Blood clotting and drug effects (Homo sapiens)

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Causes vasoconstrictionBlood clotCauses vasodilationStimulates platelet aggregationInhibits platelet aggregationCOXNSAIDsThrombinVitamin KThromboxane A2Prostaglandin H2ProstacyclinArachidonic acidCoumadinFibrinogenThromboxane A2FibrinProthrombin


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  1. Glen D. Lawrence; ''The Fats of Life: Essential Fatty Acids in Health and Disease''; 978-0-8135-4677-3, 2010


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Arachidonic acidMetaboliteCHEBI:2799 (ChEBI)
COXProteinQ410251 (Wikidata)
CoumadinMetaboliteCHEBI:10034 (ChEBI)
FibrinMetaboliteCHEBI:5054 (ChEBI)
FibrinogenMetaboliteQ381899 (Wikidata)
NSAIDsMetaboliteCHEBI:35475 (ChEBI)
ProstacyclinMetaboliteCHEBI:245 (ChEBI)
Prostaglandin H2MetaboliteCHEBI:8520 (ChEBI)
ProthrombinMetaboliteCHEBI:8583 (ChEBI)
ThrombinMetaboliteCHEBI:9574 (ChEBI)
Thromboxane A2Protein
Thromboxane A2MetaboliteCHEBI:26995 (ChEBI)
Vitamin KMetaboliteCHEBI:10009 (ChEBI)

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