Histidine, lysine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, proline and tryptophan catabolism (Homo sapiens)

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55, 6023, 533, 316, 40, 411017, 18, 4936192, 27456623, 5338574, 63, 69, 70643825, 4735, 59425, 675632, 3826371314, 30, 51, 5832, 34, 5421, 62681229716, 461524, 262214, 30, 38, 51, 5832, 34, 5461482556659, 39, 52, 7143441, 33, 5011, 288mitochondrial matrixmitochondrial intermembrane spaceperoxisomal matrixmitochondrial matrixcytosolGSH Lipo-K110-DLST H+H+FADH2SLC7A5 ligands of SLC7A5H2OGCDH tetramerL-PheFITHFAM-SHDHGSTZ1 dimerH2OL-Ile 5PHLNFKCO22OGL-Phe KYNAPiGluIDO1 KMOO2I3PROPA ASRGL1(168-308) TDO2 ATPNH4+H+H2OH+HNMTGluPHYKPL tetramerAP-DOBuHAAOMeHistNAD+HistTHFNAD+ ligands of SLC7A5NADP+L-Val 2OGAdoMetPIPOXL-AlaL-AlaUROC1 QDPR CARN3HAAAdoHcyHPROL-Met FAD L-TrpPXLP-KYAT1 AnserineP6C1PYR-5COOH3IN-PYRA5HLYSH+L-AspL-Leu 3HKYNCARNMT1O2HGTAH2OHPD dimerALDH7A1 tetramerL-Lysheme TDO2 tetramerSLC7A5:SLC3A22OGACMSD dimer4aOH-BH4HYKKSLC25A21Fe2+ L-ProHCOOHHGD hexamerL-Tyr 2AMAPXLP DLD 4I-5PROAPHYKPL CRYMHPPYRAPXLP-CCBL2 AADAT dimerACSALDH7A1 O2H2ONADPHPPCAL-Ile PYRPCBD1 NF-GluFUMAL-Leu I3LACT GluKYNAH2OIDO12OGGTPACA2AMAS4MAAL-Tyr CARNS1FADALDH4A1 I3LACT, I3PROPAL-GluLIPAM BH4H2O2AMDHD1PXLP-KYAT1 dimerALDH4A1 dimerNADHFe2+ H+L-His NAD+OGDH NADHH2ONADHFADH2GDPH+SACNPAH tetramer4FAAPYRH+b-AlaO2aKADANH32AMFe2+ O2FAH dimerIDO2 AADAT dimerL-KYNL-Phe CoA-SHHALNH3ACMSD FTCD NADPHAPDBAAdoHcyL-PheL-PhePXLP-AADAT 2OGqDHBPXLP-TAT CO2O2MeOHL-KYNCO2AASS IL4I1:FADSLC36A4TDP L-HisH2O2SLC3A2 H2OGL-CoANAD+H2Oheme CO2NADP+lipo-aKGDHHDC dimerH2OH2OGCDH NADPHGlu2AMAIDO2O2IL4I1 L-Met NicotinatemetabolismTAT dimerL-Glu5SO2crotonyl-CoAaKADAPRODH2ASRGL1 heterodimerL-TyrH2OPCBD1 tetramerkPPVPXLP-KYAT1 dimerKYNU dimeraspartamePXLP-KYNU NADP+H2OPRODH(1-?)AASS tetramerNAD+ASRGL1(1-167) QDPR dimerUCAPXLP-AADAT L-TrpNADHH2OPXLP-KYAT1 L-AlaHDC PXLP HGD L-GluP2Cheme L-Val NADHL-Trp H2OH2OFADFAD FAH ADPNADHGSTZ1 CCBL2 dimerH+AFMIDUROC1:NAD+H+FTCD octamerFe2+ HPD AdoMetL-His HAAO Pi2OGNAD+NAD+CO2FAD PAH L-Trp 30, 582030, 581, 33364332, 5411, 286239, 5232, 543282330, 51, 5811632, 5455229597130, 51, 584632, 5468


The catabolic pathways of histidine, lysine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, proline and tryptophan are described in this section (Berg et al. 2002). View original pathway at:Reactome.


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