Cellular Proteostasis (Homo sapiens)

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1SynthesisDegredation via UPSStressFolding intermediateMisfolded stateStress responseStress signalingNative proteinHSRAggregatesAggresomeHsp70Hsp40CHIP[Degredation via Autophagy]Hsp90UPRHsp110[Prefoldin]MutationsStressMutationsHsp40Hsp70Hsp40Hsp70Hsp110Hsp40Hsp70Hsp90Hsp70Hsp70Hsp90CHIP


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  1. Klaips CL, Jayaraj GG, Hartl FU; ''Pathways of cellular proteostasis in aging and disease.''; J Cell Biol, 2018 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
  2. Sahlan M, Zako T, Yohda M; ''Prefoldin, a jellyfish-like molecular chaperone: functional cooperation with a group II chaperonin and beyond.''; Biophys Rev, 2018 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CHIPGeneProductENST00000565813.1 (Ensembl)
Hsp110GeneProductENST00000629751 (Ensembl)
Hsp40GeneProductENSG00000213946 (Ensembl)
Hsp70GeneProductENSG00000225217 (Ensembl)
Hsp90GeneProductENSG00000224411 (Ensembl)
UPRPathwayWP1939 (WikiPathways)
[Degredation via Autophagy]Pathway

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