Activated PKN1 stimulates transcription of AR (androgen receptor) regulated genes KLK2 and KLK3 (Homo sapiens)

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4, 10, 132, 1310132, 131013134, 13104, 1313nucleoplasmcytosolKLK2 Gene HIST2H2AA3 HIST1H2BM CH2OHIST3H2BB 2OGTEST TEST p-T12-HIST2H3A HIST2H2AC H2AFX HIST1H2BA HIST1H2BN CO2HIST1H2AC SUCCAHIST1H2BJ androst-4-en-3,17-dione KDM1ASUCCAHIST1H2AJ p-T774-PKN1:AR:AndrogenH2BFS HIST1H2BO DHTEST androst-4-en-3,17-dione CH2OH2AFB1 KLK2 Gene HIST1H2BK androst-4-en-3,17-dione HIST1H2BA HIST1H2BB HIST1H2AC NCOA2 AR p-T774-PKN1:AR:Androgen:KLK2,3 Gene:Nucleosome with p-T12-H3HIST1H2BD HIST1H2BO HIST1H2BN HIST2H2AC HIST1H2AD androst-4-en-3,17-dione HIST1H2BD KLK2 Gene TEST p-T12, Me2K-10-HIST1H3A HIST1H2BL AR H2AFX H2AFB1 CO2H2AFZ DHTEST HIST1H2BC TEST HIST1H2BH HIST1H2BB p-T774-PKN1:AR:Androgen:KLK2,3 Gene:Nucleosome with p-T12-Me2K-10-H3Me3K-10-HIST1H3A p-T12,Me3K-10-H3F3A HIST1H2BA HIST3H2BB HIST2H2AC HIST1H2AD androst-4-en-3,17-dione TEST 6-Dehydrotestosterone HIST2H2BE HIST1H2AJ 6-Dehydrotestosterone HIST1H2BD p-T12, Me2K-10-H3F3A HIST2H2BE H2AFB1 H2AFX O2p-T12,MeK-HIST2H3A HIST1H2BK DHTEST TEST p-T774-PKN1H2AFX p-T12,MeK-H3F3A p-T774-PKN1 HIST1H2BA HIST1H2AC KLK2,3 genesKDM4C p-T12, Me3K-10-HIST2H3A Me3K-10-H3F3A H2AFB1 HIST1H2BM HIST1H2BJ HIST1H2BM HIST1H2AC HIST1H2AB HIST1H2AJ SUCCAHIST1H2BC 6-Dehydrotestosterone HIST1H2AJ HIST1H2AJ HIST1H2BC p-T774-PKN1 KLK2,KLK3HIST1H2BH HIST3H2BB p-T774-PKN1:AR:Androgen:NCOA2TEST H2AFB1 HIST1H2AC KLK3 Gene HIST1H2AJ H2AFZ HIST1H2BM HIST3H2BB H2AFB1 H2BFS HIST3H2BB HIST1H2BH p-T12, Me2K-10-HIST1H3A HIST1H2BK H2AFB1 HIST2H2BE HIST1H2BM p-T774-PKN1:AR:Androgen:KLK2,3 Gene:Nucleosome with p-T12,Me3K-10-H3H2AFX HIST1H2BD O2TEST HIST1H2BJ HIST2H2AA3 HIST1H2AB HIST1H2BJ HIST1H4 HIST1H2AD H2AFZ HIST1H2BL AR HIST1H2AC H2BFS H2AFZ KDM1A HIST2H2BE H2AFZ HIST1H2BB HIST2H2AA3 AR HIST1H2AD p-T12, Me2K-10-H3F3A HIST1H2BA HIST1H2BK HIST1H2AB H2BFS 6-Dehydrotestosterone AR CO2H2AFZ HIST2H2AA3 HIST1H2BA HIST1H2BB KLK3 Gene ADPATPDHTEST HIST1H2BL HIST1H2BD HIST1H2BL KLK3 Gene HIST2H2AA3 CH2OHIST1H2BH KDM4CKLK3 Gene HIST1H2BC DHTEST KLK3 Gene HIST1H2BC NCOA2HIST1H2BL HIST1H2BH 6-Dehydrotestosterone 6-Dehydrotestosterone H2BFS HIST1H2AD HIST1H2BO p-T774-PKN1:AR:AndrogenH2AFZ HIST1H2BD KLK3 HIST1H2BN DHTEST p-T774-PKN1 AR HIST1H4 HIST1H2AB KLK2 Gene HIST1H2AC AR p-T774-PKN1:AR:Androgen:KLK2,KLK3 Gene:Nucleosome with p-T12,Me2K-10-H3:KDM1AKLK2 Gene HIST1H2BB HIST3H2BB TEST HIST1H2AD p-T774-PKN1 HIST1H2BC HIST1H2BL HIST3H2BB KLK2,3Gene:Nucleosomewith Me3K-10-H3HIST2H2BE KLK3 Gene HIST1H2BK Me3K-10-HIST2H3A HIST1H2BN p-T774-PKN1:AR:Androgen:KLK2,KLK3 Gene:Nucleosome with p-T12,MeK-10-H3:KDM1AH2AFX HIST1H2BL 2OGHIST1H2BM HIST2H2BE KLK2 Gene HIST1H2BO p-T12,Me3K-10-H3F3A HIST2H2AC KLK3 Gene p-T12, Me3K-10-HIST2H3A KLK2 Gene HIST1H2BB p-T774-PKN1 HIST1H2BH HIST1H2BJ HIST1H2AJ HIST1H2BO HIST1H2BN AR 6-Dehydrotestosterone androst-4-en-3,17-dione HIST1H2BO HIST1H2BA p-T12, Me3K-10-HIST1H3A HIST1H2BC HIST1H2BJ AR AR HIST1H2BJ p-T774-PKN1 p-T12-H3F3A HIST1H2BD HIST1H4 KLK2 Gene AR 2OGHIST1H4 DHTEST p-T774-PKN1 HIST1H2AB TEST HIST1H2AJ HIST1H4 H2BFS HIST1H2AC androst-4-en-3,17-dione HIST1H4 HIST1H2BM H2AFX p-T774-PKN1 KDM1A HIST1H2BB p-T12-HIST1H3A p-T774-PKN1 6-Dehydrotestosterone HIST1H2BK Me3K-10-HIST1H3A 6-Dehydrotestosterone HIST2H2AA3 AR:AndrogenHIST1H2BH p-T774-PKN1:AR:Androgen:KLK2,3 Gene:Nucleosome with Me3K-10-H3HIST1H2AD HIST1H4 KLK2 androst-4-en-3,17-dione Me3K-10-H3F3A p-T12, Me3K-10-HIST1H3A HIST1H2BM KLK3 Gene DHTEST HIST1H2BN H2BFS HIST1H2BJ TEST HIST1H2BD KLK2 Gene HIST1H2BN HIST1H2AB HIST1H2BN p-T12, Me2K-10-HIST2H3A KLK3 Gene HIST1H2AD HIST1H2BH 6-Dehydrotestosterone H2BFS HIST2H2AC DHTEST HIST3H2BB HIST2H2BE HIST1H2AB HIST1H2BL HIST1H2BO HIST2H2AA3 HIST1H2BC O2Me3K-10-HIST2H3A HIST1H4 HIST1H2BA HIST2H2AC androst-4-en-3,17-dione HIST2H2AC androst-4-en-3,17-dione HIST1H2BK HIST1H2AB DHTEST HIST2H2AA3 HIST1H2BO H2AFZ p-T12, Me2K-10-HIST2H3A DHTEST androst-4-en-3,17-dione p-T774-PKN1 p-T774-PKN1:AR:Androgen:KLK2,3 Gene:Nucleosome with p-T12, Me3K-10-H3:KDM4C6-Dehydrotestosterone HIST2H2AC H2AFB1 H2AFX p-T12,MeK-10-HIST1H3A HIST2H2BE HIST1H2BK RHO GTPases activatePKNsHIST1H2BB 101310131313131, 3, 5-9, 11...131310