Biogenic Amine Synthesis (Homo sapiens)

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1Synthesis pathways for biogenic aminesfollow solid arrows through enzymatic steps,while degradation steps follow dashed arrows.COMTPhenylalaninePAHPNMTGlutamateL-DOPACholineTryptophanDBHDDCAcetylserotoninHistidineDopamineHistamineMAOASerotoninDDCHDCDDC5-hydroxy-tryptophanTPH1THAcetylcholineMAOATyrosineGAD2GAD1NorepinephrineACHEEpinephrineAANATGABACHATASMTMelatonin


Biogenic amines are one of two broad classes of classical neurotransmitters (the other being amino acids) and include: acetylcholine, serotonin, histamine, and the catecholamines epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Source:


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  1. Purves, Dale, Augustine, George J., Fitzpatrick, David, Katz, Lawrence C., LaMantia, Anthony-Samuel, McNamara, James O., Williams, S. Mark.; ''Neuroscience'';, 2001


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
5-hydroxy-tryptophanMetabolite4350-09-8 (CAS)
AANATGeneProduct15 (Entrez Gene)
ACHEGeneProduct43 (Entrez Gene)
ASMTGeneProduct438 (Entrez Gene)
AcetylcholineMetabolite51-84-3 (CAS)
AcetylserotoninMetabolite1210-83-9 (CAS)
CHATGeneProduct1103 (Entrez Gene)
COMTGeneProduct1312 (Entrez Gene)
CholineMetabolite62-49-7 (CAS)
DBHGeneProduct1621 (Entrez Gene)
DDCGeneProduct1644 (Entrez Gene)
DopamineMetabolite62-31-7 (CAS)
EpinephrineMetaboliteHMDB00068 (HMDB)
GABAMetaboliteHMDB00112 (HMDB)
GAD1GeneProduct2571 (Entrez Gene)
GAD2GeneProduct2572 (Entrez Gene)
GlutamateMetabolite56-86-0 (CAS)
HDCGeneProduct3067 (Entrez Gene)
HistamineMetabolite51-45-6 (CAS)
HistidineMetabolite71-001 (CAS)
L-DOPAMetabolite59-92-7 (CAS)
MAOAGeneProduct4128 (Entrez Gene)
MelatoninMetaboliteHMDB01389 (HMDB)
NorepinephrineMetabolite51-41-2 (CAS)
PAHGeneProduct5053 (Entrez Gene)
PNMTGeneProduct5409 (Entrez Gene)
PhenylalanineMetabolite63-91-2 (CAS)
SerotoninMetabolite50-67-9 (CAS)
THGeneProduct7054 (Entrez Gene)
TPH1GeneProduct7166 (Entrez Gene)
TryptophanMetabolite73-22-3 (CAS)
TyrosineMetabolite60-18-4 (CAS)

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