Blood Clotting Cascade (Mus musculus)

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Factor VaFibrin PolymerFibrin Monomer+ Factor VIIaFactor XIaFactor VIIIaPlasminIntrinsic PathwayTissue InjuryFactor XIIIaExtrinsic PathwayThrombinTissue FactorFibrin Split Products Factor XIIaFactor XaThrombolysisFactor IXaPlauF2F10Serpinf2Prothrombinase ComplexFgbPlgF12FibrinFggF9F8aVwfF8F7FgaSerpine1PlatF5F10Serpinb2F13bF11


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This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP272(r30179) with a 86% conversion rate.

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  1. Luchtman-Jones L, Broze GJ Jr; ''The current status of coagulation.''; Ann Med, 1995 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
F10GeneProduct14058 (Entrez Gene)
F11GeneProduct109821 (Entrez Gene)
F12GeneProduct58992 (Entrez Gene)
F13bGeneProduct14060 (Entrez Gene)
F2GeneProduct14061 (Entrez Gene)
F5GeneProduct14067 (Entrez Gene)
F7GeneProduct14068 (Entrez Gene)
F8GeneProduct14069 (Entrez Gene)
F8aGeneProduct14070 (Entrez Gene)
F9GeneProduct14071 (Entrez Gene)
FgaGeneProduct14161 (Entrez Gene)
FgbGeneProduct110135 (Entrez Gene)
FggGeneProduct99571 (Entrez Gene)
PlatGeneProduct18791 (Entrez Gene)
PlauGeneProduct18792 (Entrez Gene)
PlgGeneProduct18815 (Entrez Gene)
Prothrombinase ComplexGeneProduct
Serpinb2GeneProduct18788 (Entrez Gene)
Serpine1GeneProduct18787 (Entrez Gene)
Serpinf2GeneProduct18816 (Entrez Gene)
VwfGeneProduct22371 (Entrez Gene)

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