Osteoblast (Gallus gallus)

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PDGF_Ra/b complexNucleusOsteoblastavb3 integrin complexPDGF-BB complexSodiumITGAVIBSPPhosphateIBSPITGB3FGF23PTHPDGFRBFGF23PTHNPT3PDGF-BBVitmain DPDGFRASodiumCollagen 1OsteocalcinPDGFBVitamin DTNFRSF11BTNFSF11PDGF Ra/bPDGFBTNFSF11PTH1RPTH1RTNFRSF11B


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This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP322(r21357) with a 78% conversion rate.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Collagen 1Protein
FGF23Protein428104 (Entrez Gene)
IBSPProtein396071 (Entrez Gene)
ITGAVProtein396420 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB3Protein374209 (Entrez Gene)
PDGF Ra/bGeneProduct
PDGFBProtein374128 (Entrez Gene)
PDGFRAProtein395509 (Entrez Gene)
PDGFRBProtein770488 (Entrez Gene)
PTH1RProtein420401 (Entrez Gene)
PTHProtein396436 (Entrez Gene)
PhosphateMetabolite1004 (PubChem)
SodiumMetabolite923 (PubChem)
TNFRSF11BProtein378803 (Entrez Gene)
TNFSF11Protein428067 (Entrez Gene)
Vitamin DMetabolite2735 (PubChem)
Vitmain DMetabolite2735 (PubChem)

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