Keap1-Nrf2 (Mus musculus)

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1CCAAT/XRET-PPhase II enzymesARES-PT-PNucleusS-PKeap1Caffeic acid phenethyl esterCebpb6-HITCSulforaphaneAimp2Mapk8CurcuminNqo1GclcNfe2l2Nfe2l2Hmox1PrkcaGclmNfe2l2Ephb2Gsta2CebpbPik3caMafKeap1



This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP3(r29720) with a 94% conversion rate.

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  1. Surh YJ; ''Cancer chemoprevention with dietary phytochemicals.''; Nat Rev Cancer, 2003 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
6-HITCMetaboliteFull name: 6-(Methylsulfinyl)hexylisothiocyanate, or Japanese horseradish wasabi
Aimp2GeneProduct231872 (Entrez Gene)
Caffeic acid phenethyl esterMetabolite
CebpbGeneProduct12608 (Entrez Gene)
CurcuminMetaboliteHMDB0002269 (HMDB)
Ephb2GeneProduct13844 (Entrez Gene)
GclcGeneProduct14629 (Entrez Gene)
GclmGeneProduct14630 (Entrez Gene)
Gsta2GeneProduct14858 (Entrez Gene)
Hmox1GeneProduct15368 (Entrez Gene)
Keap1GeneProduct50868 (Entrez Gene)
MafGeneProduct17132 (Entrez Gene)
Mapk8GeneProduct26419 (Entrez Gene)
Nfe2l2GeneProduct18024 (Entrez Gene)
Nqo1GeneProduct18104 (Entrez Gene)
Pik3caGeneProduct18706 (Entrez Gene)
PrkcaGeneProduct18750 (Entrez Gene)
SulforaphaneMetaboliteHMDB0005792 (HMDB)

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No annotated interactions
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