Fluoroacetic acid toxicity (Homo sapiens)

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Aldehyde dehydrogenasesCytric acid cycle (Krebs cycle)Fluoroacetyl-CoAAcetyl-CoA synthetaseAconitaseIsocitric acidALDH9A1ALDH3A2Citrate synthaseALDH2Citric acidFluoroacetic AcidFluoroacetaldehydeAcetate4-hydroxy-trans-aconitateFluorocitric acid


Pathway on fluoroacetic acid toxicity describing how it ultimately leads to disturbance of the Krebs cycle.

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  1. Johnson BM, Shu YZ, Zhuo X, Meanwell NA; ''Metabolic and Pharmaceutical Aspects of Fluorinated Compounds.''; J Med Chem, 2020 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ALDH2GeneProductENSG00000111275 (Ensembl)
ALDH3A2GeneProductENSG00000072210 (Ensembl)
ALDH9A1GeneProductENSG00000143149 (Ensembl)
AcetateMetabolite71-50-1 (CAS)
Acetyl-CoA synthetaseGeneProductENSG00000131069 (Ensembl)
AconitaseGeneProductENSG00000100412 (Ensembl)
Citrate synthaseGeneProduct1431 (Entrez Gene)
Citric acidMetaboliteCHEBI:30769 (ChEBI)
Cytric acid cycle (Krebs cycle)PathwayWP78 (WikiPathways)
FluoroacetaldehydeMetaboliteCHEBI:14272 (ChEBI)
Fluoroacetic AcidMetaboliteCHEBI:30775 (ChEBI)
Fluoroacetyl-CoAMetabolite49859653 (PubChem-compound)
Fluorocitric acidMetabolite357-89-1 (CAS)
Isocitric acidMetaboliteCHEBI:30887 (ChEBI)

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