Pyrimidine metabolism and related diseases (Homo sapiens)

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54231HyperammonaemiaUrea cycleSubunit ofMitochondrionCAD-complexOrticaciduriatype IUPThymineUMPH1TPCPS2DPDDHODHRRM1CAD-complexOMPDCPRPPTK2ThymidinedUMPOrotidineDHOUTPHCO3-CPS1UridineAspartateUMPOPRTOTCdUDPUDPDihydrothymineRRM2BCMPCDPOrnithineCarbamoyl-phosphateRRM2N-Carbamyl-beta-aminoisobutyric acidUridineBeta-alanineUMPS-complexGLS22-DeoxyuridinedTMPTSDihydroorotateRRCarbamoylaspartateRRM2BUracil(S)-Beta-aminoisobutyrateACTCytidineDihydrouracilN-Carbamoyl-beta-alanineGlutamineCTPOMPCitrullineOrotateOrotateDihydroorotateCarbamoyl-phosphateGlutamineDHPHCO3-CPS2DHOACTOPRTOMPDCUMPS-complex+ PRPPOroticaciduriatype IIBeta-alanine Alpha-ketoglutarate Transaminase DeficiencyMitochondrialribonucleotide reductasesubunit 2deficiencyType 8AType 8BThymidine phosphorylase deficiencyDihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiencyDihydropyrimidinase deficiencyBeta-ureidopropionase deficiencyUMPH2UMPHUMPH1UMPH2UMPHPyrimidine 5'-nucleotidase I deficiencyPyrimidine 5'-nucleotidase I deficiencyBeta-aminoisobutyrate-pyruvate Transaminase DeficiencyDihydroorotate dehydrogenase deficiencyPyrimidine 5'-nucleotidasesuperactivityPyrimidine 5'-nucleotidasesuperactivityGlutamateNH4+RR-complexThe two possible compositionsThymidine kinase 2 deficiencyRRM1


Overview of pyrimidine metabolism and related diseases. Pyrimidine metabolism is important for the synthesis of thymine, cytosine and uracil, some of the building blocks for DNA and RNA and they also have functions in signal transduction and energy transport. The pathway can be split up in 3 parts, one is the de novo synthesis of pyrimidines, starting with glutamine and ending at UMP. From here the UMP can either be used in the nucleic acid synthesis (up) or broken down to Beta-alanine or (S)-beta-aminoisobutyrate.

Disorders in the metabolism of pyrimidine are mostly caused by enzyme defects (highlighted in pink, one disease is depicted in orange, since there appears to be no clinical difference between type 2 and 1 of orotic aciduria, therefore researchers believe that type 2 does not exist officially). The clinical presentation of pyrimidine disorders is very diverse, because of the diversity in biological function. The severity of the disorder is determined by the severity of the defect and the function of the normal enzyme.

Metabolic markers are highlighted in dark purple. Complexes mentioned in pathway are pictured in bottom left corner. The link to the Urea cycle is depicted for clarity.

This pathway was inspired by Chapter 41 of the book of Blau (ISBN 3642403360 (978-3642403361)).

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  1. Qiu W, Zhou B, Darwish D, Shao J, Yen Y; ''Characterization of enzymatic properties of human ribonucleotide reductase holoenzyme reconstituted in vitro from hRRM1, hRRM2, and p53R2 subunits.''; , 2006 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
(S)-Beta-aminoisobutyrateMetaboliteCHEBI:57731 (ChEBI)
  • aka (R)-3-amino-2-methylpropanoate
  • Zwitterion needed for conversion to take place
+ PRPPMetaboliteCHEBI:17111 (ChEBI)
2-DeoxyuridineMetaboliteCHEBI:16450 (ChEBI)
ACTProtein2.1.3.2 (KEGG Genes)
AspartateMetaboliteCHEBI:29991 (ChEBI) (1-) charge needed for conversion to take place
Beta-alanineMetaboliteCHEBI:57966 (ChEBI) Zwitterion needed for conversion to take place
CAD-complexGeneProductP27708 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CDPMetaboliteCHEBI:58069 (ChEBI) (3-) charge needed for conversion to take place
CMPMetaboliteCHEBI:60377 (ChEBI) (2-) charge needed for conversion to take place
CPS1ProteinP31327 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CPS2Protein6.3.5.5 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
CTPMetaboliteCHEBI:37563 (ChEBI) (4-) charge needed for conversion to take place
Carbamoyl-phosphateMetaboliteCHEBI:58228 (ChEBI) (2-) charge needed for conversion to take place
CarbamoylaspartateMetaboliteCHEBI:32814 (ChEBI)
  • aka N-carbamoyl-L-aspartate
  • (2-) charge needed for conversion to take place
CitrullineMetaboliteCHEBI:57743 (ChEBI) Zwitterion needed for conversion to take place
CytidineMetaboliteCHEBI:17562 (ChEBI)
DHOProtein3.5.2.3 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
DHODHProteinQ02127 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
DHPProteinQ14117 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
DPDProteinQ12882 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
DihydroorotateMetaboliteCHEBI:30864 (ChEBI)
DihydrothymineMetaboliteCHEBI:27468 (ChEBI)
DihydrouracilMetaboliteCHEBI:15901 (ChEBI)
GLS2ProteinQ9UI32 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
GlutamateMetaboliteCHEBI:29985 (ChEBI) (1-) charge needed for conversion to take place
GlutamineMetaboliteCHEBI:58359 (ChEBI) Zwitterion needed for conversion to take place
HCO3-Metabolite17544 (ChEBI)
N-Carbamoyl-beta-alanineMetaboliteCHEBI:11892 (ChEBI) aka 3-(carbamoylamino)propanoate
N-Carbamyl-beta-aminoisobutyric acidMetaboliteCHEBI:74414 (ChEBI)
  • aka 3-(carbamoylamino)-2-methylpropanoate
  • (1-) charge needed for conversion to take place
NH4+MetaboliteCHEBI:28938 (ChEBI)
OMPMetaboliteCHEBI:57538 (ChEBI)
  • Orotidylic acid
  • (3-) charge needed for conversion to take place
OMPDCProtein4.1.1.23 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
OPRTProtein2.4.2.10 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
OTCProteinP00480 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
OrnithineMetaboliteCHEBI:46911 (ChEBI) (1) charge needed for conversion to take place
OrotateMetaboliteCHEBI:30839 (ChEBI)
OrotidineMetaboliteCHEBI:25722 (ChEBI)
PRPPMetaboliteCHEBI:17111 (ChEBI)
RRProtein1.17.4.1 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
RRM1ProteinP23921 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
RRM2BProteinQ7LG56 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
RRM2ProteinP31350 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
TK2ProteinO00142 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
TPProteinP19971 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
TSProteinP04818 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ThymidineMetaboliteCHEBI:17748 (ChEBI)
ThymineMetaboliteCHEBI:17821 (ChEBI)
UDPMetaboliteCHEBI:58223 (ChEBI) (3-) charge needed for conversion to take place
UMPMetaboliteCHEBI:57865 (ChEBI) (2-) charge needed for conversion to take place
UMPH1ProteinQ9H0P0 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
  • aka P5N1
  • Enzymes and reactions added with info from
UMPH2ProteinQ8TCD5 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
  • aka NT5C
  • Enzymes and reactions added with info from
UMPHProtein3.1.3.5 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
  • aka P5N
  • Enzymes and reactions added with info from
UMPS-complexGeneProductP11172 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
UPProteinQ9UBR1 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
UTPMetaboliteCHEBI:46398 (ChEBI) (4-) charge needed for conversion to take place
UracilMetaboliteCHEBI:17568 (ChEBI)
Urea cyclePathwayWP4571 (WikiPathways)
UridineMetaboliteCHEBI:16704 (ChEBI)
dTMPMetaboliteCHEBI:63528 (ChEBI) (2-) charge needed for conversion to take place
dUDPMetaboliteCHEBI:60471 (ChEBI) (3-) charge needed for conversion to take place
dUMPMetaboliteCHEBI:246422 (ChEBI) (2-) charge needed for conversion to take place

Annotated Interactions

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SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
2-DeoxyuridineUracilmim-conversion22825 (Rhea)
Aspartatemim-conversion20014 (Rhea)
CDPCMPmim-conversion11602 (Rhea)
CMPCytidinemim-conversion24676 (Rhea)
CTPCDPmim-conversion25239 (Rhea)
Carbamoyl-phosphateCarbamoylaspartatemim-conversion20014 (Rhea)
Carbamoyl-phosphateCitrullinemim-conversion19514 (Rhea)
CarbamoylaspartateDihydroorotatemim-conversion24298 (Rhea)
CytidineUridinemim-conversion16070 (Rhea)
DihydroorotateOrotatemim-conversion13514 (Rhea)
DihydrothymineN-Carbamyl-beta-aminoisobutyric acidmim-conversion37336 (Rhea)
DihydrouracilN-Carbamoyl-beta-alaninemim-conversion16122 (Rhea)
GlutamineCarbamoyl-phosphatemim-conversion18634 (Rhea)
GlutamineGlutamatemim-conversion15890 (Rhea)
HCO3-mim-conversion18030 (Rhea)
HCO3-mim-conversion18634 (Rhea)
N-Carbamoyl-beta-alanineBeta-alaninemim-conversion11185 (Rhea)
N-Carbamyl-beta-aminoisobutyric acid(S)-Beta-aminoisobutyratemim-conversion37340 (Rhea)
NH4+Carbamoyl-phosphatemim-conversion18030 (Rhea)
NH4+mim-conversion15890 (Rhea)
OMPUMPmim-conversion11597 (Rhea)
Ornithinemim-conversion19514 (Rhea)
OrotateOMPmim-conversion10382 (Rhea)
ThymidineThyminemim-conversion16038 (Rhea)
ThymidinedTMPmim-conversion19130 (Rhea)
ThymineDihydrothyminemim-conversion28793 (Rhea)
UDPUTPmim-conversion25099 (Rhea)
UDPdUDPmim-conversion28028 (Rhea)
UMPUDPmim-conversion24401 (Rhea)
UMPUridinemim-conversion29360 (Rhea)
UTPCTPmim-conversion30337 (Rhea)
UracilDihydrouracilmim-conversion20191 (Rhea)
UridineUracilmim-conversion24389 (Rhea)
dTMPThymidinemim-conversion19131 (Rhea)
dUMP2-Deoxyuridinemim-conversion28208 (Rhea)
dUMPdTMPmim-conversion12105 (Rhea)
dUMPdUDPmim-conversion30656 (Rhea)
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