Octadecanoid Pathway (Oryza sativa)

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1-4PlastidCytosolPeroxisome13-HPODLipaseslinoleic acid12, 13-EOTOPC-8:0(beta-oxidation)X3H2OHydroperoxide lyaseDivinyl ether PUFAsAllene oxide cyclasejasmonate:amino acid transferase12-OPDAepoxy hydroxy PUFAsPeroxygenaseL-Isoleucinealpha-linolenic acidOPDA-reductase 3HexanalDivinyl ether synthase13-HPOT9-HPODmembrane lipids9-HPOTLipoxygenaseAllene oxide synthaseJasmonic Acid12-OPDAJasmonic Acid-IsoleucineJasmonic Acid


Plant oxylipins are a diverse class of lipid metabolites that are derived from the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids. Oxylipins formed in plants include fatty acid hydroperoxides, hydroxy-, oxo-, or keto-fatty acids, divinyl ethers, volatile aldehydes, or the plant hormone Jasmonic Acid (JA).


Alias: Oxylipin pathway

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  4. Mosblech A, Feussner I, Heilmann I; ''Oxylipins: Structurally diverse metabolites from fatty acid oxidation.''; Plant Physiol Biochem, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
(beta-oxidation)X3GeneProductThree beta-oxidation steps
12, 13-EOTMetaboliteAlso called as (9Z,15Z)-(13S)-12,13-epoxyoctadeca-9,11,15-trienoate
12-OPDAMetabolite12-oxo phytodienoic acid (12-OPDA)
13-HPODMetaboliteAlso called (9Z,11E)-(13S)-13-hydroperoxyoctadeca-9,11-dienoate , 13(S)-hydroperoxyoctadeca-9,11-dienoate
13-HPOTMetaboliteAlso called as (9Z,11E,15Z)-(13S)-hydroperoxyoctadeca-9,11,15-trienoate
9-HPODMetabolitealso called 9(S)-hydroperoxy-10(E),12(Z)-octadecadienoic acid
9-HPOTMetaboliteAlso called 9(S)-hydroperoxy-10(E),12(Z),15(Z)-octadecatrienoic acid
Allene oxide cyclaseGeneProductAllene oxide cyclase (AOC)
Allene oxide synthaseGeneProductAllene oxide synthase (AOS / CYP74A1/ EC is a member of the cytochrome P450 subfamily 74 (CYP74) of P450 enzymes. It plays an important role in oxylipin metabolism and signalling in plant defence.
Divinyl ether PUFAsMetabolite
Divinyl ether synthaseGeneProductDivinyl ether synthase (DES) catalyzes the conversion of fatty acid hydroperoxides into divinyl ether fatty acids. It is localized in the cytoplasm.
Hydroperoxide lyaseGeneProductHydroperoxide lyase (HPL)
Jasmonic Acid-IsoleucineMetaboliteJA-Ile
Jasmonic AcidMetabolite6894-38-8 (CAS)
L-IsoleucineMetabolite73-32-5 (CAS)
OPC-8:0Metabolite3-oxo-2-(2-pentenyl)-cyclo-pentane-1-octanoic acid (OPC-8:0)
OPDA-reductase 3GeneProductOPDA-reductase 3 (OPR3) reduces 12-OPDA into 3-oxo-2-(2-pentenyl)-cyclo-pentane-1-octanoic acid (OPC-8:0), which is transformed to JA by three rounds of β-oxidation
PeroxygenaseGeneProductPeroxygenase (POX)
alpha-linolenic acidMetabolite463-40-1 (CAS)
epoxy hydroxy PUFAsMetabolite
jasmonate:amino acid transferaseGeneProductConjugates Ile to JA
linoleic acidMetabolite60-33-3 (CAS)
membrane lipidsMetabolite

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