RAF/MAP kinase cascade (Homo sapiens)

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12, 26, 34, 45, 57...36, 94, 105, 116, 151...4, 12, 100, 117109, 130, 132, 139, 189...37, 53, 66, 76, 90...8, 30, 46, 70, 104...142, 177, 26368, 91, 26825, 143, 20950, 162, 19557, 72, 184, 19912, 223, 2545, 8, 104, 129, 161...45, 81142, 177, 250, 2637, 106, 132, 19910, 15, 18, 30, 33...132, 20712, 26, 27, 40, 63...77, 79, 82, 132, 27012, 223, 25425, 143, 20946, 76, 2218, 14, 23, 45, 50...95, 122, 131, 16746, 76, 22114, 23, 46, 132, 181...109, 130, 132, 139, 189...27, 46, 63, 7611, 12, 29, 42, 56...77, 79, 86142, 177, 2631, 62, 71, 14813, 14, 75, 108, 172...11, 12, 56, 99, 126...81, 13214826, 30, 41, 44, 114...135, 149, 24069, 102, 133, 137, 205...plasma membranecytosolGolgi lumenplasma membranenucleoplasmendosome lumenplasma membraneplasma membraneGTP NRAS p-S311,S406KSR1:MARK3:YWHABdimerp-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 WDR83 MAPK1 ADPGDNF p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF MARK3 FGG WDR83:LAMTOR2:LAMTOR3:activated RAF:MAP2K:MAPK complexp-Y-SHC3 PSME4 WDR83:LAMTOR2:LAMTOR3MARK3 ATPp-S311,Y552 KSR1 TLN1 p-5Y-LAT-2 GFRA1 Signaling by SCF-KITWDR83 UBC(609-684) p-S218,S222-MAP2K1 PPP2R5A NF1(2-2839) KSR1:MARK3PDGFA-1 ARRB1 p-S445,S729-BRAF HRAS PPP2CB Phosphorylated p-6Y-ERBB2 heterodimers NRAS NGF signalling viaTRKA from theplasma membraneKRAS p-S222,S226-MAP2K2 Mn2+ p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF PiPSMD8 p-S259,S621-RAF1 KSR1 p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF PSMA8 MAPK1 p21 RAS:GDPp-T,Y MAPK dimers VWF(23-763) p-Y-IRS2 SOS1 p-S222,S226-MAP2K2 HBEGF(63-148) MARK3 p-S445,S729-BRAF FN1(32-2386) GTP HRAS p-Y-IRS1 NeurotransmitterReceptor BindingAnd DownstreamTransmission In The Postsynaptic CellSignaling by FGFR2p-S311,Y552 KSR1 p-6Y-ERBB2 p-S311,Y552 KSR1 MARK3 ITGB3 p-7Y-ERBB2 Signaling by PDGFFGA IQGAP1 Fc epsilon receptor(FCERI) signalingp-T185,Y187-MAPK1 p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF p21RAS:GTP:dephosphorylated RAF1 homo/heterodimerCa2+ p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF NRAS p-T,Y MAPK dimers KRAS p-T185,Y187-MAPK1 p-S311,S406 KSR1 RASGRF1 p-S311,Y552 KSR1 HRAS p-S218,S222-MAP2K1 FGF4 PPP2R1A p-S259,S621-RAF1 p-S311,Y552 KSR1 FGF23(25-251) ATPADPp-T184-RASGRP1 RAP1A HRAS p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF PSMB7 SPRED2 RAP1B ARRB1 PSMD9 MAP2K2 hyperphosphorylatedBRAFp-T202,Y204-MAPK3 p-S576 ARAF GTP PSMC6 p21 RAS:GTP:BRAPADPp-S445,S729-BRAF p21RAS:GTP:activatedRAFhomo/heterodimersp-S311,S406 KSR1 HS Ca2+ UBC(153-228) GRIN2C p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 VWF(23-763) p-Y239,Y240,Y317-SHC1-2 FGF2(10-155) PiFGF18 PSMA2 Signaling by FGFR1PiIL17RDFGF5-1 PI(4,5)P2 GTP p-T286-CAMK2A p-S311,Y552 KSR1 SPRED1 UBB(1-76) DUSP6 H2OUBC(381-456) p-S222,S226-MAP2K2 Gly YWHAB KRAS PSMD13 CNKSR2 F-actin PEBP1NEFL p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 PSMB10 SYNGAP1 YWHAB RAPGEF2 p-7Y-KIT HRAS HRAS ARRB1 ATPNCAM1 p-S214,S576 ARAF DUSP10 GTPp-Y530-SRC NRAS FGF16 p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF ARRB2 Signaling by ERBB2GTP MAPK monomers anddimersDUSP16 RASA3 HRAS p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF p-S,218, S222,T292 MAP2K1 KRAS CSK 'activator'RAF:YWHAB dimerGFRA2 PiIQGAP1 PSMD1 CSK F-actin KSR1 p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF p-S445,S729-BRAF RASGRF2 PI(4,5)P2 MARK3 DUSP5 p-T,Y MAPK monomersand dimers:PEA15UBB(153-228) MARK3 RASGEF1A p-S365,S445,S729 BRAF UBC(77-152) KRAS p-8Y-FGFR1b JAK3 activatedRAF:scaffold:MAP2K:MAPK complexARRB1 RASA4 GTP p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF p-T,Y MAPKs p-S214,S576 ARAF SPTB GTP GTP NRAS MAP2K2 ANGPT1 RASGRF2 IL17RD:p-2SMAP2Ks:p-T,Y MAPKsp-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 PSMD4 KSR2 H2OCNKSR1 FGF19 p-S445,S729-BRAF p-S445,S729-BRAF ADPCa2+ PSMC2 GTP RAF activatingkinasesPSMA3 p-S365,S445,S729 BRAF CNKSR2 p-S222,S226-MAP2K2 KRAS FGF6 PPP2R5E p-Y1172,Y1226-ERBB4 JM-A CYT-2 isoform p-Y530-SRC p-8Y-FGFR1c p-S311,Y552 KSR1 PiIL17RD FGB p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF EGF-like ligands ATPITGB3 LAMTOR3 Phosphorylated ERBB2:ERBB4cyt2 heterodimers KRAS DUSP1 IL2RA ITGA2B(32-1039) p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 IL17RD:p-2SMAP2Ks:MAPKsADPYWHAB ITGB3 CSK p-Y427-SHC1 SPTBN2 PSMB8 p-5Y,S1119-TEK p-6Y-FGFR3b NF1(2-2839) MAP2Khomo/heterodimersRPS27A(1-76) L-Glu ATPUBC(533-608) CALM1 PSMA4 p-11Y-PDGFRA p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 PDGFA-2 UBB(153-228) VCL RASAL1 ITGA2B(32-1039) KL-2 UBB(77-152) HRAS p-S311 KSR1 UbFGA ARRB2 p-2S MAP2Khomo/heterodimersGDP PPP2R5B NCAM signaling forneurite out-growthp-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF nuclear MAPK DUSPsMAPK1 KSR2 p-T202,Y204-MAPK3 FGF9 BRAP NRAS UBC(229-304) p-S222,S226-MAP2K2 Signaling by Type 1Insulin-like GrowthFactor 1 Receptor(IGF1R)PSMD5 p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF p-S311 KSR1 dephosphorylated"receiver" RAF/KSR1DUSP7 DUSP2 CNKSR1 p-S311,Y552 KSR1 YWHAB DAB2IP p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 p-S445,S729-BRAF CNKSR1 UBA52(1-76) p-S445,S729-BRAF FN1(32-2386) ub-BRAP KITLG-1(26-190) PSMB9 MAPK3 RASGRP4 p-Y-SHC2 PEA15 PEA15CNKSR2 SPRED1 GTP NRTN KRAS MAPK3 MAPK3 PPP2R5C RAS GEFsp-T202,Y204-MAPK3 GFRA3 PSMD11 MAPK3 p-S445,S729-BRAF p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 MAPK1 p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 WDR83:LAMTOR2:LAMTOR3:activated RAF:p-2S MAP2K:p-T,Y MAPK complexMARK3 FGF17-1 GTP DUSP4 PSMA5 PSMD14 UBC(381-456) p-S259,S621-RAF1 PAQR3:inactive RAFsPSMD10 UBC(77-152) PSMB11 UBB(1-76) NF1(2-2839) HRAS PEBP1 FGA UBC(1-76) GFRA4 p21 RAS:GTP:RAS GAPsMARK3 NRAS MAPK3 p-5Y-FRS3 p-S222,S226-MAP2K2 SPRED dimer:NF1RASA1 p-S311,Y552 KSR1 PPP2R5D IQGAP1 p-5Y-FGFR4 VCL p-Y420-FYN p-S311,Y552 KSR1 p-S218,S222-MAP2K1 p-Y239,Y240,Y317-SHC1-2 p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 PTPRA Phosphorylated ERBB2:ERBB4cyt1 heterodimers p-S311 KSR1 PAQR3 MAPK3 YWHAB p-S311,Y552 KSR1 Activated FGFR2b homodimer bound to FGF ATPRASAL2 p-T,Y MAPK dimers WDR83 PAQR3RBX1 RPS27A(1-76) 26S proteasomeLAMTOR2 PSMC4 p-T185,Y187-MAPK1 Mg2+ p-S311,Y552 KSR1 MARK3 PHBHRAS p-S621-RAF1 p-Y-SHC1 MAP3K11PSMD6 RASA4 SPTAN1 KBTBD7 p-T202,Y204-MAPK3 PDGFB PSMB3 RAP1A RASA3 KLB PPP2R1B LAMTOR3 RAS GAPsCNKSR2 EGF SPRED dimer:ub-NF1PPP2R5D PPP5Cp-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF p-12Y-PDGFRB H2OFGB UBC(1-76) GTP RASA2 GTP p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 H2OGTP ITGA2B(32-1039) NF1(2-2839)ADPDUSP8 p-Y349,Y350,Y427-SHC1 KRAS ub-NF1(2-2839) p-S311,Y552 KSR1 GRB2-1 p-T287-CAMK2G MAPKs PSMB2 Mg2+ RAP1B p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) p21RAS:GTP:activatedRAFhomo/heterodimercomplexesp-S222,S226-MAP2K2 p-Y419-SRC FGG p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 IL2RG SPRED3 p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF Signaling by InsulinreceptorGTP p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF NRAS GTP Interleukin-2signalingp-S311 KSR1 TLN1 PSMF1 SPRED2 DUSP10 YWHAB p-T,Y MAPKsp-Y-JAK1 Mn2+ p-S311 KSR1 UBC(305-380) PPP2R1B GRIN2B PP2Ap-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF UBC(457-532) FGF3 TLN1 p-S311,Y552 KSR1 p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF DAG MAP2K1 p-6Y-FRS2 PSMC3 p-S311 KSR1 FGG UBB(77-152) Neuregulins p-S311,Y552 KSR1 KRAS YWHAB Mn2+ MARK3 RASAL2 KL-1 GRIN2A p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF ACTN2 KRAS p-S621-RAF1 MARK3 RAF/MAPK scaffoldsp-S621-RAF1 p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 SPRED dimerp-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF FGF20 p-S445,S729-BRAF MAPK1 MAPK1 GTP SPRED2 F-actin p21RAS:GTP:p-S621RAF1homo/heterodimerp-S445,S729-BRAF HRAS ARRB2 PSMD3 MAP2K1 KRAS SPRED3 PP2AJAK2 p-2S,T MAP2K1:p-2SMAPK2K2 heterodimerNRAS p-S576 ARAF p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 SPRED1 LAMTOR2 PSMD12 p21RAS:GTP:activatedRAF1homo/heterodimerInterleukin-3, 5 andGM-CSF signalingARTN YWHAB NRAS p-S311 KSR1 NRAS Signaling by the BCell Receptor (BCR)p21RAS:GTP:activatedRAF1homo/heterodimer:PEBP1SPTBN5 FGG p-S445,S729-BRAF p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF GRIN1 RASAL3 HRAS Pip-T287-CAMK2D Ca2+ p-S576 ARAF PSMB6 NRAS p-S218,S222-MAP2K1 IL17RD PSMB1 Activated FGFR2c homodimer bound to FGF p-S214,S576 ARAF p-S311 KSR1 Ca2+ RAP1A GTP MAPKsp21RAS:GTP:'activator'RAF:YWHAB dimerRAP1A SPRED3 Signaling by EGFRAPBB1IP p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF AKAP9 Ubcytosolic MAPK DUSPsp-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 PSPN PI(4,5)P2 p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF PPP2R5B inactive RAFs:YWHABdimerp-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1p-6Y-EGFR FGA hyperphosphorylatedRAF1PSME2 ITGB3 UBC(533-608) YWHAB FGF10 inactive RAFsp-S218,S222-MAP2K1 VCL p-S222,S226-MAP2K2 p-T287-CAMK2B APBB1IP p-S311 KSR1:MARK3RASAL3 activatedRAF:scaffold:p-2SMAP2K:MAPK complexp-S445,S729-BRAF YWHAB p-S218,S222-MAP2K1 YWHAB p-Y349,Y350-SHC1 PPP2R1A p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF p-Y530-SRC p-Y194,Y195,Y272-SHC1-1(156-583) KRAS ATPp-S311KSR1:MARK3:YWHABdimerUBC(153-228) PPP2R5E LAMTOR3 IQGAP1 RASGRP1 HRAS p-T202,Y204-MAPK3 p-S621-RAF1 p-S311,Y552 KSR1 dephosphorylatedinactive RAFS:YWHABdimerPSMB5 FGF8-1 SYNGAP1 p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF DUSP9 KRAS PPP2CA GTP FGB KBTBD7:CUL3:RBX1YWHAB MAPK1 p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF PPP2R5C FN1(32-2386) MARK3 YWHAB RAP1B p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 p-Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 BRAP:KSR1:MARK3KSR2 RASA1 FGF22 p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 UBC(609-684) SPTBN4 p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF TLN1 CSK p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF PSMD7 PPP2R5A MAP2K2 p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF PPP2CA DAP12 interactionsVWF(23-763) p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF ATPp-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 High affinity binding complex dimers of cytokine receptors using Bc, inactive JAK2, p-(Y593,628)-Bc:p(427,349,350)-SHC1 dephosphorylatedinactive RAFsVCL p-Y530-SRC p21 RAS:GTP:ub-BRAPp-S576 ARAF p-Y364,Y418,Y536-IL2RB Cell surfaceinteractions at thevascular wallAPBB1IP APBB1IP PDGFB(82-241) SPTBN1 p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 RASAL1 GDPp-6Y-PTK2 NRAS p-6Y-FGFR3c KSR2 p-S311,Y552 KSR1 Phosphorylated p-Y877-ERBB2 heterodimers MARK3 PSMC5 PSMD2 p-S445,S729-BRAF NRAS GRIN2D p-5Y-RET HRAS p-T,Y MAPKs DUSP8 CUL3 BRAP PSME1 PSMA6 PSMA1 RAP1B p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAFp-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF FN1(32-2386) MARK3 p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF Mn2+ PSME3 activatedRAF:scaffold:p-2SMAP2K:p-2T MAPKcomplexDAB2IP IL2 HRAS PSMA7 p-S621-RAF1 Mg2+ p21RAS:GTP:homo/heterodimerized RAF complexPPP2CB UBA52(1-76) p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF p-T133-RASGRP3 p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 Signaling by FGFR3p-S365,S445,S729 BRAF p-T185,Y187-MAPK1 MAPK3 p21 RAS:GTPp-T,Y MAPKs ADPBRAPp-2S MAP2K homo/heterodimers KRAS LAMTOR2 NRAS YWHAB YWHAB dimerDUSP16 H2OHRAS p-2S MAP2K1:p-2SMAPK2K2 heterodimerITGA2B(32-1039) NRAS p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 PSMC1 H2Oactivated RAFhomo/heterodimerp-S218,S222-MAP2K1 UBC(305-380) KRAS p-ERBB4cyt1 homodimers p-T185,Y187-MAPK1 ADPp-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 SPTA1 YWHAB p-S445,S729-BRAF UBC(457-532) p-S338,Y341,T491,S494,S621 RAF1 FGF1 p-T,Y MAPK dimersCNKSR1 UBC(229-304) YWHAB FGB p-S445,T599,S602,S729 BRAF Mg2+ YWHAB p-S311,S406KSR1:MARK3PI(4,5)P2 RASA2 ARRB2 PSD-95 p-T,Y MAPK monomersand dimersMAPK monomers anddimersMAP2K1 PSMB4 p-T,Y MAPK monomersand dimersVWF(23-763) Signaling by FGFR4p-S299,S302,T452,T455,S576 ARAF Signaling by ERBB4F-actin 22, 38, 43, 55, 59...84, 136, 141, 2583, 6, 24, 35, 49...7732, 74, 112, 118, 163...47, 61, 78, 97, 15026619, 58, 144, 146, 160...15216, 21, 52, 168, 197...31, 121, 227, 246763, 6, 24, 35, 49...3, 6, 24, 35, 49...12788123, 2592199, 20, 65, 87, 229...119, 24828, 196, 202, 2602353, 6, 24, 35, 49...92, 138, 233772, 17, 39, 48, 51...