GPCRs, Class C Metabotropic glutamate, pheromone (Homo sapiens)

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GABA-BMetabotropic glutamate otherOrphan GPRC5Metabotropic glutamateGRM2GPRC5AGPR51GRM6GRM1GRM8GRM3GRM4CASRGRM5GABBR1GPRC5CGRM7GPRC5BGPRC5D


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  1. Horn F, Weare J, Beukers MW, Hörsch S, Bairoch A, Chen W, Edvardsen O, Campagne F, Vriend G; ''GPCRDB: an information system for G protein-coupled receptors.''; Nucleic Acids Res, 1998 PubMed Europe PMC
  2. Karchin R, Karplus K, Haussler D; ''Classifying G-protein coupled receptors with support vector machines.''; Bioinformatics, 2002 PubMed Europe PMC


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CASRGeneProduct846 (Entrez Gene)
GABBR1GeneProduct2550 (Entrez Gene)
GPR51GeneProduct9568 (Entrez Gene)
GPRC5AGeneProduct9052 (Entrez Gene)
GPRC5BGeneProduct51704 (Entrez Gene)
GPRC5CGeneProduct55890 (Entrez Gene)
GPRC5DGeneProduct55507 (Entrez Gene)
GRM1GeneProduct2911 (Entrez Gene)
GRM2GeneProduct2912 (Entrez Gene)
GRM3GeneProduct2913 (Entrez Gene)
GRM4GeneProduct2914 (Entrez Gene)
GRM5GeneProduct2915 (Entrez Gene)
GRM6GeneProduct2916 (Entrez Gene)
GRM7GeneProduct2917 (Entrez Gene)
GRM8GeneProduct2918 (Entrez Gene)

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