Nucleotide GPCRs (Mus musculus)

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Gq/G11 PathwayGi/Go PathwayGs PathwayP2ry1Lpar4Adora2aAdenosineP2ry2P2ry4Adora1Ltb4r1Adora3P2ry5AdenineAdora2bP2ry6


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This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP80(r20847) with a 84% conversion rate.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AdenineMetaboliteHMDB0000034 (HMDB)
AdenosineMetaboliteHMDB0000050 (HMDB)
Adora1GeneProduct11539 (Entrez Gene)
Adora2aGeneProduct11540 (Entrez Gene)
Adora2bGeneProduct11541 (Entrez Gene)
Adora3GeneProduct11542 (Entrez Gene)
Lpar4GeneProduct78134 (Entrez Gene)
Ltb4r1GeneProduct16995 (Entrez Gene)
P2ry1GeneProduct18441 (Entrez Gene)
P2ry2GeneProduct18442 (Entrez Gene)
P2ry4GeneProduct57385 (Entrez Gene)
P2ry5GeneProduct67168 (Entrez Gene)
P2ry6GeneProduct233571 (Entrez Gene)

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