Host Interactions of HIV factors (Homo sapiens)

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241812, 33, 522048354141, 51, 53354242214856578431622, 237, 37555720434, 7, 28291, 4035312081208575157482750113, 291, 404632, 5085715, 2634, 365, 9, 13, 17, 38...427, 441843, 54cytosolGolgi lumenendoplasmic reticulum lumennucleoplasmmitochondrial matrixmitochondrial intermembrane spaceearly endosome membraneearly endosome membraneRev-multimer InternalizedCD4:Nef:Clathrin-Coated Pit Adapter Protein:v-ATPaseKPNB1PSMC2 APOBEC3G AP2A1 BTRCHMGA1 NUP54 REV (P04618) protein RAC1 PSMD11 REV (P04618) proteinGTPRAN APOBEC3G class I MHC complexPOM121 Hck-1:NefPSMC4 UBC(533-608) NUP210 myristoylated nef NUP153 AP2M1PSMB9 PSMC1 AP2A1 NUP35 NUP37 ATP6V1H UBC(457-532) CD8B p6 (P04585) protein PSMC2 Reverse transcriptase/ribonuclease H GDP VIF (P69723) protein Rev:importin-beta:B23:Ran-GTP complexNUP88 UBC(1-76) AAAS NDC1 REV (P04618) protein NUP107 Rev-multimer AP1G1 RANBP2 SEH1L-2 ATP6V1H GTP minus sssDNA containing deaminated C residues Arf1:Nef:endosomalCD4PSMC3 Fyn:Nef ComplexELMO1REV (P04618) protein PSMB2 ATP6V1HNup45 PSMD10 SKP1HIV-1 mRNAVPRKPNA1UBC(533-608) PSMD1 AAAS RTC with minussssDNA:tRNAprimer:RNA templateVPU (P05919) PSME1 MA (P04591) protein HMGA1 PSMD5 B2M(21-119) CD4:Nef:AP-2Complex:v-ATPaseComplexviral plus strand DNA with sticky 3' end NUP133 SEH1L-2 AAAS REV (P04618) protein Rev multimer-boundHIV-1mRNA:Crm1:Ran:GTPmyristoylated nef UBC(77-152) PSMD9 PSMB9 CD8B VPU (P05919) protein ELOC Rev:Importin-beta:B23NUP214 NUP98-4 UBA52(1-76) TPR REV (P04618) protein PSMA6 UbRev multimer-boundHIV-1mRNA:Crm1:Ran:GTPNUP188 NUP210 tRNA-Lysine3 myristoylated nef p6 (P04585) protein APOBEC3G HLA class I histocompatibility antigen, A-2 alpha chain Nup45 PSMA1 ATP6V1HHCK PSMB2 Lipid RaftAPOBEC3G-3 Vpu:beta-TrCP1:Skp1complexAP1S2 NUP35 GTP IN bound to sticky3' ends of viralDNA in PICAP-2 ComplexNUP107 AP2A2(1-939) NUP155 SLC25A5 AP2B1 PSMB10 UBC(305-380) p6 (P04591) protein Tat (P04608) AP2A2(1-939) REV (P04618) protein NUP155 PSMD12 Vif:Cul5:SCF complexInternalizedCD8:Nef:Clathrin-Coated Pit Adapter Protein:v-ATPaseRev-multimerRev multimer-boundHIV-1 mRNA:CRM1complexAP2M1 PiVPR AP1G1 CD4 AP1M2 AP1B1 NUP88 p6 (P04585) protein VIF (P69723) protein Rev-multimer UBC(77-152) XPO1 AP2S1 NDC1 RANBP2 Nuclear Pore Complex(NPC)NUP88 myristoylated nef viral minus strand DNA with sticky 3' end B2M(21-119) ATP6V1H REV (P04618) protein VPRXPO1 PAK2(1-524) REV (P04618) protein VIF (P69723) protein PSMD11 p6 (P04585) protein PSMF1 CD4 AP1S2 HIV-1 mRNA CD8:Nef:AP-2Complex:v-ATPaseComplexAP2S1 NUP43 myristoylated nefPSIP1 NUP50 NUP153 BTRC myristoylated nef PPIA PSMD6 PSMD7 SEH1L-2 HMGA1 PSME3 IN (Integrase) (P04585) protein GTP p51 (RT) XPO1 NH3CUL5 GTP BTRC NUP88 PSMD4 P-TEFb(CyclinT1:Cdk9) complexARF1 Rev-multimer PSMA3 RAN CD28:Nef:Clathrin-coated Pit Adapter Protein ComplexUBC(381-456) UBC(457-532) PPIA PSMD14 AP2M1 ADP/ATP translocasemonomer (generic)UBC(305-380) PSMB8 APOBEC3G PSMC3 UBB(77-152) HCKAP1S3 NUP62 AP1S1 RAN IN (Integrase) (P04585) protein AP2B1 NUPL1-2 CD28 PSMD2 BANF1 PSMB1 HIV-1 mRNA NPM1KPNB1 Tat:P-TEFb(CyclinT1:Cdk9) complexTPR NUPL2 Rev-multimer MA (P04591) protein PSMA2 multi-ubiquitinatedAPOBEC3G:Vif:Cul5:SCF complexCD247-1 CD4 NUP37 APOBEC3G:RTC withminus sssDNA:tRNAprimer:RNA templateAP2A2(1-939) AP2B1 PSMA5 NUPL2 CDK9AP2A2(1-939) NUP160 UBC(229-304) H2OPSMD3 Importin-beta:RanGTP complexPSMB7 NUP98-5 CD4:Vpu:beta-TrCP_1PSMD5 BANF1 APOBEC3G:Vif:Cul5:SCF complexNUP93 MA (P04585) protein PSMA6 UBC(153-228) CD4:Vpu:beta-TrCP_1:Skp1 complexNUP98-5 AP2S1 MA (P04585) protein PSMB1 CD4:Vpu complexHLA class I histocompatibility antigen, A-2 alpha chain RBX1 REV (P04618) protein PSMA5 CD4 APOBEC3G-3 NUP43 DOCK2NUP50 CCNT1VPU (P05919) NUPL1-2 AP1M2 Rev multimer-boundHIV-1 mRNARPS27A(1-76) SLC25A6 VPU (P05919) PSMC6 Nup45 p6 (P04585) protein AP2M1 B2M(21-119) myristoylated nef viral plus strand DNA with sticky 3' end AP-2 Complexmyristoylated nef RAN myristoylated nefp6 (P04591) protein PIC anchored to theNPCVif:APOBEC3G complexNUP188 CD28:Nef:Clathrin-coated Pit Adapter ProteinMA (P04591) protein CD28RPS27A(1-76) PSMA1 PSMB5 PSME4 FYNNPM1 PSMA2 PSMB6 LCKp6 (P04591) protein NUP205 VPR APOBEC3G NUP98-5 HIV-1 mRNA UBB(153-228) FYN RANGAP1NUP98-3 myristoylated nef PSMB11 NUP153 UBC(609-684) RAN NUP153 HIV-1 RNA template REV (P04618) protein IN (Integrase) (P04585) protein IN (Integrase) (P04585) protein Rev-multimer multiubiquitinatedCD4:Vpu:beta-TrCP_1:Skp1 complexIN (Integrase) (P04585) protein CD247-1myristoylated nef BTRC myristoylated nef XPO1NPM1 NUP160 AP2M1 tRNA-Lysine3 ANT1:Vpr complexp6 (P04585) protein B2M(21-119) PSMB6 RBX1 AP-1 ComplexAP2M1 AP2A2(1-939) HIV-1 mRNA IN (Integrase) (P04585) protein PSIP1 viral minus strand DNA with sticky 3' end VPU (P05919) NUP62 NUP205 VPU (P05919) protein PSMC4 PSMC5 NUP62 NUP50 PSMB8 PSMD12 Rev-multimerAP2A2(1-939) PSMD7 RAN RCC1CD28 ELOB NUP37 REV (P04618) protein NUP35 CD4 RAC1ELMO1 RAE1 NUP98-3 UBC(457-532) APOBEC3GAP-2 ComplexImportin beta-1:Revmultimer complexPSMA8 CDK9 NUP133 REV (P04618) proteinPSMD6 GDP PSMB4 UBA52(1-76) NUP214 AP2B1 APOBEC3G-3 REV (P04618) protein GTP UBC(1-76) NUP133 MA (P04591) protein AP2S1 SKP1 SHFM1 nucleoporin-associated Rev:Importin-beta:B23 complexNef:class I MHCcomplex:AP-1:PACS-1ComplexNUP93 SLC25A5 UBB(77-152) viral minus strand DNA with sticky 3' end RANBP2 CD4GTP NDC1 CD4:Nef ComplexRPS27A(1-76) ELOB AP1S1 CUL5 Vpr:importin-alphacomplexNUP98-4 PSMD8 UBC(77-152) PSMC6 REV (P04618) protein VIF (P69723) protein AP2A1 NUP155 AP1S3 UBB(153-228) HMGA1 RAN NUP214 myristoylated nef AP1S3 Cul5-SCF complexREV (P04618) protein APOBEC3G p6 (P04591) protein NPM1 RAN ATP6V1HNUP98-3 MA (P04591) protein MA (P04585) protein myristoylated nef SKP1 Ran-GDPCD4 RBX1 UBB(153-228) p6 (P04591) protein Reverse transcriptase/ribonuclease H HLA class I histocompatibility antigen, A-2 alpha chain CDK9 APOBEC3G VPR (P69726) protein UBC(381-456) myristoylated nef p6 (P04585) protein RANBP2 UBB(1-76) BANF1 KPNB1 UBC(609-684) PSMD4 NUP133 NUP214 PSMB10 NUP85 NUP98-5 UBB(1-76) PSMD13 26S proteasomePOM121 GTP POM121C RANBP1 Rev-bound HIV-1 mRNABANF1 AP2A1 APOBEC3G-3 NUP62 VIF (P69723) protein CD4 HIV-1 mRNA myristoylated nef GTP UBC(229-304) AP2S1 VPU (P05919) protein RAE1 APOBEC3G-3 CD8B NUP160 AP2A1 POM121 RAE1 TPR UBA52(1-76) p51 (RT) SLC25A6 NUP107 PSMB7 SHFM1 NUP210 PSIP1 KPNB1 PSME3 PSMA8 PSMD8 Nef:T cell Receptorzeta:Lipid Raft:Pak 2 ComplexRAN AP2M1 NDC1 AP2M1 PACS1PSMB3 Nup45 Rev:Importin-beta:NPM1KPNB1 AP2S1 DOCK2:ELMO1:RAC1:NefComplexNUP37 NUP54 PSMB4 Rev-multimer VIF (P69723) protein AP1M1 PACS1 TPR KPNA1 VPU (P05919) protein UBC(229-304) DOCK2 RAN:GTPVPR HIV-1 mRNA RAE1 CCNT1 UBC(153-228) PSMB5 PSMA3 SLC25A4 viral minus strand DNA with sticky 3' end KPNB1 PSME4 p6 (P04591) protein NUP188 26S proteasomeNUPL2 NPM1viral plus strand DNA with sticky 3' end AP1G1 PSMF1 ELOC VPR (P69726) protein GDPUBC(381-456) NUP54 myristoylated nef AP1B1 VIF (P69723) protein NUP98-4 Rev-multimer NUP205 XPO1 CD28 NUP160 myristoylated nefSLC25A4 Nef:CD28 ComplexLCKTat (P04608)VPU (P05919) protein PSMD9 SEH1L-2 AP2A1 PSMA4 VPU (P05919) AP1M1 UBB(77-152) GTP UBC(533-608) CUL5 ARF1AP2B1 HIV-1 mRNA NUP107 UBC(305-380) NUP93 AP1M1 CUL5 RBX1 PPIA AP1S1 NUP43 NUP85 Lipid Raft RAN:GTPNef:class I MHCcomplex:Ap-1:PACS-1ComplexNUP35 minus sssDNA PSMC1 minus sssDNA HLA class I histocompatibility antigen, A-2 alpha chain NUP188 RAN:GTPATP6V1HAPOBEC3G:RTC withdeaminated minussssDNA:tRNAprimer:RNA templateSKP1 VIF (P69723) proteinNUP43 Rev-multimer ATP6V1H PSMD1 CD4:Lck ComplexNUP98-4 p6 (P04591) protein NUP155 APOBEC3G-3 viral plus strand DNA with sticky 3' end myristoylated nef VIF (P69723) protein PSME1 PACS1 PSMD13 AP1M2 Rev-multimer AP2S1 PSMA7 MA (P04585) protein XPO1HIV-1 RNA template PAK2(1-524)ELOB PSMB3 tRNA-Lysine3 PSMA7 PSMD2 VPU (P05919) protein Rev-multimer AP2B1 NUPL2 HIV-1 RNA template Lck:Nefmyristoylated nefUBC(609-684) PSMB11 MA (P04591) protein Revmultimer-boundHIV-1mRNA:Crm1:Ran:GTP:NPCPSMD3 NPM1 UBC(1-76) NUP210 AP2M1 AP1S2 NUP93 MA (P04585) protein RANBP1CD8:Nef ComplexELOC VPU (P05919) protein PSMC5 NUP85 PSME2 PSMD14 UBB(1-76) AP2A2(1-939) RAN myristoylated nef AP2B1 ELOC CD4NUP54 VIF (P69723) protein NUP205 Ran GTPase:GDPNUP98-3 IN (Integrase) (P04585) protein RAN CD4 POM121 VPU (P05919)POM121C MA (P04585) protein myristoylated nef NUP50 ELOB Reverse transcriptase/ribonuclease H CCNT1 APOBEC3G:HIV-1PICNUPL1-2 VPR (P69726) protein AAAS VIF (P69723) protein Nef:class I MHCcomplexVPR (P69726) protein PSMD10 LCK HIV-1 unspliced RNAAP1B1 MA (P04591) protein RanBP1:Ran-GTP:CRM1:Rev-bound mRNA complexp51 (RT) CD4 VIF (P69723) protein BTRC KPNB1 POM121C AP2A1 APOBEC3G-3 PSMA4 VPR AP2M1 MA (P04585) protein PSIP1 UBC(153-228) XPO1 NUP85 LCK POM121C PSME2 NUPL1-2 666, 451414142, 302, 306610, 19, 25, 4722146, 45