Homologous recombination (Mus musculus)

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1Pol-deltaStrand invasiongamma radiation / genotoxic drugsMRN complexSister chromatidPol-deltaDamaged chromatidPol-deltaBrca2AtmRpa1Rad51Pold1Pold2Rad50Rad54bRad54bBrca2Rpa1Pold3Rad51Pold4Rad51Brca2Rad51Brca2Rad52Rpa1Mre11aNbnAtmRad52Rad52Rpa1


Homologous recombination, also known as general recombination, is a type of genetic recombination in which nucleotide sequences are exchanged between two similar or identical strands of DNA. Source: Wikipedia


This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP186(r29610) with a 100% conversion rate.

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  1. Bruce Alberts, Dennis Bray, Julian Lewis, Martin Raff, Keith Roberts, James D. Watson; ''Molecular Biology of the Cell, 4th edition''; http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/bookshelf/br.fcgi?book=mboc4&part=A747#A845, 2002


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AtmGeneProductENSMUSG00000034218 (Ensembl)
Brca2GeneProductENSMUSG00000041147 (Ensembl)
Mre11aGeneProductENSMUSG00000031928 (Ensembl)
NbnGeneProductENSMUSG00000028224 (Ensembl)
Pold1GeneProductENSMUSG00000038644 (Ensembl)
Pold2GeneProductENSMUSG00000020471 (Ensembl)
Pold3GeneProductENSMUSG00000030726 (Ensembl)
Pold4GeneProductENSMUSG00000024854 (Ensembl)
Rad50GeneProductENSMUSG00000020380 (Ensembl)
Rad51GeneProductENSMUSG00000027323 (Ensembl)
Rad52GeneProductENSMUSG00000030166 (Ensembl)
Rad54bGeneProductENSMUSG00000078773 (Ensembl)
Rpa1GeneProductENSMUSG00000000751 (Ensembl)

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