Classical pathway of steroidogenesis, including diseases (Homo sapiens)

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1232Lipoid adrenal hyperplasia11β-HSD2PORP450c21POR5α-Reductase211β-HSD1CortisoneCytb5Progesterone18-hydroxycorticosteroneOestradiolCorticosterone Methyl Oxidase II17-HydroxypregnenoloneAndrostenedioneTestosteronePORDeoxycorticosteroneAldosterone17-HydroxyprogesteroneDHEAH-6-PDHP450c17PregnenoloneCorticosteroneCortisolCholesterol3β-HSDP450scc17β-HSD311-DeoxycortisolCorticosterone Methyl Oxidase IDihydrotestosteroneP450AroSTAR3β-HSDP450c11P450c17P450c173β-HSDCholesterol side-chain cleavage deficiency17-Alpha-hydroxylase / 17-lyase deficiency3β-HSD type II21-Hydroxylase deficiency11β-hydroxylase type I deficiencyCorticosterone methyl oxidase deficiencyCortisone reductase deficiencyApparent mineralocorticoid excess17β-HSD deficiency5α-reductase type II deficiencyAromatase deficiencyP450 oxidoreductase deficiency3β-HSD type II


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
11-DeoxycortisolMetaboliteCHEBI:28324 (ChEBI)
11β-HSD1GeneProductENSG00000117594 (Ensembl)
11β-HSD2GeneProductENSG00000176387 (Ensembl)
17-HydroxypregnenoloneMetaboliteQ2064889 (Wikidata)
17-HydroxyprogesteroneMetaboliteHMDB00374 (HMDB)
17β-HSD3GeneProductENSG00000130948 (Ensembl)
18-hydroxycorticosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:16485 (ChEBI)
3β-HSDGeneProductENSG00000203859 (Ensembl)
5α-Reductase2GeneProductENSG00000277893 (Ensembl)
AldosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:2563 (ChEBI)
AndrostenedioneMetaboliteCHEBI:2709 (ChEBI)
CholesterolMetaboliteCHEBI:3659 (ChEBI)
Corticosterone Methyl Oxidase IGeneProductENSG00000179142 (Ensembl)
Corticosterone Methyl Oxidase IIGeneProductENSG00000179142 (Ensembl)
CorticosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:16827 (ChEBI)
CortisolMetaboliteCHEBI:3893 (ChEBI)
CortisoneMetaboliteCHEBI:3896 (ChEBI)
DHEAMetaboliteCHEBI:1723 (ChEBI)
DeoxycorticosteroneMetaboliteHMDB00016 (HMDB)
DihydrotestosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:41876 (ChEBI)
OestradiolMetaboliteCHEBI:16469 (ChEBI)
P450AroGeneProductENSG00000137869 (Ensembl)
P450c11GeneProductENSG00000160882 (Ensembl)
P450c17GeneProductENSG00000148795 (Ensembl)
P450c21GeneProductENSG00000231852 (Ensembl)
P450sccGeneProductENSG00000140459 (Ensembl)
  • also known as CYP11A1
  • Type your comment here
PregnenoloneMetaboliteCHEBI:16581 (ChEBI)
ProgesteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:8453 (ChEBI)
STARGeneProductENSG00000147465 (Ensembl)
TestosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:9461 (ChEBI)

Annotated Interactions

SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
11-DeoxycortisolCortisolmim-conversionRHEA:15630 (Rhea)
Corticosterone18-hydroxycorticosteronemim-conversionRHEA:11873 (Rhea)
DeoxycorticosteroneCorticosteronemim-conversionRHEA:15630 (Rhea)
PregnenoloneProgesteronemim-conversionRHEA:43929 (Rhea)
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