Glucouse Sensing and Signaling in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana)

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1StarchEnergy Deprivation TranslocationNRSucroseGPA1THF1TFTriosephosphatebZIP11D-GlucoseTPPUDP-GlucoseMaltoseAGPaseHUP1EIN3FructoseRgs1T6PG6PATB2G-ProteinSPSHXK1KIN10TrehaloseGBF-bZIPHMG-CoARproteasomeKIN11HXKTPSHXKGlucoseTranslocationG6PGlucoseTFHUP2TFTranslocationFructoseGlucoseSucroseTranslocationUDP-Glucose


This pathway is modeled after Figure 1 in the Article "Sugar Sensing and Signaling" (See Bibliography). The discovery of several new molecules such as HXK1 and KIN10/11 have impacted the sugar regulation within a Arabidopsis therefore the figure above describes our insight into the sugar sensing and signaling network, and several of the molecular mechanisms that are included.

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  1. Ramon M, Rolland F, Sheen J; ''Sugar sensing and signaling.''; Arabidopsis Book, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AGPaseGeneProduct12644324 (NCBI Protein)
ATB2MetaboliteIdentifier not Found
D-GlucoseMetaboliteHMDB00122 (HMDB)
EIN3GeneProduct1032289745 (NCBI Protein)
FructoseMetaboliteHMDB00660 (HMDB)
G-ProteinGeneProduct75163105 (NCBI Protein)
G6PMetabolite208 (PubChem-compound)
GBF-bZIPGeneProductIdentifier not Found
GPA1GeneProduct1032296428 (NCBI Protein)
GlucoseMetaboliteHMDB00122 (HMDB)
HMG-CoARGeneProductIdentifier not Found
HUP1GeneProductIdentifier not Found
HUP2GeneProductIdentifier not Found
HXKMetaboliteIdentifier not Found
HXK1GeneProductIdentifier not Found
KIN10GeneProduct38503401 (NCBI Protein)
KIN11GeneProduct62900604 (NCBI Protein)
MaltoseMetaboliteHMDB00163 (HMDB)
NRGeneProduct6623972 (NCBI Protein)
Rgs1GeneProductENSMUSG00000026358 (Ensembl)
SPSGeneProduct22329337 (NCBI Protein)
SucroseMetaboliteHMDB00258 (HMDB)
T6PMetaboliteHMDB01124 (HMDB)
TFGeneProductIdentifier not Found
THF1GeneProduct1032295618 (NCBI Protein)
TPPGeneProductENSMUSG00000030894 (Ensembl)
TPSGeneProductIdentifier not Found
TrehaloseMetaboliteHMDB00975 (HMDB)
TriosephosphateMetabolite729 (PubChem-compound)
UDP-GlucoseMetabolite8629 (PubChem-compound)
bZIP11MetaboliteIdentifier not Found
proteasomeGeneProduct166830 (NCBI Protein)

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