Glucose Homeostasis (Homo sapiens)

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1Bile saltsIsoleucineGCAGCDCALysineGlycolysisPhenylalanineLactateInsulinTyrosineProteolysisOrnithineHippuric acidHistidineMalateKetogenesisGlucoseHypoxanthineLipolysisB-OH-butyrateGlycerolMethioninePyruvateArginineCitrullineTCDCAvaline


An organism-level overview of Glucose homeostasis. At this moment the focus is on metabolites that can be measured in the plasma, but it would be nice to show the interaction between the different organs (Adipose tissue, Liver, Intestine, Muscle) as well as the involvement of hormones other than insulin

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  1. Shaham O, Wei R, Wang TJ, Ricciardi C, Lewis GD, Vasan RS, Carr SA, Thadhani R, Gerszten RE, Mootha VK; ''Metabolic profiling of the human response to a glucose challenge reveals distinct axes of insulin sensitivity.''; Mol Syst Biol, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ArginineMetaboliteHMDB00517 (HMDB)
B-OH-butyrateMetaboliteHMDB00011 (HMDB)
CitrullineMetaboliteHMDB00904 (HMDB)
GCAMetaboliteHMDB00138 (HMDB)
GCDCAMetaboliteHMDB00637 (HMDB)
GlucoseMetaboliteHMDB00122 (HMDB)
GlycerolMetaboliteHMDB00131 (HMDB)
GlycolysisPathwayWP534 (WikiPathways)
Hippuric acidMetaboliteHMDB00714 (HMDB)
HistidineMetaboliteHMDB00177 (HMDB)
HypoxanthineMetaboliteHMDB00157 (HMDB)
IsoleucineMetaboliteHMDB00172 (HMDB)
LactateMetaboliteHMDB00190 (HMDB)
LysineMetaboliteHMDB00182 (HMDB)
MalateMetaboliteHMDB00156 (HMDB)
MethionineMetaboliteHMDB00696 (HMDB)
OrnithineMetaboliteHMDB00214 (HMDB)
PhenylalanineMetaboliteHMDB00159 (HMDB)
PyruvateMetaboliteHMDB00243 (HMDB)
TCDCAMetaboliteHMDB00951 (HMDB)
TyrosineMetaboliteHMDB00158 (HMDB)
valineMetaboliteHMDB00883 (HMDB)

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