Malignant pleural mesothelioma (Homo sapiens)

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6451262311732261132, 367213262621736222237626613773232261632213Chronic inflammation, proliferation, angiogenesis,resistance to apoptosisTAMsMMGFsCo-factorChemokines, Cytokines,Pro-angiogenic factorsAutophagyCell growthGrowth arrestIntegrinsCell survivalNeoangiogenesisAsbestos fibersUbiquination degradationIncreased protein synthesis+ Cell growthDNA-repairCell invasionCell growth,differentiationDegradationCadherinsApoptosisWnt signalDNA-damageOther chemokines/cytokinesRTKsAP-1 dependent genes/Repair genesChemokines/Cytokines etc.RNS/ROSCell cycle progression &ProliferationAsbestos fibersInflammatory cytokines,cellular stressesTSC2PTEN4E-BPPIGFCDK7c-junMST1/2BAP1c-fosDKK1IL-1BAXINLATS1/2JNK1-3DEPTORERK1/2BCLXLMLKMMP2MNKRHEBSTATNLRP3EIF4PRAS40KIBRASRCGRB2FIP200DR5ERK5MSIN1PUMAATG13TTI1CDK4TEL2S6PAK/RACNF-KBP21AMOTMMP9MSKRAPTORMTORERK2P53MAPK14ASKPIP3BECLIN1MLST8PDGFCTNNBL1FZDBTRCFOXO1TSC1RAFHIF1AFAKULK1LRPTEADRICTORMEK4/7ATME2FBCL2SOSTCFP14ARFSHCBAKSFRPPDK1MEK1/2CASPASE-1GSK3PIP2HMGB1RASRSKGTPDVLSAV1Cyclin DRAGEMEK3/6PRBCyclinD1VEGFCyclinEMCL1LEFNF2/merlinAKTP16INK4Afra-1CDK2CUL1APCMEK5GDPS6KMEKKMKPI3KMDM2AJUBAJAKBAXRASMSKMNKMKTEL2TTI1MLST8DEPTORMTORYAPTAZMDM2CTNNBL1P21BAX14-3-3TAZCTNNBL1CTNNBL1Cell transformationTFCo-TFE2FPRBHMGB1HMGB1PRAS40RAPTORTEL2TTI1MLST8DEPTORMTORHMGB1IL-1BPro IL-1BP2114-3-314-3-3YAPTAZChemokines, Cytokines,Pro-angiogenic factors



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c-fosMetaboliteCHEBI:62519 (ChEBI)
c-junGeneProductENSG00000177606 (Ensembl)
fra-1 GeneProductENSG00000175592 (Ensembl)

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