The alternative pathway of fetal androgen synthesis (Homo sapiens)

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Dihydrotestosterone3β-HSD5α-reductase 1Testosterone17-HydroxypregnenolonePregnenoloneCholesterolP450c17POR3 HSD17β-HSDAndrostanediolRODHCytb5AndrostanedioneAKR1C2/417-HydroxyprogesteroneSTARDHEAP450sccAndrostenedione17-hydroxydihydroprogesterone17-HydroxyallopregnanoloneAndrosteroneProgesteroneAKR1C4PORP450c173β-HSD17β-HSD35α-reductase 2PORP450c17P450c17


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
17-HydroxyallopregnanoloneMetaboliteCHEBI:11909 (ChEBI)
17-HydroxypregnenoloneMetaboliteQ2064889 (Wikidata)
17-HydroxyprogesteroneMetaboliteHMDB00374 (HMDB)
17-hydroxydihydroprogesteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:36723 (ChEBI)
17β-HSD3GeneProductENSG00000130948 (Ensembl)
17β-HSDGeneProductENSG00000130948 (Ensembl)
3 HSDProtein
3β-HSDGeneProductENSG00000203859 (Ensembl)
5α-reductase 1GeneProductENSG00000277893 (Ensembl)
5α-reductase 2GeneProductENSG00000277893 (Ensembl)
AKR1C2/4GeneProductENSG00000151632 (Ensembl)
AKR1C4GeneProductENSG00000198610 (Ensembl)
AndrostanediolMetaboliteCHEBI:2713 (ChEBI)
AndrostanedioneMetaboliteCHEBI:2137 (ChEBI)
AndrostenedioneMetaboliteHMDB00053 (HMDB)
AndrosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:2714 (ChEBI)
CholesterolMetaboliteCHEBI:3659 (ChEBI)
DHEAMetaboliteCHEBI:1723 (ChEBI)
DihydrotestosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:41876 (ChEBI)
P450c17GeneProductENSG00000148795 (Ensembl)
P450sccGeneProductENSG00000140459 (Ensembl)
PregnenoloneMetaboliteCHEBI:16581 (ChEBI)
ProgesteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:45786 (ChEBI)
STARGeneProductENSG00000147465 (Ensembl)
TestosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:45798 (ChEBI)

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