DNA Replication (Danio rerio)

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1, 2ATPdUTPMcm5Orc5Orc2Mcm6GTPUbiquitinCdc6Phosphorylated Cdc6ADPOriginMcm43. DNA replication initiationOrc2Processive complexMcm75. Leading/lagging strand synthesisdGTPMcm 4,6,7 trimer forms and associatesADPOrc5Mcm5p58RFC Heteropentamer:RNA primer-DNA primer:p180Mcm10Mcm6RFC36RFC Heteropentamer:RNA primer-DNA primerATPRFC37RNA primer-DNA primerUTPOrc3Orc1CTPGemininDNA PolymeraseOrc34. Switching of origins to post-replicative statePre-replicative complexp49ATPRFC381. Assembly of the pre-replicative complexUbiquitinated Orc1Cdt1RNA primer-DNA primerHOMOLOGY MAPPMcm2Pre-replicative complexwith the replication forkaOrc2Cdc6DNA polymerase alpha: primase: origin complexRFC40Cdt1Orc complexPrimaseUbiquitinated Cdc6Orc ComplexdATPPhosphorylated Orc1Mcm7Orc complexPhosphorylation of Mcm 2-7 complexMcm3RNA primer-DNA primer:origin duplex:PCNAOrc2RFC140Degraded by proteasome in cytosolDegraded by proteasome in cytosolCdt1Cdc6Orc3Orc5Cdc6Cdt1UbiquitindCTPMcm3PCNA homotrimerOrc complexDNA polymerase alpha: primase: origin complexMcm4Orc3Orc4p70Orc complexOrc4Cdt1RNA Primer2. Activation of the pre-replicative complexATPMcm2POLD1POLD4gmnnPOLD3prim1POLE2ORC2LUBA52orc3lorc1lzgc:77827RFC1rfc5orc6lzgc:85772rpa1mcm2ASKRPA4mcm3zgc:110727POLECDC6zgc:101602zgc:56310zgc:77841mcm4zgc:56598rpa2rfc3UBCzgc:110810POLApcnaMCM10rfc4mcm5MCM6zgc:56264pold2MCM7CDT1


DNA replication, the basis for biological inheritance, is a fundamental process occurring in all living organisms to copy their DNA. This process is "replication" in that each strand of the original double-stranded DNA molecule serves as template for the reproduction of the complementary strand. Hence, following DNA replication, two identical DNA molecules have been produced from a single double-stranded DNA molecule. Cellular proofreading and error-checking mechanisms ensure near perfect fidelity for DNA replication. Source: Wikipedia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CDT1GeneProduct566787 (Entrez Gene)
MCM10GeneProduct553396 (Entrez Gene)
MCM6GeneProduct566409 (Entrez Gene)
MCM7GeneProduct192333 (Entrez Gene)
POLD1GeneProduct556456 (Entrez Gene)
POLE2GeneProduct192320 (Entrez Gene)
POLEGeneProduct553405 (Entrez Gene)
UBA52GeneProduct641289 (Entrez Gene)
gmnnGeneProduct368320 (Entrez Gene)
mcm2GeneProduct192338 (Entrez Gene)
mcm3GeneProduct192323 (Entrez Gene)
mcm4GeneProduct337598 (Entrez Gene)
mcm5GeneProduct286747 (Entrez Gene)
orc1lGeneProduct335020 (Entrez Gene)
orc3lGeneProduct334315 (Entrez Gene)
orc6lGeneProduct324256 (Entrez Gene)
pcnaGeneProduct30678 (Entrez Gene)
pold2GeneProduct368733 (Entrez Gene)
prim1GeneProduct30440 (Entrez Gene)
rfc3GeneProduct259256 (Entrez Gene)
rfc4GeneProduct406435 (Entrez Gene)
rfc5GeneProduct445385 (Entrez Gene)
rpa1GeneProduct327491 (Entrez Gene)
rpa2GeneProduct65226 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:101602GeneProduct492768 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:110727GeneProduct407653 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:110810GeneProduct503748 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:56264GeneProduct406695 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:56310GeneProduct393196 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:56598GeneProduct406715 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:77827GeneProduct406479 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:77841GeneProduct322059 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:85772GeneProduct406462 (Entrez Gene)

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