez Gene)
PDGFRAGeneProduct5156 (Entrez Gene)
PDGFRBGeneProduct5159 (Entrez Gene)
PDPK1GeneProduct5170 (Entrez Gene)
PELOGeneProduct53918 (Entrez Gene)
PGFGeneProduct5228 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3CAGeneProduct5290 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3CBGeneProduct5291 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3CDGeneProduct5293 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3CGGeneProduct5294 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3R1GeneProduct5295 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3R2GeneProduct5296 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3R4GeneProduct30849 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3R5GeneProduct23533 (Entrez Gene)
PIP3GeneProduct829662 (Entrez Gene)
PIP5K1CGeneProduct23396 (Entrez Gene)
PPP1R12AGeneProduct4659 (Entrez Gene)
PTENGeneProduct5728 (Entrez Gene)
PTK2GeneProduct5747 (Entrez Gene) PTK2; PTK2 protein tyrosine kinase 2 [EC:
PTK6GeneProduct5753 (Entrez Gene)
PXNGeneProduct5829 (Entrez Gene)
RAC1GeneProduct5879 (Entrez Gene)
RAC2GeneProduct5880 (Entrez Gene)
RAC3GeneProduct5881 (Entrez Gene)
RAF1GeneProduct5894 (Entrez Gene) RAF1; v-raf-1 murine leukemia viral oncogene homolog 1 [EC:2.7.1.-]
RAP1AGeneProduct5906 (Entrez Gene) RAP1A; RAP1A member of RAS oncogene family
RAP1BGeneProduct5908 (Entrez Gene) RAP1B; RAP1B member of RAS oncogene family
RAPGEF1GeneProduct2889 (Entrez Gene)
RELNGeneProduct5649 (Entrez Gene)
RHOAGeneProduct387 (Entrez Gene)
RHOBGeneProduct388 (Entrez Gene)
ROCK1GeneProduct6093 (Entrez Gene)
ROCK2GeneProduct9475 (Entrez Gene)
SEPP1GeneProduct6414 (Entrez Gene) SEPP1; selenoprotein P plasma
SHC1GeneProduct6464 (Entrez Gene) SHC1; SHC (Src homology 2 domain containing) transforming protein 1
SHC3GeneProduct53358 (Entrez Gene) SHC3; neuronal Sh
SOS1GeneProduct6654 (Entrez Gene) SOS1; son of sevenless homolog 1 (Drosophila)
SPP1GeneProduct6696 (Entrez Gene)
SRCGeneProduct6714 (Entrez Gene) SRC; v-src sarcoma (Schmidt-Ruppin A-2) viral oncogene homolog (avian) [EC:]
SRMSGeneProduct6725 (Entrez Gene)
STYK1GeneProduct55359 (Entrez Gene)
TESK2GeneProduct10420 (Entrez Gene)
THBS1GeneProduct7057 (Entrez Gene)
THBS2GeneProduct7058 (Entrez Gene)
THBS3GeneProduct7059 (Entrez Gene)
THBS4GeneProduct7060 (Entrez Gene)
TLN1GeneProduct7094 (Entrez Gene)
TNCGeneProduct3371 (Entrez Gene)
TNK1GeneProduct8711 (Entrez Gene)
TNK2GeneProduct10188 (Entrez Gene)
TNNGeneProduct63923 (Entrez Gene)
TNRGeneProduct7143 (Entrez Gene)
TNXBGeneProduct7148 (Entrez Gene)
TXKGeneProduct7294 (Entrez Gene)
VASPGeneProduct7408 (Entrez Gene) VASP; vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein
VAV1GeneProduct7409 (Entrez Gene)
VCLGeneProduct7414 (Entrez Gene) VCL; vinculin
VEGFGeneProduct7422 (Entrez Gene)
VEGFBGeneProduct7423 (Entrez Gene)
VEGFCGeneProduct7424 (Entrez Gene)
VTNGeneProduct7448 (Entrez Gene)
VWFGeneProduct7450 (Entrez Gene)
ZYXGeneProduct7791 (Entrez Gene) ZYX; zyxin

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