Mitochondrial LC-Fatty Acid Beta-Oxidation (Caenorhabditis elegans)

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2,4 Dienoyl-CoAcis-Acyl-CoA (n-2)3-L-Hydroxyacyl-CoA2D-D3-Ketoacyl-CoA-Enoyl-CoAunsaturatedLong chain acyl-carnitine3Long chain Acyl-CoALong chain acyl-carnitineLong chain Acyl-CoAtrans-cytosolsaturatedmitochondrial matrixLong Chain Fatty AcidAcetyl-CoA-Enoyl-CoAAcyl-CoA dehydrogenases:DCIE04F6.5F37C12.7ACSL2ACADSEHHADHY65B4BL.5ACADLcpt-1T08G2.3Y57A10C.6PECRdif-1acs-17F54C8.1T08B2.7cpt-2


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GenMAPP notes 
mitochondrial beta-oxidation of dietary long chain fatty acids
GenMAPP remarks 
Adapted from GenMAPP

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACADLGeneProduct (Entrez Gene)
ACADSGeneProduct (Entrez Gene)
DCIGeneProduct (Entrez Gene)
E04F6.5GeneProduct174180 (Entrez Gene)
EHHADHGeneProduct (Entrez Gene)
F37C12.7GeneProduct176005 (Entrez Gene)
F54C8.1GeneProduct186222 (Entrez Gene)
PECRGeneProduct (Entrez Gene)
T08B2.7GeneProduct172310 (Entrez Gene) similiar to: ECHA_RAT
T08G2.3GeneProduct181757 (Entrez Gene)
Y57A10C.6GeneProduct174881 (Entrez Gene)
Y65B4BL.5GeneProduct171643 (Entrez Gene)
acs-17GeneProduct180859 (Entrez Gene)
cpt-1GeneProduct174912 (Entrez Gene)
cpt-2GeneProduct178025 (Entrez Gene)
dif-1GeneProduct177530 (Entrez Gene)

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