Endochondral Ossification (Homo sapiens)

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1, 2Full differentiationintegrinsDying?Chondrocyte deathBoneRemoval of extracellular matrixand invasion by bone cellsChondrocyte (pre)hypertrophyChondrocyte proliferationBMPsWNT signalingcanonical / non-canonicalHypertrophyRemoval of cartilage matrixMineralisationCathepsinsand CalpainsProliferationOsteoblasticdifferentiationVascular invastionCartilageFGF18DDR2RUNX2FrzB-1FGF2Thyroid hormoneTGFB2TriiodothyronineADAMTS1HDAC4CALM1PLATSTAT1TNAPCAB39FGFR1MGPOxygenGLI3NPP1ADAMTS4AdseverinRUNX2AKTSox6THRACOL10A1BMP6cAMPRUNX2FGFR3IHHRUNX3CarminerinSPP1TIMP3COL2A1MMP13MMP9IGF1PTHR1IGF1RGsTG737STAT5C4ST1THRABMPR1AAggrecanTGFBISLC38A2Cathepsin L2MEF2CBMP7ADAMTS5VEGFAPTCHSERPINH1PTCH1KIF3AAKP2TGFB1CDKN1CSox9PTHrPThyroid hormoneSox5IGF2PKAGrowth hormonePTHPLAUBapx1OsteopontinGH receptorHMGCS1


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  1. Randau TM, Schildberg FA, Alini M, Wimmer MD, Haddouti el-M, Gravius S, Ito K, Stoddart MJ; ''The effect of dexamethasone and triiodothyronine on terminal differentiation of primary bovine chondrocytes and chondrogenically differentiated mesenchymal stem cells.''; PLoS One, 2013 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
  2. Belluoccio D, Bernardo BC, Rowley L, Bateman JF; ''A microarray approach for comparative expression profiling of the discrete maturation zones of mouse growth plate cartilage.''; Biochim Biophys Acta, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
  3. Mackie EJ, Ahmed YA, Tatarczuch L, Chen KS, Mirams M; ''Endochondral ossification: how cartilage is converted into bone in the developing skeleton.''; Int J Biochem Cell Biol, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ADAMTS1GeneProduct9510 (Entrez Gene)
ADAMTS4GeneProduct9507 (Entrez Gene)
ADAMTS5GeneProduct11096 (Entrez Gene)
AKTUnknown207 (Entrez Gene)
AdseverinGeneProduct85477 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 17097081
AggrecanGeneProduct176 (Entrez Gene)
BMP6Unknown654 (Entrez Gene)
BMP7Unknown655 (Entrez Gene)
BMPR1AUnknown657 (Entrez Gene)
Bapx1GeneProduct579 (Entrez Gene)
C4ST1GeneProduct50515 (Entrez Gene)
COL10A1Unknown1300 (Entrez Gene)
COL2A1GeneProduct1280 (Entrez Gene)
CarminerinUnknown1473 (Entrez Gene)
  • Taken as human homologue of mouse Cst10
  • PMID: 13679380
Cathepsin L2GeneProduct1515 (Entrez Gene) Taken as homologue to mouse Cathepsin L (Ctsl)
DDR2GeneProduct4921 (Entrez Gene)
FGF18GeneProduct8817 (Entrez Gene)
FGF2GeneProduct2247 (Entrez Gene)
FrzB-1GeneProduct2487 (Entrez Gene)
GH receptorUnknown2690 (Entrez Gene)
GLI3Unknown2737 (Entrez Gene)
Growth hormoneUnknown2688 (Entrez Gene)
HDAC4GeneProduct9759 (Entrez Gene)
IGF1Unknown3479 (Entrez Gene)
IGF1RUnknown3480 (Entrez Gene)
IGF2Unknown3481 (Entrez Gene)
IHHUnknown3549 (Entrez Gene)
KIF3AUnknown11127 (Entrez Gene)
MEF2CGeneProduct4208 (Entrez Gene)
MMP13GeneProduct4322 (Entrez Gene)
MMP9GeneProduct4318 (Entrez Gene)
NPP1Unknown5167 (Entrez Gene)
OsteopontinUnknown6696 (Entrez Gene)
PKAUnknown5566 (Entrez Gene)
PLATGeneProduct5327 (Entrez Gene)
PLAUGeneProduct5328 (Entrez Gene)
PTCHUnknown5727 (Entrez Gene)
PTHUnknown5741 (Entrez Gene)
PTHR1Unknown5745 (Entrez Gene)
PTHrPUnknown5744 (Entrez Gene)
RUNX2Unknown860 (Entrez Gene)
RUNX3GeneProduct864 (Entrez Gene)
STAT1GeneProduct6772 (Entrez Gene)
STAT5Unknown6777 (Entrez Gene)
Sox5GeneProduct6660 (Entrez Gene)
Sox6GeneProduct55553 (Entrez Gene)
Sox9Unknown6662 (Entrez Gene)
TG737Unknown8100 (Entrez Gene)
TGFB1Unknown7040 (Entrez Gene)
TGFB2Unknown7042 (Entrez Gene)
THRAUnknown7067 (Entrez Gene)
TNAPUnknown445341 (Entrez Gene)
Thyroid hormoneMetaboliteT4
VEGFAUnknown7422 (Entrez Gene)

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