Complement Activation, Classical Pathway (Bos taurus)

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PlasmaMembraneC1 complexPrevents Complement AttackMembraneattack complexaggregated IgG,IgM-antigen complex,polyanions, RNA, DNAlipopolysaccharidesProteolytic Cleavageantigen/antibodycomplexComplexFormationIonsCytoplasmC1RC3CD55C1QCC6C8BC7C4BC1SC1QBMASP1C8AC9C1QAC5H2OC2C4A


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This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP545(r21826) with a 82% conversion rate.

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  1. Brook E, Herbert AP, Jenkins HT, Soares DC, Barlow PN; ''Opportunities for new therapies based on the natural regulators of complement activation.''; Ann N Y Acad Sci, 2005 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
C1QAGeneProduct534961 (Entrez Gene) update: C1QA HUMAN
C1QBGeneProduct617435 (Entrez Gene)
C1QCGeneProduct509968 (Entrez Gene) update C1QC HUMAN
C1SGeneProduct767827 (Entrez Gene)
C2GeneProduct515440 (Entrez Gene)
C3GeneProduct280677 (Entrez Gene)
C5GeneProduct512045 (Entrez Gene)
C6GeneProduct507749 (Entrez Gene)
C7GeneProduct507339 (Entrez Gene)
C8AGeneProduct527391 (Entrez Gene)
C8BGeneProduct513217 (Entrez Gene)
C9GeneProduct526766 (Entrez Gene)
CD55GeneProduct518609 (Entrez Gene)
H2OMetaboliteHMDB02111 (HMDB)
MASP1GeneProduct522347 (Entrez Gene)

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