AXL signaling pathway (Homo sapiens)

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PLASMA MEMBRANEZEB1CCND1FN1NLRP3ATG5BECN1MYCANXA2LEF1MAP1LC3BTGFBR2AXIN2CASP12439MSNTGF4GLI2CALD1TGFB2TMEM132ASMOADAM11GLI3NRG1TGFB1I1SPARCBMP8BAKT3SNAI3MITFAHNAK2VAV16PBMP6EGFRBMP7Y1101Y11732, 19CDK434SP1CAV236CDK634MYC CD274CXCL16TGFB1TMEFF1LINC00526CXCR6BMP8ALYNGLI1BCL2 RPS6KA1S363T35949BIRC5FOXP3TGFB2COL3A1CHEK149LIGHTTFTGFBR2TP53CCR2YESDKK3SERPINE1CCL2ADGRE1VIMAXLY815Y860Y7799, 38, 44SOCS1ACOX1NFKB1A28MKI67CTLA4GSK3B S918, 22, 47, 52STAT138PBCL2L1TGFB1MAPK840, 42, 46PRPS6S263S253S98, 12MMP9CCND1CPT1AATF2P40TNFANGPT2CASP34CTNNB1S552CD36CCNE1 MEK1SOCS3MERTK33PCDKN2AVCAM-1PI3K5, 7, 23PMAP2K215, 30MAP2K130MAPK3T20212, 32, 45MAPK1439PBcl-2MTOR37PTWISTKDR17IRS-1VEGFA17SNAI1ACTA2CTNNB1JUNP40PDK1LTBCAV1TNS2Y48348CHUK20, 27PBIRC5MAPK940, 46PTIMP1AKT125, 33, 51T308S473SLUGcell migration and invasionPARP1MAPK143, 49, 50Y204MET11ACTA1FOXO13PIL1BFOXO1RPS6KB1GAS631PTK2P1COL1A1PAK1P29SNAI2SCDELMO19NFKB1A27PCDKN1APTPN11P17SNAILMCP1COL1A1CYR61 KRASAutophagyPPARGCPNUAnti-apoptotic Signaling Cell migrationTumor progressionEMTMMP2Tumor invasion/migrationAngiogenesisThrombosisCellular senescenceRegulatory T cells(Tregs)Lung adenocarcinomasCHEK1S28049MDM4S31434MDM2MDM4DAPKS30816CIP2A16ProliferationPMEGFR nuclear translocation mediatorsDormacy cellsurvivalApoptosisCYTOPLASMNUCLEUSCDH1Cell survivalRELA33RELAS5294, 10Colorectal CancerTranscription factorsTranscriptional regulator Bone morphogenetic proteinsChemokinesTransmembrane proteinCollagen Osteosarcoma Matrix metalloproteasesRAC53SRC21, 26, 41Y416SMAD346S213Liver Inflammation, Steatohepatitis, and FibrosisIL1BIL-18InflammationCTNNB113EGFRPRKACACPNUFASFLT1COL3A1LEGENDLigandReceptorLeads to unknown mechanismPositive regulation of gene expressionNegative regulation of gene expressionTranslocationInhibitionPlasma membraneCytoplasmNucleusPMCPNUInduced CatalysisS100A10 SOCS3SOCS1 Immune suppressionActivationProteinProtein-Protein InteractionProteinmRNAACTA2STAT314, 35


Axl is a transmembrane protein comes under TAM (Tyro3,Axl and Mertk) family of receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK). It is first identified as transforming gene, isolated from primary human myeloid leukemia cells. Axl gene is located in chromosome 19, at 19q13.1 , which encodes 894 amino acids with molecular weight range between 100 and 140kDa. Axl receptor is having extracellular, transmembrane and an intracellular domain. Extra cellular domain contains two immunoglobulin like (IgL) and fibronectin type-III (FN III) like domain with a single pass transmembrane domain.


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Matrix metalloproteases
Immune suppression
RPS6KA1ProteinNP_002944.2 (NCBI Protein)
ACOX1GeneProduct51 (Entrez Gene)
ACTA1GeneProduct58 (Entrez Gene)
ACTA2GeneProduct59 (Entrez Gene)
ADAM11GeneProduct4185 (Entrez Gene)
AHNAK2GeneProduct113146 (Entrez Gene)
AKT1GeneProductAKT1 (Other)
AKT3GeneProduct10000 (Entrez Gene)
ANGPT2GeneProduct285 (Entrez Gene)
ATF2ProteinNP_001871.2 (NCBI Protein)
ATG5GeneProduct9474 (Entrez Gene)
AXLProteinNP_068713.2 (NCBI Protein)
Anti-apoptotic Signaling
BCL2GeneProduct596 (Entrez Gene)
BCL2L1GeneProduct596 (Entrez Gene)
BECN1GeneProduct8678 (Entrez Gene)
BMP6GeneProduct654 (Entrez Gene)
BMP7GeneProduct655 (Entrez Gene)
BMP8AGeneProduct353500 (Entrez Gene)
BMP8BGeneProduct656 (Entrez Gene)
Bone morphogenetic proteins
CALD1GeneProduct800 (Entrez Gene)
CASP3GeneProduct836 (Entrez Gene)
CAV1GeneProduct857 (Entrez Gene)
CAV2GeneProduct858 (Entrez Gene)
CCL2GeneProduct6347 (Entrez Gene)
CCND1GeneProduct595 (Entrez Gene)
CCNE1 GeneProductCCNE1
CCR2GeneProduct729230 (Entrez Gene)
CD274GeneProduct29126 (Entrez Gene)
CD36GeneProduct948 (Entrez Gene)
CDK4GeneProduct1019 (Entrez Gene)
CDK6GeneProduct1021 (Entrez Gene)
CDKN1AGeneProduct1026 (Entrez Gene)
CDKN2AGeneProduct1029 (Entrez Gene)
CHEK1Protein1111 (Entrez Gene)
CHEK1ProteinCHEK1 (NCBI Protein)
CHUKProteinNP_001269.3 (NCBI Protein)
CIP2AGeneProduct57650 (Entrez Gene)
COL1A1GeneProduct1277 (Entrez Gene)
COL3A1GeneProduct1281 (Entrez Gene)
CPT1AGeneProduct1374 (Entrez Gene)
CTLA4GeneProduct12477 (Entrez Gene)
CTNNB1GeneProduct1499 (Entrez Gene)
CXCL16GeneProduct58191 (Entrez Gene)
CXCR6GeneProduct10663 (Entrez Gene)
CYR61 GeneProduct3491 (Entrez Gene)
Cell migration
Cell survival
Cellular senescence
Colorectal Cancer
DAPKGeneProduct1612 (Entrez Gene)
DKK3GeneProduct27122 (Entrez Gene)
Dormacy cellsurvival
EGFR nuclear translocation mediators
EGFRGeneProductEGFR (Other)
ELMO1Protein9844 (Entrez Gene)
FLT1GeneProduct2321 (Entrez Gene)
FN1GeneProduct2335 (Entrez Gene)
FOXO1GeneProduct2308 (Entrez Gene)
FOXO1ProteinNP_002006.2 (NCBI Protein)
FOXP3GeneProduct50943 (Entrez Gene)
GAS6GeneProduct2621 (Entrez Gene)
GLI1GeneProduct2735 (Entrez Gene)
GLI2GeneProduct2736 (Entrez Gene)
GLI3GeneProduct2737 (Entrez Gene)
GSK3B ProteinNP_002084.2 (NCBI Protein)
IL-18GeneProduct3606 (Entrez Gene)
IL1BGeneProduct3553 (Entrez Gene)
IRS-1GeneProduct3667 (Entrez Gene)
JUNProteinNP_002219.1 (NCBI Protein)
KDRProtein3791 (Entrez Gene)
LEF1GeneProduct51176 (Entrez Gene)
LIGHTGeneProduct8740 (Entrez Gene)
LINC00526GeneProduct147525 (Entrez Gene)
LTBGeneProduct4050 (Entrez Gene)
Liver Inflammation, Steatohepatitis, and Fibrosis
Lung adenocarcinomas
MAP1LC3BGeneProduct81631 (Entrez Gene)
MAP2K1GeneProduct5604 (Entrez Gene)
MAP2K2GeneProduct5605 (Entrez Gene)
MAPK14ProteinNP_001306.1 (NCBI Protein)
MAPK1ProteinNP_002736.3 (NCBI Protein)
MAPK3ProteinNP_002737.2 (NCBI Protein)
MAPK8ProteinNP_001310259.1 (NCBI Protein)
MAPK9ProteinNP_002743.3 (NCBI Protein)
MDM4ProteinNP_002384.2 (NCBI Protein)
MERTKProtein10461 (Entrez Gene)
METGeneProduct4233 (Entrez Gene)
MITFGeneProduct4286 (Entrez Gene)
MMP2GeneProduct4313 (Entrez Gene)
MMP9GeneProduct4318 (Entrez Gene)
MSNGeneProduct4478 (Entrez Gene)
MTORProteinNP_004949.1 (NCBI Protein)
MYC GeneProduct4609 (Entrez Gene)
NFKB1AGeneProduct4790 (Entrez Gene)
NFKB1AProteinNP_065390.1 (NCBI Protein)
NLRP3GeneProduct114548 (Entrez Gene)
NRG1GeneProduct3084 (Entrez Gene)
PAK1ProteinNP_002567.3 (NCBI Protein)
PARP1GeneProduct142 (Entrez Gene)
PI3KProteinNP_006209.2 (NCBI Protein)
PPARGGeneProduct5468 (Entrez Gene)
PRKACA5566 (Entrez Gene)
PTK2ProteinNP_001186578.1 (NCBI Protein)
PTPN11ProteinNP_002825.3 (NCBI Protein)
RACProteinNP_008839.2 (NCBI Protein)
RELAGeneProduct5970 (Entrez Gene)
RELAProteinNP_065390.1 (NCBI Protein)
RPS6KB1ProteinNP_003152.1 (NCBI Protein)
RPS6ProteinNP_001001.2 (NCBI Protein)
Regulatory T cells (Tregs)
S100A10 GeneProductS100A10
SCDGeneProduct6319 (Entrez Gene)
SMAD3ProteinNP_005893.1 (NCBI Protein)
SMOGeneProduct6608 (Entrez Gene)
SNAI1GeneProduct6615 (Entrez Gene)
SNAI2GeneProduct6591 (Entrez Gene)
SNAI3GeneProduct333929 (Entrez Gene)
SOCS1GeneProduct8651 (Entrez Gene)
SOCS3GeneProduct9021 (Entrez Gene)
SP1GeneProduct28423548 (Entrez Gene)
SPARCGeneProduct6678 (Entrez Gene)
SRCProteinNP_005408.1 (NCBI Protein)
STAT1ProteinNP_009330.1 (NCBI Protein)
STAT3Protein6774 (Entrez Gene)
TGF4GeneProduct6925 (Entrez Gene)
TGFB1GeneProduct7040 (Entrez Gene)
TGFB1I1GeneProduct7041 (Entrez Gene)
TGFB2GeneProduct7042 (Entrez Gene)
TGFBR2GeneProduct7048 (Entrez Gene)
TIMP1GeneProduct7076 (Entrez Gene)
TMEFF1GeneProduct8577 (Entrez Gene)
TMEM132AGeneProduct54972 (Entrez Gene)
TNFGeneProduct7124 (Entrez Gene)
TNS2ProteinNP_056134.2 (NCBI Protein)
TP53GeneProductTP53 (NCBI Protein)
TWISTGeneProduct7291 (Entrez Gene)
Transcription factors
Transcriptional regulator
Transmembrane protein
Tumor invasion/migration
Tumor progression
VAV1ProteinNP_005419.2 (NCBI Protein)
VCAM-1GeneProduct7412 (Entrez Gene)
VEGFAProtein7422 (Entrez Gene)
VIMGeneProduct7431 (Entrez Gene)
ZEB1GeneProduct6935 (Entrez Gene)
cell migration and invasion

Annotated Interactions

No annotated interactions
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