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The CDP-choline pathway, first identified by Eugene Kennedy in 1956, is the predominant mechanism by which mammalian cells synthesize phosphatidylcholine (PC) for incorporation into membranes or lipid-derived signalling molecules. The CDP-choline pathway represents one half of what is known as the Kennedy pathway. The other half is the CDP-ethanolamine pathway which is responsible for the biosynthesis of the phospholipid product phosphatidylethanolamine (PE). Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Gibellini F, Smith TK; ''The Kennedy pathway--De novo synthesis of phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine.''; IUBMB Life, 2010 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AAGMetaboliteCHEBI:73318 (ChEBI)
ADPMetabolite58-64-0 (CAS)
ATPMetabolite1927-31-7 (CAS)
CDP-EthanolamineMetaboliteC00570 (KEGG Compound)
CDP-cholineMetaboliteC00307 (KEGG Compound)
CMPMetaboliteCHEBI:17361 (ChEBI)
CTPMetabolite2056-98-6 (CAS)
Cept1GeneProduct99712 (Entrez Gene)
ChkaGeneProduct12660 (Entrez Gene)
ChkbGeneProduct12651 (Entrez Gene)
CholineMetaboliteC00114 (KEGG Compound)
Chpt1GeneProduct212862 (Entrez Gene)
DAGMetaboliteDAG = aspartate-alanine-glycine
EthanolamineMetaboliteC00189 (KEGG Compound)
Etnk1GeneProduct75320 (Entrez Gene)
Etnk2GeneProduct214253 (Entrez Gene)
L-SerineMetaboliteC00065 (KEGG Compound)
O-PhosphoethanolamineMetaboliteC00346 (KEGG Compound)
PPiMetaboliteCHEBI:18361 (ChEBI)
Pcyt1aGeneProduct13026 (Entrez Gene)
Pcyt1bGeneProduct236899 (Entrez Gene)
Pcyt2GeneProduct68671 (Entrez Gene)
PemtGeneProduct18618 (Entrez Gene)
PhosphatidylcholinesMetabolite8002-43-5 (CAS)
PhosphatidylethanolamineMetaboliteC00350 (KEGG Compound)
PhosphatidylserineMetaboliteC02737 (KEGG Compound)
PhosphocholineMetaboliteCHEBI:18132 (ChEBI)
PisdGeneProduct320951 (Entrez Gene)
Ptdss1GeneProduct19210 (Entrez Gene)
Ptdss2GeneProduct27388 (Entrez Gene)
SAHMetaboliteC00021 (KEGG Compound)
SAMMetaboliteC00019 (KEGG Compound)
Sgpl1GeneProduct20397 (Entrez Gene)
SphingolipidsMetaboliteCHEBI:26739 (ChEBI)

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