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[[Help:LiteratureReferences|Help on literature references]]
[[Help:LiteratureReferences|Help on literature references]]
We should put all pathways in the namespace 'Pathway' to distinct them from other pages, so the link becomes:<br>

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A Wiki for Biological Pathways

In the “tradition” of Wikipedia and other wiki platforms, WikiPathways is intended to be an open, public space for content editing dedicated to biological pathways, facilitating the contribution and maintenance of pathway information from the scientific community.


This site is not officially open for business. We are still implementing critical features and making major changes to these pages. If you are interested in what this site is about, please feel free to contact us. We plan to have the site up and running by the end of April!

Thomas Kelder: Thomas.Kelder[AT]BIGCAT[DOT]unimaas[DOT]nl
Alex Pico: apico[AT]gladstone[DOT]ucsf[DOT]edu



Overview of all human pathways

Overview of all mouse pathways

Overview of all rat pathways

Cellular Process category

Metabolic Process category

Physiological Process category

Molecular Function category

Help on literature references

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