Wnt signaling pathway and pluripotency (Homo sapiens)

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2473+p+pNucleusRecruitment to UnknownUbiquitin Conjugating EnzymeTRTRFrizzled LigandsPhosphorylated beta-cateninWnt ReceptorsProtein Kinase CPromotes PluripotencyPluripotencyTR: Transcriptional RegulationUbiquitin Taggedbeta-cateninStabilized beta-cateninDifferentiationbeta-cateninCytoskeletonTRTRbeta-cateninTRPP2A+pPromotes DifferentiationTcf/Lef-1TRTcf/Lef-1WNT5BCCND3DVL1LRP5FOXD3RACGAP1PRKCB1PRKCENLKWNT10BMAPK10FRAT1PPP2R2CFZD2NFYAPRKCDLRP6PLAUTCF7L2FZD3TCF7L1CCND1WNT5ATCF7WNT7BPRKCAPOU5F1GSK3BMMP7NKD1ZBTB33FZD1AXIN2FZD10WNT4GrouchoWNT1PPP2R5EPPP2R1ALEF1WNT10AFZD4PrkccWNT2BAXIN1FOSL1MAP3K7CD44APCPRKCHNANOGCCND2WNT16FZD7FZD9FZD5PPP2R5CLDLRPPP2CBWNT6RHOAPRKD1MAPK9BIOCBPCSNK1ECTBP1CTNND1WNT2PPP2R2BPPP2CADVL226S Proteasome DegradationP300FZD6CTBP2IQ-1TP53PRKCQPPP2R3BCTNNB1SOX2PPARDPRKCZJUNPPP2R4WNT3NKD2ApoptosisMAP2K4MYCPPM1JPRKCIPPP2R2AWNT3APPP2R3ADVL3FBXW2WNT9BWNT11WNT11PAFAH1B1PPP2R1BWNT7AFZD8ESRRBLRRK2-mut16


This pathway was adapted from several resources and is designed to provide a theoretical frame-work for examining Wnt signaling and interacting components in the context of embryonic stem-cell pluripotency and self-renewal.

A central organizing theme of this pathway are known drug targets which promote self-renewal or pluripotency (BIO and IQ-1) and implicated upstream regulators of the core pluripotency transcriptional components (e.g. Nanog). It should be noted that it is unclear whether all the depicted components participate in this pathway in human embryonic stem cells. Interactions and object/gene groups for the pathway exist for the majority of components.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
26S Proteasome DegradationPathwayWP183 (WikiPathways)
APCGeneProduct324 (Entrez Gene)
AXIN1GeneProduct8312 (Entrez Gene)
AXIN2GeneProduct8313 (Entrez Gene)
ApoptosisPathwayWP254 (WikiPathways)
BIOMetabolite5287844 (PubChem-compound)
CBPGeneProduct1387 (Entrez Gene)
CCND1GeneProduct595 (Entrez Gene)
CCND2GeneProduct894 (Entrez Gene)
CCND3GeneProduct896 (Entrez Gene)
CD44GeneProduct960 (Entrez Gene)
CSNK1EGeneProduct1454 (Entrez Gene)
CTBP1GeneProduct1487 (Entrez Gene)
CTBP2GeneProduct1488 (Entrez Gene)
CTNNB1GeneProduct1499 (Entrez Gene)
CTNND1GeneProduct1500 (Entrez Gene)
DVL1GeneProduct1855 (Entrez Gene)
DVL2GeneProduct1856 (Entrez Gene)
DVL3GeneProduct1857 (Entrez Gene)
ESRRBGeneProduct2103 (Entrez Gene)
FBXW2GeneProduct26190 (Entrez Gene)
FOSL1GeneProduct8061 (Entrez Gene)
FOXD3GeneProductENSG00000187140 (Ensembl)
FRAT1GeneProduct10023 (Entrez Gene)
FZD10GeneProductENSG00000111432 (Ensembl)
FZD1GeneProduct8321 (Entrez Gene)
FZD2GeneProduct2535 (Entrez Gene)
FZD3GeneProduct7976 (Entrez Gene)
FZD4GeneProduct8322 (Entrez Gene)
FZD5GeneProduct7855 (Entrez Gene)
FZD6GeneProduct8323 (Entrez Gene)
FZD7GeneProduct8324 (Entrez Gene)
FZD8GeneProduct8325 (Entrez Gene)
FZD9GeneProduct8326 (Entrez Gene)
GSK3BGeneProduct2932 (Entrez Gene)
IQ-1Metabolite331001-62-8 (CAS)
JUNGeneProduct3725 (Entrez Gene)
LDLRGeneProduct3949 (Entrez Gene)
LEF1GeneProduct51176 (Entrez Gene)
LRP5GeneProduct4041 (Entrez Gene)
LRP6GeneProduct4040 (Entrez Gene)
LRRK2-mutGeneProduct120892 (Entrez Gene)
MAP2K4GeneProduct6416 (Entrez Gene)
MAP3K7GeneProduct6885 (Entrez Gene)
MAPK10GeneProduct5602 (Entrez Gene)
MAPK9GeneProduct5601 (Entrez Gene)
MMP7GeneProduct4316 (Entrez Gene)
MYCGeneProduct4609 (Entrez Gene)
NANOGGeneProduct79923 (Entrez Gene)
NFYAGeneProductENSG00000001167 (Ensembl)
NKD1GeneProduct85407 (Entrez Gene)
NKD2GeneProduct85409 (Entrez Gene)
NLKGeneProduct51701 (Entrez Gene)
P300GeneProduct2033 (Entrez Gene)
PAFAH1B1GeneProduct5048 (Entrez Gene)
PLAUGeneProduct5328 (Entrez Gene)
POU5F1GeneProduct5460 (Entrez Gene)
PPARDGeneProduct5467 (Entrez Gene)
PPM1JGeneProductENSG00000155367 (Ensembl)
PPP2CAGeneProduct5515 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2CBGeneProduct5516 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2R1AGeneProduct5518 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2R1BGeneProduct5519 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2R2AGeneProduct5520 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2R2BGeneProduct5521 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2R2CGeneProduct5522 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2R3AGeneProduct5523 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2R3BGeneProduct28227 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2R4GeneProduct5524 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2R5CGeneProduct5527 (Entrez Gene)
PPP2R5EGeneProduct5529 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCAGeneProduct5578 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCB1GeneProduct5579 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCDGeneProduct5580 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCEGeneProduct5581 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCHGeneProduct5583 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCIGeneProduct5584 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCQGeneProduct5588 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCZGeneProduct5590 (Entrez Gene)
PRKD1GeneProduct5587 (Entrez Gene)
RACGAP1GeneProduct29127 (Entrez Gene)
RHOAGeneProduct387 (Entrez Gene)
SOX2GeneProduct6657 (Entrez Gene)
TCF7GeneProductENSG00000081059 (Ensembl)
TCF7L1GeneProduct83439 (Entrez Gene)
TCF7L2GeneProductENSG00000148737 (Ensembl)
TP53GeneProduct7157 (Entrez Gene)
WNT10AGeneProduct80326 (Entrez Gene)
WNT10BGeneProduct7480 (Entrez Gene)
WNT11GeneProduct7481 (Entrez Gene) Non-canonical Wnt signaling enhances differentiation of human circulating progenitor cells to cardiomyogenic cells. PMID: 15701629
WNT16GeneProduct51384 (Entrez Gene)
WNT1GeneProduct7471 (Entrez Gene)
WNT2GeneProduct7472 (Entrez Gene)
WNT2BGeneProduct7482 (Entrez Gene)
WNT3GeneProduct7473 (Entrez Gene)
WNT3AGeneProduct89780 (Entrez Gene)
WNT4GeneProduct54361 (Entrez Gene)
WNT5AGeneProduct7474 (Entrez Gene)
WNT5BGeneProduct81029 (Entrez Gene)
WNT6GeneProduct7475 (Entrez Gene)
WNT7AGeneProduct7476 (Entrez Gene)
WNT7BGeneProduct7477 (Entrez Gene)
WNT9BGeneProduct7484 (Entrez Gene)
ZBTB33GeneProduct10009 (Entrez Gene)

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