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1Peripheral tissuesPlasmaLiver cellEnterocyteActivationCholesterolMIR33ALDLRStatinSCARB1CYP7A1ABCA1HDLVLDLAPOA2CholesterolSOAT1MevalonateDGAT1Acetyl-CoAMTTPAPOELDLFDFT1ABCG5APOC1DAGABCG8SqualeneCholic AcidPhospholipidAPOA5LRP1APOC3CholesterolAcyl-CoA synthetasePDIA2APOA1Cholesterol esterLCATTriglycerideCholesterolHMGCRAcyl-CoAPLTPLPLSQLELipoproteinsFatty acidAPOC2CETPAPOA4ABCA1IDLAPOBMIR33BLIPCInhibitionTransportCatalysis


Statins inhibit endogenous cholesterol production by competitive inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase (HMGCR), the enzyme that catalyzes conversion of HMG-CoA to mevalonate, an early rate-limiting step in cholesterol synthesis. This pathway delineates genes involved in statin pharmacogenomics, including genes involved in mediating the effects of statins on plasma lipoprotein metabolism.

Sources: PharmGKB and Wikipedia

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  1. Chen H, Ikeda U, Shimpo M, Shimada K; ''Direct effects of statins on cells primarily involved in atherosclerosis.''; Hypertens Res, 2000 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
  2. Wetterau JR, Lin MC, Jamil H; ''Microsomal triglyceride transfer protein.''; Biochim Biophys Acta, 1997 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ABCA1GeneProduct19 (Entrez Gene)
ABCG5GeneProduct64240 (Entrez Gene)
ABCG8GeneProduct64241 (Entrez Gene)
APOA1GeneProduct335 (Entrez Gene)
APOA2GeneProduct336 (Entrez Gene)
APOA4GeneProduct337 (Entrez Gene)
APOA5GeneProduct116519 (Entrez Gene)
APOBGeneProduct338 (Entrez Gene)
APOC1GeneProduct341 (Entrez Gene)
APOC2GeneProduct344 (Entrez Gene)
APOC3GeneProduct345 (Entrez Gene)
APOEGeneProduct348 (Entrez Gene)
Acetyl-CoAMetaboliteHMDB01206 (HMDB)
Acyl-CoA synthetaseProtein84532 (Entrez Gene)
Acyl-CoAMetaboliteHMDB03419 (HMDB)
CETPGeneProduct1071 (Entrez Gene)
CYP7A1GeneProduct1581 (Entrez Gene)
Cholesterol esterMetaboliteC02530 (Kegg Compound)
CholesterolMetabolite57-88-5 (CAS)
Cholic AcidMetabolite81-25-4 (CAS)
DAGMetaboliteC00165 (Kegg Compound)
DGAT1GeneProduct8694 (Entrez Gene)
FDFT1GeneProduct2222 (Entrez Gene)
Fatty acidMetaboliteC00162 (Kegg Compound)
HDLMetaboliteC01834 (Kegg Compound)
HMGCRGeneProduct3156 (Entrez Gene)
IDLMetaboliteC01834 (Kegg Compound)
LCATGeneProduct3931 (Entrez Gene)
LDLMetaboliteC01834 (Kegg Compound)
LDLRGeneProduct3949 (Entrez Gene)
LIPCGeneProduct3990 (Entrez Gene)
LPLGeneProduct4023 (Entrez Gene)
LRP1GeneProduct4035 (Entrez Gene)
MIR33AGeneProductENSG00000207932 (Ensembl Human)
MIR33BGeneProductENSG00000207839 (Ensembl Human)
MTTPProtein4547 (Entrez Gene)
PDIA2Protein64714 (Entrez Gene)
PLTPGeneProduct5360 (Entrez Gene)
PhospholipidMetaboliteC00865 (Kegg Compound)
SCARB1GeneProduct949 (Entrez Gene)
SOAT1GeneProduct6646 (Entrez Gene)
SQLEGeneProduct6713 (Entrez Gene)
SqualeneMetaboliteHMDB00256 (HMDB)
TriglycerideMetaboliteC00422 (Kegg Compound)
VLDLMetaboliteC01834 (Kegg Compound)

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