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G proteins, short for guanine nucleotide-binding proteins, are a family of proteins involved in second messenger cascades.

G proteins are so called because they function as "molecular switches". They alternate from 'inactive' guanosine diphosphate (GDP) to 'active' guanosine triphosphate (GTP), which is a binding state, and which proceeds to regulate downstream cell processes.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ADCY1GeneProduct107 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY2GeneProduct108 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY3GeneProduct109 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY4GeneProduct196883 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY5GeneProduct111 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY6GeneProduct112 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY7GeneProduct113 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY8GeneProduct114 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY9GeneProduct115 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP10GeneProduct11216 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP11GeneProduct11215 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP12GeneProduct9590 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP13GeneProduct11214 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP1GeneProduct8165 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP2GeneProduct11217 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP3GeneProduct10566 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP4GeneProduct8852 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP5GeneProduct9495 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP6GeneProduct9472 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP7GeneProduct9465 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP8GeneProduct10270 (Entrez Gene)
AKAP9GeneProduct10142 (Entrez Gene)
ARHGEF1GeneProduct9138 (Entrez Gene)
CALM1GeneProduct801 (Entrez Gene)
Ca2+MetaboliteHMDB00464 (HMDB)
DAGMetaboliteC00165 (Kegg Compound)
GNA11GeneProduct2767 (Entrez Gene)
GNA12GeneProduct2768 (Entrez Gene)
GNA13GeneProduct10672 (Entrez Gene)
GNA14GeneProduct9630 (Entrez Gene)
GNA15GeneProduct2769 (Entrez Gene)
GNAI1GeneProduct2770 (Entrez Gene)
GNAI2GeneProduct2771 (Entrez Gene)
GNAI3GeneProduct2773 (Entrez Gene)
GNALGeneProduct2774 (Entrez Gene)
GNAO1GeneProduct2775 (Entrez Gene)
GNAQGeneProduct2776 (Entrez Gene)
GNASGeneProduct2778 (Entrez Gene)
GNAZGeneProduct2781 (Entrez Gene)
GNB1GeneProduct2782 (Entrez Gene)
GNB2GeneProduct2783 (Entrez Gene)
GNB3GeneProduct2784 (Entrez Gene)
GNB5GeneProduct10681 (Entrez Gene)
GNG10GeneProduct2790 (Entrez Gene)
GNG11GeneProduct2791 (Entrez Gene)
GNG12GeneProduct55970 (Entrez Gene)
GNG13GeneProduct51764 (Entrez Gene)
GNG3GeneProduct2785 (Entrez Gene)
GNG4GeneProduct2786 (Entrez Gene)
GNG5GeneProduct2787 (Entrez Gene)
GNG7GeneProduct2788 (Entrez Gene)
GNG8GeneProduct94235 (Entrez Gene)
GNGT1GeneProduct2792 (Entrez Gene)
GNGT2GeneProduct2793 (Entrez Gene)
HRASGeneProduct3265 (Entrez Gene)
IP3MetaboliteHMDB01143 (HMDB)
ITPR1GeneProduct3708 (Entrez Gene)
KCNJ3GeneProduct3760 (Entrez Gene)
KRASGeneProduct3845 (Entrez Gene)
NRASGeneProduct4893 (Entrez Gene)
PDE1AGeneProduct5136 (Entrez Gene)
PDE1BGeneProduct5153 (Entrez Gene)
PDE1CGeneProduct5137 (Entrez Gene)
PDE4AGeneProduct5141 (Entrez Gene)
PDE4BGeneProduct5142 (Entrez Gene)
PDE4CGeneProduct5143 (Entrez Gene)
PDE4DGeneProduct5144 (Entrez Gene)
PDE7AGeneProduct5150 (Entrez Gene)
PDE7BGeneProduct27115 (Entrez Gene)
PDE8AGeneProduct5151 (Entrez Gene)
PDE8BGeneProduct8622 (Entrez Gene)
PLCB3GeneProduct5331 (Entrez Gene)
PPP3CAGeneProduct5530 (Entrez Gene)
PPP3CCGeneProduct5533 (Entrez Gene)
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PRKACBGeneProduct5567 (Entrez Gene)
PRKACGGeneProduct5568 (Entrez Gene)
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PRKAR2AGeneProduct5576 (Entrez Gene)
PRKAR2BGeneProduct5577 (Entrez Gene)
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PRKCB1GeneProduct5579 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCDGeneProduct5580 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCEGeneProduct5581 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCGGeneProduct5582 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCHGeneProduct5583 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCIGeneProduct5584 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCQGeneProduct5588 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCZGeneProduct5590 (Entrez Gene)
PRKD1GeneProduct5587 (Entrez Gene)
PRKD3GeneProduct23683 (Entrez Gene)
RHOAGeneProduct387 (Entrez Gene)
RRASGeneProduct6237 (Entrez Gene)
SLC9A1GeneProduct6548 (Entrez Gene)
cAMPMetaboliteHMDB00058 (HMDB)

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