White fat cell differentiation (Mus musculus)

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1-3, 5Differentiated adipocytePreadipocyteStat5aCreb1Klf4Ddit3 (CHOP)Evi1CebpbCebpdFoxo1RaraGata2Klf15Srebf1Zfp423FBSKlf5RoraTcf7l1Stat5bLxr (Nr1h3)Nr2f2PpargEbf1Gata3Egr2 (Krox20)catenin (Ctnna1)Wnt10bCebpaIrf3cAMPTle34Ins1GlucocorticoidsNr3c1 (GR)Irf4Klf2


The transcription factors involved in white fat cell differentiation are shown, specifically their pattern of activity from the preadipocyte to the adipocyte (fat cells) stage. Adipose tissue, composed of white and brown adipose tissue, is composed of adipocytes. This pathway is primarily studied to understand factors that contribute to obesity and diabetes. Transcriptional and hormonal regulators of adipocyte formation are indicated.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CebpaGeneProduct12606 (Entrez Gene)
CebpbGeneProduct12608 (Entrez Gene)
CebpdGeneProduct12609 (Entrez Gene)
Creb1GeneProduct12912 (Entrez Gene)
Ddit3 (CHOP)GeneProduct13198 (Entrez Gene)
Ebf1GeneProduct13591 (Entrez Gene)
Egr2 (Krox20)GeneProduct13654 (Entrez Gene)
Evi1GeneProduct14013 (Entrez Gene)
Foxo1GeneProduct56458 (Entrez Gene)
Gata2GeneProduct14461 (Entrez Gene)
Gata3GeneProduct14462 (Entrez Gene)
GlucocorticoidsMetaboliteCHEBI:24261 (ChEBI)
Ins1GeneProduct16333 (Entrez Gene)
Irf3GeneProduct54131 (Entrez Gene)
Irf4GeneProduct16364 (Entrez Gene)
Klf15GeneProduct66277 (Entrez Gene)
Klf2GeneProduct16598 (Entrez Gene)
Klf4GeneProduct16600 (Entrez Gene)
Klf5GeneProduct12224 (Entrez Gene)
Lxr (Nr1h3)GeneProduct22259 (Entrez Gene)
Nr2f2GeneProduct11819 (Entrez Gene)
Nr3c1 (GR)GeneProduct14815 (Entrez Gene)
PpargGeneProduct19016 (Entrez Gene)
RaraGeneProduct19401 (Entrez Gene)
RoraGeneProduct19883 (Entrez Gene)
Srebf1GeneProduct20787 (Entrez Gene)
Stat5aGeneProduct20850 (Entrez Gene)
Stat5bGeneProduct20851 (Entrez Gene)
Tcf7l1GeneProduct21415 (Entrez Gene)
Tle3GeneProduct21887 (Entrez Gene)
Wnt10bGeneProduct22410 (Entrez Gene)
Zfp423GeneProduct94187 (Entrez Gene)
cAMPMetaboliteCHEBI:17489 (ChEBI)
catenin (Ctnna1)GeneProduct12385 (Entrez Gene)

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