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Since this pathway is featured in WikiPedia it would be really good to have all the metabolite annotations in. I have added a few, starting with 5-FU itself, and found that for completion of the process actually a number of things are needed:

1) The metabolite labels are really shorthand. It would be very helpful to have the complete names so that these can be looked up in the databases. Please add these either to the description (which already contains some) or as a comment to the metabolite itself.

2a) The metabolites should be looked up in the external databases. Currently the search function will not find them as they are not in BridgeDB which we use for the searches.

2b) As an alternative it would be nice if somebody could add more drugs and drug metabolites to the metabolite database anyway, these could be taken from ChemSPider for instance

3) Without 2b the completed metabolites will still only connect to one single database, so after linking all possible metabolites we need to also add them and all their datasources to the BrdigeDB metabolite database.

4) Some of the metabolites seem not to be on any page at all. We might want to set up a collection somewhere with compounds like this (linking to the pathway they are in) so that metabolite database developers can check these out.

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