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192011, 231813, 22172, 2728326162451614921TBInfluence on expressionBINTRACELULARFormation of methionineBTTCNBReactionNegative effectBPositive effectBSynthesis of cholineTransportBTNucleotide biosynthesisIEConversionFormation of HemeMain functionsBBBindingBBINORGANIC IONMETABOLITETTransformationBTBBBBBGeneric enzymeBBBTBCompetitionTBUnspecified effectBInterconversionBBTBPLASMAUnspecified interactionBBBa-tocopherolGlutathionePtgdsTRXR 3LA (n-6)HemeCNROSF2-IsoprostaneLipoxin A4L-Glutamic acid5,10-METHYL-THFTHASFMN1O2CopperZincPGH3IronEPA (n-3)Leukotriene C4DHA (n-3)Uric acidTxnrd2C22:5 (n-6)ALA (n-3)Glutathione disulfideL-MethionineTPGH2H2O2CobalaminSelkXanthinePGE2Pyridoxal-5'-phosphateLeukotrieneE4CysteineGpx3GsrLipoic acidTranscobalaminSelenium5-HPETECOX1KmoiPF2-alphaNADPSepx1BPGD2Adipic acidCysteineTTGpx4Leukotriene D4Adipic acid XdhLeukotriene A4CystathioneTxnrd1Methylmalonic acidPGF2aCopperPGG3PGE2Lipoxin A4S-Adenosylmethionine PGF2aH2OHypoxanthineGpx2Methionine sulfoxideLeukotrieneE4HypoxanthineFOLIC ACIDTromboxane A2PtgisGpx6ThioredoxinIronAA (n-6)FOLIC ACIDEndoperoxidaseMethionine1-MethylnicotinamideFADCOX2Fads2Ascorbic acidIEMthfrMethylmalonic acid AA (n-6)Riboflavin15-HETESerinePGI2L-Glutamic acid1-methylnicotinamideSeleniumGpx15,10-METHYL-THFTryptophanGlycinePGG2PtgesSod1EthanolamineLipoxin B4PNPOLeukotriene B4PGE3NADPHDHA (n-3)MtrAscorbic acid2-Ketobutyric acidLeukotriene D4HomocysteineAlox5Pyridoxal-5'-phosphateLeukotriene C4NADPNADPHLA (n-6)Sepw1C22:5 (n-6)GlycineLeukotriene F4CobalaminVitamin B12Leukotriene B4d5 desaturaseCbsNicotinamideCalcium15-HETE2-Ketobutyric acidALA (n-3)SerinePGFSVitamin B12Thromboxane A2EPA (n-3)BetaineCatEthanolamineHomocysteineManganesea TocopherolZincPGI2GlutathioneS-Adenosylhomocysteine Thromboxane B2CarnitineUric acidNiacind4 desaturaseCholineCalciumS-AdenosylmethioninePGD2S-Adenosylhomocysteine 102941215, 2587


The folic acid-centred micronutrient biological network. The most relevant biochemical processes related to folic acid in the context of metabolism, oxidation and inflammation are represented. Also, the compartmental separation (intracellular vs. plasma) is presented, identifying the folic acid centred plasma metabolome.


This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP176(r30153) with a 58% conversion rate.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
1-MethylnicotinamideMetaboliteHMDB00699 (HMDB)
1-methylnicotinamideMetaboliteHMDB00699 (HMDB)
15-HETEMetaboliteHMDB11134 (HMDB)
2-Ketobutyric acidMetaboliteHMDB00005 (HMDB)
5,10-METHYL-THFMetaboliteHMDB01396 (HMDB)
5-HPETEMetaboliteHMDB01193 (HMDB)
AA (n-6)MetaboliteHMDB01043 (HMDB)
ALA (n-3)MetaboliteHMDB01388 (HMDB)
Adipic acid MetaboliteHMDB00448 (HMDB)
Adipic acidMetaboliteHMDB00448 (HMDB)
Alox5Protein25290 (Entrez Gene)
Ascorbic acidMetaboliteHMDB00044 (HMDB)
BetaineMetaboliteHMDB00043 (HMDB)
C22:5 (n-6)MetaboliteHMDB01976 (HMDB)
COX1Protein26195 (Entrez Gene)
COX2Protein26198 (Entrez Gene)
CalciumMetaboliteHMDB00464 (HMDB)
CarnitineMetaboliteHMDB00062 (HMDB)
CatProtein24248 (Entrez Gene)
CbsProtein24250 (Entrez Gene)
CholineMetaboliteHMDB00097 (HMDB)
CobalaminMetaboliteHMDB02174 (HMDB)
CopperMetaboliteHMDB00657 (HMDB)
CystathioneMetaboliteHMDB00099 (HMDB)
CysteineMetaboliteHMDB00574 (HMDB)
DHA (n-3)MetaboliteHMDB02183 (HMDB)
EPA (n-3)MetaboliteHMDB01999 (HMDB)
EthanolamineMetaboliteHMDB00149 (HMDB)
F2-IsoprostaneMetaboliteHMDB04659 (HMDB)
FADMetabolite703 (PubChem-compound)
FMN1GeneProduct342184 (Entrez Gene)
FOLIC ACIDMetaboliteHMDB00121 (HMDB)
Fads2Protein83512 (Entrez Gene)
Glutathione disulfideMetabolite65359 (PubChem-compound) Type your comment here
GlutathioneMetaboliteHMDB00125 (HMDB)
GlycineMetaboliteHMDB00123 (HMDB)
Gpx1Protein24404 (Entrez Gene)
Gpx2Protein29326 (Entrez Gene)
Gpx3Protein64317 (Entrez Gene)
Gpx4Protein29328 (Entrez Gene)
Gpx6Protein259233 (Entrez Gene)
GsrProteinENSRNOG00000014915 (Ensembl) Type your comment here
H2O2MetaboliteHMDB03125 (HMDB)
H2OMetaboliteHMDB02111 (HMDB)
HemeMetaboliteHMDB03178 (HMDB)
HomocysteineMetaboliteHMDB00742 (HMDB)
HypoxanthineMetaboliteHMDB00157 (HMDB)
IronMetaboliteHMDB00692 (HMDB)
KmoProtein59113 (Entrez Gene)
L-Glutamic acidMetaboliteHMDB00148 (HMDB)
L-MethionineMetaboliteHMDB00696 (HMDB)
LA (n-6)MetaboliteHMDB00673 (HMDB)
Leukotriene A4MetaboliteHMDB01337 (HMDB)
Leukotriene B4MetaboliteHMDB01085 (HMDB)
Leukotriene C4MetaboliteHMDB01198 (HMDB)
Leukotriene D4MetaboliteHMDB03080 (HMDB)
Leukotriene F4Metabolite
LeukotrieneE4MetaboliteHMDB02200 (HMDB)
Lipoic acidMetaboliteHMDB01451 (HMDB)
Lipoxin A4MetaboliteHMDB04385 (HMDB)
Lipoxin B4MetaboliteHMDB05082 (HMDB)
ManganeseMetaboliteHMDB01333 (HMDB)
Methionine sulfoxideMetaboliteHMDB02005 (HMDB)
MethionineMetaboliteHMDB00696 (HMDB)
Methylmalonic acid MetaboliteHMDB00202 (HMDB)
Methylmalonic acidMetaboliteHMDB00202 (HMDB)
MthfrProtein362657 (Entrez Gene)
MtrProtein81522 (Entrez Gene)
NADPHMetaboliteHMDB00221 (HMDB)
NADPMetaboliteHMDB00217 (HMDB)
NiacinMetaboliteHMDB01406 (HMDB)
NicotinamideMetabolite936 (PubChem-compound)
O2MetaboliteHMDB01377 (HMDB)
PGD2MetaboliteHMDB01403 (HMDB)
PGE3MetaboliteHMDB02664 (HMDB)
PGF2aMetaboliteHMDB01139 (HMDB)
PGG2MetaboliteHMDB03235 (HMDB)
PGH2MetaboliteHMDB01381 (HMDB)
PGI2MetaboliteHMDB01335 (HMDB)
PNPOProtein64533 (Entrez Gene)
PtgdsProtein25526 (Entrez Gene)
PtgesProtein59103 (Entrez Gene)
PtgisProtein25527 (Entrez Gene)
Pyridoxal-5'-phosphateMetaboliteHMDB01491 (HMDB)
ROSMetaboliteCHEBI:26523 (ChEBI)
RiboflavinMetaboliteHMDB00244 (HMDB) Type your comment here
S-Adenosylhomocysteine MetaboliteHMDB00939 (HMDB)
S-Adenosylmethionine MetaboliteHMDB01185 (HMDB)
S-AdenosylmethionineMetaboliteHMDB01185 (HMDB)
SeleniumMetaboliteHMDB01349 (HMDB)
SelkProtein290549 (Entrez Gene)
Sepw1Protein25545 (Entrez Gene)
Sepx1Protein685059 (Entrez Gene)
SerineMetaboliteHMDB00187 (HMDB)
Sod1Protein24786 (Entrez Gene)
TGeneProduct292301 (Entrez Gene)
TRXR 3Protein
ThioredoxinProtein7295 (Entrez Gene)
Thromboxane A2MetaboliteHMDB01452 (HMDB)
Thromboxane B2MetaboliteHMDB03252 (HMDB)
Tromboxane A2MetaboliteHMDB01452 (HMDB)
TryptophanMetaboliteHMDB00929 (HMDB)
Txnrd1Protein58819 (Entrez Gene)
Txnrd2Protein50551 (Entrez Gene)
Uric acidMetaboliteHMDB00289 (HMDB)
Vitamin B12MetaboliteHMDB00607 (HMDB)
XanthineMetaboliteHMDB00292 (HMDB)
XdhProtein497811 (Entrez Gene)
ZincMetaboliteHMDB01303 (HMDB)
a TocopherolMetaboliteHMDB01893 (HMDB)
a-tocopherolMetaboliteHMDB01893 (HMDB)
d4 desaturaseProtein
d5 desaturaseProtein
iPF2-alphaMetaboliteHMDB04659 (HMDB)

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