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  • 2018-04-05 - The list of featured pathways is now a matrix with images.
  • 2017-03-24 - The eNanoMapper deliverable D4.4 describing the portal is now archived at ZENODO.
  • 2016-08-31 - A new pathway was added: "Nanomaterial induced inflammasome activation (Homo sapiens)" (Pathway:WP3890)
  • 2016-04-04 - A new pathway was added: "Lung fibrosis (Homo sapiens)" (Pathway:WP3624)
  • 2015-07-17 - A new pathway was added: "Overview of nanoparticle effects" (Pathway:WP3287)
  • 2014-04-04 - A new pathway was added: "Nanoparticle-mediated activation of receptor signaling" (Pathway:WP2643)
  • 2014-02-19 - This portal is a currently in alpha mode, meaning that it is a draft of what it will look like, and now exists to recruit two or three editors.
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