MAP3K1 role in promoting and blocking gonadal determination (Homo sapiens)

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1Female developmentFemale developmentnormalphosphorylationhyper phosphorylationMale developmentMale developmentFGF9GSK3BFOXL2SRYMAPK11MAPK1AXIN1GADD45GMAP3K4RHOASOX9MAPK11ROCK1Catenin beta-1MAP3K1GSK3BROCK1SOX9FGFR2AXIN1AXIN1MAP3K4RHOAFRAT1MAP3K1Catenin beta-1MAPK1WNT4


This pathway summarizes the differential signaling in sex development in the human fetus. Disorders of sex development can derive from dysfunction of one or more genes in this pathway.

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  1. Ostrer H; ''Disorders of sex development (DSDs): an update.''; J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2014 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AXIN1GeneProductENSG00000103126 (Ensembl)
Catenin beta-1ProteinB4DGU4 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
FGF9GeneProductENSG00000102678 (Ensembl)
FGFR2GeneProductENSG00000066468 (Ensembl)
FOXL2GeneProductENSG00000183770 (Ensembl)
FRAT1GeneProductENSG00000165879 (Ensembl)
GADD45GGeneProductENSG00000130222 (Ensembl)
GSK3BGeneProductENSG00000082701 (Ensembl)
MAP3K1GeneProductENSG00000095015 (Ensembl)
MAP3K4GeneProductENSG00000085511 (Ensembl)
MAPK11GeneProductENSG00000185386 (Ensembl)
MAPK1GeneProductENSG00000100030 (Ensembl)
RHOAGeneProductENSG00000067560 (Ensembl)
ROCK1GeneProductENSG00000067900 (Ensembl)
SOX9GeneProductENSG00000125398 (Ensembl)
SRYGeneProductENSG00000184895 (Ensembl)
WNT4GeneProductENSG00000162552 (Ensembl)

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