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In collaboration with WikiPathways, we have established a custom pathway data exchange pipeline. Reactome pathways are now incorporated into WikiPathways, an open, collaborative platform dedicated to the curation of biological pathways. We encourage you to edit, curate and create pathway content here. The Reactome team will periodically assess and selectively incorporate changes back into our centralized collection.

An open source format converter has been developed that converts Reactome pathways to the GPML format. The converter is available on GitHub.

Getting Started

Use in WikiPathways

Use in PathVisio

  • Introduction to PathVisio
  • How to get started.
  • You can edit the pathways in PathVisio in the same way as in WikiPathways.
  • Download the entire collection of human Reactome pathways here and use them for pathway analysis in PathVisio.

Feel free to contact Reactome directly with any questions.

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