Pyrimidine metabolism and related diseases (Homo sapiens)

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1dUMPthymidineuraciluridinecitrullineDHOACTDHODH2-DeoxyuridineOPRTdihydroorotateUDPOrotateTSTPOMPDCorotidineN-CarbamoylaspartateDPD(S)-beta-aminoisobutyrateUPCTPUTPthymineCPS2Carbamoyl-phosphatebeta-AlaninedTMPN-Carbamoyl-beta-alanineOTCdihydrothymineDihydrouracilN-Carbamyl-beta-aminoisobutyric acidcytidineRROrnithineuridineUMPCPS1thymidine phosphorylase deficiencyglutamineOrotidylic aciddUDPOrotatedihydroorotateCarbamoyl-phosphateglutamineDPDDHPUPDHPTPDihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiencyDihydropyrimidinuriaBeta-ureidopropionase deficiencyOROTIC ACIDURIAURIDINE 5-PRIME MONOPHOSPHATE HYDROLASE DEFICIENCY, HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA DUE TOHYPER-BETA-ALANINEMIABETA-AMINOISOBUTYRIC ACIDURIA; BAIBARIBONUCLEOTIDE REDUCTASE, M2 B; RRM2B


Overview of pyrimidine metabolism and related diseases

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  1. Qiu W, Zhou B, Darwish D, Shao J, Yen Y; ''Characterization of enzymatic properties of human ribonucleotide reductase holoenzyme reconstituted in vitro from hRRM1, hRRM2, and p53R2 subunits.''; , 2006 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
(S)-beta-aminoisobutyrateMetaboliteCHEBI:18188 (ChEBI)
2-DeoxyuridineMetaboliteCHEBI:4434 (ChEBI)
ACTGeneProduct2.1.3.2 (KEGG Genes)
Beta-ureidopropionase deficiency613161 (OMIM)
CPS1GeneProduct6.3.4.16 (KEGG Genes)
CPS2GeneProduct6.3.5.5 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
CTPMetaboliteCHEBI:3285 (ChEBI)
Carbamoyl-phosphateMetaboliteCHEBI:17672 (ChEBI)
DHODHMetaboliteCHEBI:77103 (ChEBI)
DHPProteinQ14117 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
DPDProteinQ12882 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency274270 (OMIM)
Dihydropyrimidinuria613326 (OMIM)
DihydrouracilMetaboliteCHEBI:1999 (ChEBI)
N-Carbamoyl-beta-alanineMetaboliteCHEBI:1671 (ChEBI)
N-CarbamoylaspartateMetaboliteCHEBI:15859 (ChEBI)
N-Carbamyl-beta-aminoisobutyric acidMetaboliteCHEBI:1670 (ChEBI)
OMPDCGeneProduct4.1.1.23 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
OPRTGeneProduct2.4.2.10 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
OTCProteinP00480 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
OrnithineMetaboliteCHEBI:16176 (ChEBI)
OrotateMetaboliteCHEBI:16742 (ChEBI)
Orotidylic acidMetaboliteCHEBI:7788 (ChEBI)
RRGeneProduct1.17.4.1 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
TPProteinE5KRG5 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
TSProteinP04818 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
UDPMetaboliteCHEBI:9802 (ChEBI)
UMPMetaboliteCHEBI:9849 (ChEBI)
UPProteinF8WC94 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
UTPMetaboliteCHEBI:46398 (ChEBI)
beta-AlanineMetaboliteCHEBI:10343 (ChEBI)
citrullineMetaboliteCHEBI:14002 (ChEBI)
cytidineMetaboliteCHEBI:17562 (ChEBI)
dTMPMetaboliteCHEBI:26999 (ChEBI)
dUDPMetaboliteCHEBI:10531 (ChEBI)
dUMPMetaboliteCHEBI:10532 (ChEBI)
dihydroorotateMetaboliteQ27114007 (Wikidata)
dihydrothymineMetaboliteQ3027885 (Wikidata)
glutamineMetaboliteCHEBI:28300 (ChEBI)
orotidineMetaboliteCHEBI:25722 (ChEBI)
thymidine phosphorylase deficiency131222 (OMIM)
thymidineMetaboliteCHEBI:17748 (ChEBI)
thymineMetaboliteCHEBI:17821 (ChEBI)
uracilMetaboliteCHEBI:17568 (ChEBI)
uridineMetaboliteCHEBI:16704 (ChEBI)

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