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A Wiki for Biological Pathways

In the “tradition” of Wikipedia and other wiki platforms, WikiPathways is intended to be an open, public space for content editing dedicated to biological pathways, facilitating the contribution and maintenance of pathway information from the scientific community.

How To Find a Pathway

There are many ways to find your pathways of interest. You can search by:
  • Name of the pathway
  • Browse by species
  • Browse by pathway categories
Coming soon:
  • Search by gene name
  • Advanced search options, limit by organism or category

Viewing Pathways

Once you are on a Pathway Page you can click on the image of the pathway to view the SVG representation. The pathway image is available for download in SVG and PNG formats.
Each Pathway Page has a text description, itemized gene list, references and relevant links.
Each pathway is also available for download as a GPML data file (GenMAPP Pathway Markup Language), an XML for annotated, curated pathway content. This format can be used with PathVisio.

Editing Pathways

In addition to editing the text fields on a given Pathway Page, this wiki also support the ability to edit the pathway itself! Click on "EDIT" and a webstart version of PathVisio will open with the current pathway loaded. You can then add, edit or delete content from the pathway. When you save, updated version of the images, controlled text, and data files are generated and are immediately available.
Try it out in the Sandbox pathway!


This site is undergoing rigorous beta testing through the end of May 2007. We are still implementing critical features and making major changes to these pages. Nevertheless, feel free to use the site to find, edit and create pathway content. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Thomas Kelder: Thomas.Kelder[AT]
Alex Pico: apico[AT]

Today's featured pathway

Beta Oxidation of Unsaturated Fatty Acids (Rattus norvegicus)
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Overview of all human pathways

Overview of all mouse pathways

Overview of all rat pathways

Cellular Process category

Metabolic Process category

Physiological Process category

Molecular Function category


  • There are 2908 pathways
  • Number of pathways (and unique genes) per species:
Acetobacterium woodii: 1 (0)
Anopheles gambiae: 21 (427)
Arabidopsis thaliana: 92 (956)
Bacillus subtilis: 3 (14)
Beta vulgaris: 1 (25)
Bos taurus: 274 (3743)
Caenorhabditis elegans: 66 (882)
Canis familiaris: 112 (2820)
Danio rerio: 105 (2708)
Drosophila melanogaster: 35 (565)
Escherichia coli: 12 (28)
Equus caballus: 12 (200)
Gallus gallus: 100 (2106)
Glycine max: 1 (0)
Gibberella zeae: 2 (0)
Homo sapiens: 1248 (8632)
Hordeum vulgare: 1 (1)
Mus musculus: 232 (4992)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis: 16 (132)
Oryza sativa: 68 (535)
Pan troglodytes: 115 (2910)
Populus trichocarpa: 5 (0)
Rattus norvegicus: 173 (3623)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae: 135 (856)
Solanum lycopersicum: 7 (5)
Sus scrofa: 9 (65)
Vitis vinifera: 1 (0)
Zea mays: 58 (31)
Plasmodium falciparum: 1 (0)
Brassica napus: 2 (162)
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