Genetic Interactions Between Sugar and Hormone Signaling (Arabidopsis thaliana)

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1StressAtHXK1 IndependentMetabolism DependentVegetative Stress ResponseProductionTriple ResponseSeed DevelopmentGermination, Cotyledon Greening, Expansion, Shoot Development, FloweringEIN6ABI4EIN3EIN2GIN2EthyleneAtHXK1EIN5/7ABI2ABA3CTR1Abscisic acidABI5GLCAuxinCytokininABI4ABI1ETR1ABI5ABI3ABA2


The pathway initiated by GLC activates the AtHXK1/GIN2 complex and can also interact with a AtHXK1 independent pathway. The AtHXK1/GIN2 complex functions to activate ABA2/ABA3 protein complex, also regulated by stress, to catalyze production of abscisic acid, a compound that both directly and indirectly promotes seed development, but inhibits germination, cotyledon greening, expansion, shoot development, and flowering (plant development). The AtHXK1/GIN2 complex also activates auxin to inhibit the plant development processes and represses cytokinin as well as the ethylene signaling pathway to stop promotion of plant growth. This pathway is based on figure 5 from Rolland et al.

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  1. Ramon M, Rolland F, Sheen J; ''Sugar sensing and signaling.''; Arabidopsis Book, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC
  2. Rolland F, Moore B, Sheen J; ''Sugar sensing and signaling in plants.''; Plant Cell, 2002 PubMed Europe PMC


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ABA2GeneProduct841665 (NCBI Protein)
ABA3GeneProduct838224 (NCBI Protein)
ABI1GeneProductAT4G26080 (Ensembl)
ABI2GeneProductAT5G57050 (Ensembl)
ABI3GeneProductAT3G24650 (Ensembl)
ABI4GeneProductAT2G40220 (Ensembl)
ABI5GeneProductAT2G36270 (Ensembl)
Abscisic acidMetaboliteHMDB36093 (HMDB)
AtHXK1GeneProduct297313259 (NCBI Protein)
AuxinMetaboliteHMDB38483 (HMDB) Auxin Not Specified
CTR1GeneProductAT5G03730 (Ensembl)
CytokininMetaboliteHMDB39238 (HMDB) Cytokinin Not Specified
EIN2GeneProductAT5G03280 (Ensembl)
EIN3GeneProductAT3G20770 (Ensembl)
EIN5/7GeneProduct100147714 (NCBI Protein)
EIN6GeneProductIdentifier Not Found
ETR1GeneProductAT1G66340 (Ensembl)
EthyleneMetaboliteHMDB29594 (HMDB)
GIN2GeneProduct332660190 (NCBI Protein)
GLCGeneProduct1032298316 (NCBI Protein)

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