HIV Life Cycle (Homo sapiens)

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14, 649536, 897314, 16, 36, 65, 89...9, 23, 27, 38, 52...4, 32, 53, 83, 140...154116316211, 106, 117, 16514236, 892, 132, 167104, 12046, 98351628421, 63, 97, 16412, 76, 134, 141125, 162, 16836, 8926, 954546, 98455, 48, 541291174, 16220, 75, 96, 11111423628, 47, 124151158, 163469517229, 49, 53, 56, 94...1498, 55, 109, 14478, 15711026, 951, 9915, 122, 16216224, 62, 96, 111151, 155118, 128, 13115121, 30, 9715487, 119, 1591343, 26, 954114940, 127102, 15457, 15216311109596, 11142, 59, 107, 109, 115...195, 1171613917914, 16, 36, 65, 89...3711014211815, 31, 60, 119, 15916215, 31, 16233, 69, 71, 81, 85...6, 34, 51, 53, 67...801103, 26, 9519019123154, 16636133, 148, 163113510315486, 161121917, 14550, 95, 117, 13943, 163endoplasmic reticulum membraneGolgi membranecytosolnucleoplasmearly endosome membraneUBB(153-228) ATP TAF9B ERCC3 SUPT4H1 TCEB3 BANF1 p6 (P04591) protein p6 (P04591) TAF4 POLR2C GTP PPiPOLR2D POLR2B POLR2C NCBP2 UBC(381-456) Multimeric capsid coat UBC(609-684) POLR2H POLR2H GTF2H4 POLR2G TAF3 POLR2F MVB12 REV (P04618) protein VPU (P05919) protein ATPGTF2H2 p51 (RT) TAF9B tRNA-Lysine3 HIV-1 mRNAReverse transcriptase/ribonuclease H POLR2F IN (Integrase) (P04585) protein UBC(1-76) VPU (P05919)CCNH TAF7L TCEB3 GTF2H2 UBC(229-304) MA (P04585) protein POLR2H GTF2H1 p-NELFE CCNH Surface protein gp120 POLR2I TCEB1 BANF1 Spliced Env mRNAREV (P04618) protein minus sssDNA GTF2H4 IN (Integrase) (P04585) protein POLR2F SUPT4H1 POLR2H POLR2I POLR2H GTF2F2 POLR2I PPIA POLR2K SUPT16H CDK7 POLR2J UBC(533-608) POM121C UBC(1-76) CTDP1 VPR RTC with nickedminus sssDNA:tRNAprimer:RNA templateCCNT2 HIV-1 template DNA:30 nt transcript hybrid VIF (P69723) protein CDK7 GTF2H5 SUPT4H1 TCEA1 p51 (RT) NELFB POLR2C POLR2L p51 (RT) POLR2H CDK7 VPU (P05919) protein TCEB3CL VIF (P69723) protein CCR5 PSIP1 NC (P04585) protein POLR2K VPS37A GTF2H2 NELFB POLR2E VPU (P05919) protein GTF2H2 HMGA1 viral minus strand DNA with sticky 3' end REV (P04618) protein SSRP1 NELFCD UBB(1-76) MA (P04585) protein NELFE CCNH POLR2F TCEB3CL2 ERCC2 POLR2C POLR2D TAF9B TCEB3CL2 p-SUPT5H VTA1 POLR2B CCNH NELFB NELFE p6 (P04591) protein POLR2L ERCC3 POM121C TCEB3CL POLR2K NUP214 UTP HIV-1 RNA template p-SUPT5H TBP viral DNA:Kuproteins:XRCC4:DNAligase IV complexTAF13 POLR2C VPR viral minus strand DNA (ful-length) p6 (P04585) protein NUP98-3 ERCC3 VPU (P05919) protein POLR2J Rev-multimer NCBP1 p6 (P04591) protein p-SUPT5H TCEB3 PPIA Transmembrane protein gp41 (P04578) NELFB HIV-1 transcriptioncomplex with (ser5)phosphorylated CTDcontaining extrudedtranscript to +30viral plus strand DNA with sticky 3' end VPU (P05919) protein GTF2F2 Reverse transcriptase/ribonuclease H GTF2H4 GTF2H5 GTF2F1 SUPT4H1 GTF2A1(275-376) tRNA-Lysine3 HIV-1 Tat-containingaborted elongationcomplex afterarrestGDPPOLR2D VPU (P05919) protein TAF13 p6 (P04591) protein p6 (P04591) protein HIV-1 template:capped HIV-1 transcript hybrid REV (P04618) protein POLR2D Reverse transcriptase/ribonuclease H viral minus strand DNA (ful-length) REV (P04618) protein IN (Integrase) (P04585) protein viral minus strand DNA (ful-length) GTPGTF2F1 SSRP1 UBC(457-532) UBB(1-76) NC (P04591) protein GTF2A2 CHMP4C viral plus strand DNA (full-length) VPS4A HIV-1 RNA Rev-multimer Reverse transcriptase/ribonuclease H GTF2H4 POLR2C GTF2F2 GTF2F1 CCR5 POLR2G RAN:GTPPOLR2L GTF2F1 Tat:P-TEFb(CyclinT1:Cdk9) complexERCC2 NELFB TCEB3CL2 p-SUPT5H VPS37C ERCC2 TCEB1 POLR2K NELFCD VIF (P69723) protein Transmembrane protein gp41 POLR2B POLR2J POLR2E myristoylated Nef Protein (UniProt:P04601) CDK7 ATP GTF2F1 GTF2E2 CD4 POLR2C CDK7 POLR2B MA (P04585) protein POLR2F TCEB3 POLR2D TBP VPU (P05919) protein POLR2F POLR2K CDK9 POLR2I POLR2J NTPPOLR2E REV (P04618) protein CD4 p-S2,S5-POLR2A GTF2H4 HIV-1 template DNA containing promoter with transcript of 2 or 3 nucleotides TCEB3CL p6 (P04591) protein PR (Protease) (P04585) protein POLR2B POLR2L p-S2,S5-POLR2A POLR2J POLR2B ERCC2 POLR2H Reverse transcriptase/ribonuclease H RTC with extendingsecond-strand DNAMA (P04585) protein SUPT4H1 GTF2F1 CTDP1 POLR2F ERCC3 NC (P04591) protein NELFB 2-LTR form of