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Hi. This new pathway is coming along nicely! Here are a few suggestions:

  • When you make a new datanode, you can just click on the canvas (rather than click-and-drag) to get a standard sized node. It appears like each of your nodes is a unique shape and that is usually more work to draw and less effective for data overlays (e.g., where the fill color corresponds to data values).
  • Ensembl or Entrez IDs and "GeneProduct" datanode types are typically preferred over UniProt "Protein" datanodes. The more generic type allows for mapping of transcriptomic OR proteomic data, for example. The more restrictive "Protein" type is typically used when you want to specifically exclude all other forms in a particular representation.
  • You've also used a specific interaction type that won't work here. We recommend the generic "arrow" unless the interaction is specifically a "mim-conversion" between metabolites, a "mim-catalysis" or a "mim-inhibition". The other types are rarely used and rare applicable to most pathways.

Check out our Guide for New Authors and other content in the Help pages for additional tips. Overall, great initial effort! AlexanderPico 19:19, 10 September 2016 (UTC)

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