Signaling by FGFR4 (Homo sapiens)

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23, 28, 44, 49, 58...8, 862, 60, 76, 8711, 14, 20, 30, 31, 78...27, 35, 4619, 42, 64, 72, 8552, 62, 7411, 25, 31, 791360, 87, 90641, 5, 18, 6755, 8760, 763246, 4853, 61, 7615-17, 3322, 26, 69, 82123, 4, 6040, 5715-172, 15, 29, 87, 90656514, 20, 30, 7862, 66102, 492, 493, 38, 55, 703239, 43122, 4921, 581227, 62, 66396, 3918, 53, 6772, 17, 60, 6115, 17, 33, 7310, 52cytosolUBC(229-304) GAB1 FGF1 UBA52(1-76) S111/S120p-SPRY2:B-RAFKLB p-5Y-FRS3 FGF18 FGF4 SHC1-2 UBB(153-228) Activated FGFR4:FRS2FGF1 FGF2(10-155) BRAF FGF1 FGF9 KLB FGFR4 enhancedkinase mutantdimersGalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) PPP2CB p-6Y-FRS2 UBC(609-684) FGF20 UBC(381-456) FGF6 HS ATPp-6Y-FRS2 GAB1 UBB(1-76) FGF6 FGF6 p-5Y-FRS3 UBC(1-76) UBB(77-152) p-5Y-FGFR4 Activated FGFR4Y367C mutantFGF18 HS p-6Y-FRS2 FGF17-1 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF6 PI(3,4,5)P3UBB(77-152) FGFR4 enhancedkinase mutantsFGF6 GRB2-1 FGF9 HS FGF19 FGF17-1 FGF4 PPA2A(A:C):S112/S115p-SPRY2PTPN11 GRB2-1 GRB2-1 FGF19 FGF16 HS FGF8-1 PPA2A (A:C):Y55/Y227p-SPRY2:GRB2GRB2-1 FGFR4 Y367C FGF4 PP2A(A:C):Y55/Y227-pSPRY2p-Y239,Y240,Y317-SHC1-2 SPRY2 FGF18 FGFR4:HS:KLB:FGF19FGF1 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF2(10-155) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF19 GRB2:GAB1BRAFUBC(1-76) PIK3CA ADPUBB(1-76) PPP2CB FGF16 p-6Y-FRS2 KLB FGF4 SHC1-2,SHC1-3Ub:Y55/Y227-pSPRY2:CBLFGF16 p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 PPP2R1A UBC(229-304) FGF18 ATPHS FGF18 KLB FGF1 p-5Y-FGFR4 p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF1 ATPFGF17-1 FGF16 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF1 ADPFGF6 FGF16 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:p-PTPN11:GRB2:GAB1:PIK3R1ActivatedFGFR4:pY-SHC1FGF4 FGF16 FGF9 ADPPPA2A(A:C):SPRY2FGF19 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRSFGFR4 V550E HRAS FGF20 FGF19 FGF19 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:GRB2:GAB1:PI3KHS FGF6 FGF6 FGF18 PIK3R1PIK3R1 UBC(77-152) p-S111,S120-SPRY2 FGF1 FGF17-1 SHC1-2 PPP2CB FGF9 p-S111,S120-SPRY2KLB p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 UbUBC(153-228) FGF2(10-155) FGF1 UBC(153-228) FGF4 UBC(381-456) PIK3R1 FGF2(10-155) PPP2CA FGF8-1 FGFR4 V550L p-Y194,Y195,Y272-SHC1-3 UBC(305-380) FGF6 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF1 HRAS FGF6 PIK3R1 KLB p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF20 GRB2-1 FGF20 PP2A(A:C):SPRY2GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:p-PTPN11:GRB2:GAB1:PI3KGAB1 UBC(609-684) FGF20 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:p-PPTN11:p-CBL:GRB2KLB UBC(305-380) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) KRAS HS p-Y194,Y195,Y272-SHC1-3 FGFR4 N535K FGF16 p-6Y-FRS2 FGF18 PiPIP3 activates AKTsignalingFGF8-1 FGF20 FGF9 KLB FGF9 FGF19 FGF2(10-155) FGF9 UbFGF19 UBA52(1-76) FGFR4 V550E BRAF FGF1 FGF9 UBC(381-456) SRC-1FGF8-1 FGF2(10-155) FGF1 GRB2-1 UBC(77-152) FGF20 p-4Y-PLCG1 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:p-PTPN11FGF6 PIK3R1 FGF17-1 FGF20 FGF16 FGF9 p-T250,T255,T385,S437-MKNK1FGF9 UBC(457-532) FGF2(10-155) FGF20 p-6Y-FRS2 FGF16 FGF2(10-155) FGF2(10-155) FGFR4 V550E ADPGRB2-1:SOS1KLB PPP2CB p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 UBB(77-152) PTPN11FGF20 FGF17-1 PPP2CA p-5Y-FGFR4 N535K FGF8-1 FGF17-1 FGF9 UBC(457-532) FGF2(10-155) HS FGF8-1 p-4Y-PLCG1SPRY2 FGF4 FGF19 FGF16 FGF16 p21 RAS:GTPGalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) KLB p-Y239,Y240,Y317-SHC1-2 FGF20 FGF19 FGF1 FGF9 Activated FGFR4:SHC1p-5Y-FGFR4 V550L FGF19 p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 Activated FGFR4homodimerFGF16 FGF6 FRS2 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) p-6Y-FRS2 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF16 p-6Y-FRS2 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:GRB2:SOS1FGFR4 N535K HS FGF20 GAB1 PLCG1ADPFGF16 SOS1 RAF/MAP kinasecascadep-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 FGF18 FGF20 p-5Y-FGFR4 V550E FGF16 KLB ATPp-5Y-FGFR4 KLB RPS27A(1-76) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) ActivatedFGFR4:p-8T-FRS2PPP2R1A GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF20 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF18 FGF4 GAB1 FGF19 FGF2(10-155) KLB FGF8-1 FGFR4 Y367Cp-5Y-FGFR4 N535D PPP2CB FGFR4 homodimerbound to FGFCBL p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF1 UBC(381-456) FGF17-1 KRAS p-8T-FRS2 FGFR4 FGF2(10-155) FGF8-1 PPP2CA GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF8-1 UBC(533-608) ATPUBC(305-380) FGF2(10-155) FGF20 FGF1 FGF17-1 FGF2(10-155) FGF2(10-155) GTP PIK3CAp-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 FGF16 FGF2(10-155) PPP2CA UBC(533-608) FGF4 FGF8-1 UBC(229-304) CBLp-5Y-FGFR4 p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF18 FGF8-1 FGF9 FGF8-1 ADPUBC(153-228) FGFR4 N535D GRB2-1 UBC(77-152) FGF1 p-Y371-CBL GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF8-1 KLBp-5Y-FRS3 FGF6 SPRY2:B-RAFFGF18 SOS1 Activated FGFR4:FRS3FGF4 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) SOS1 HS FGFR4 N535K FGF8-1 UBC(1-76) PPP2CA FGF20 FGF9 FGF20 UBC(77-152) FGF9 FGF20 p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF4 FGF2(10-155) FGF17-1 GRB2-1FGF8-1 activatedFGFR4:p-4Y-PLCG1p21 RAS:GDPPIK3R1 FGF17-1 p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 HS FGF8-1 FGF16 p-5Y-FGFR4 Activated FGFR4bound toFGF19:BetaKlothoFGF18 FGF6 CBL p-T202,Y204-MAPK3 FGF16 FGF16 FGF6 FGF2(10-155) FGF18 PP2A(A:C):S112/S121-pSPRY2GAB1 FGF8-1 FGF4 FGFR4 Y367C mutantdimerActivated FGFR4p-6Y-FRS2 FGFR4FGF16 FGF4 FGF19 GRB2-1 FGF9 ADPp-Y371-CBL FGF6 FGF4 PI(3,4,5)P3Y55/Y227-pSPRY2:CBLFGF4 FGF17-1 HS FGF2(10-155) HS FGF18 PPP2CA GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) p-5Y-FGFR4 UBB(77-152) p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 FGF19 FGF8-1 PPP2R1A FGF18 UBB(153-228) FGF19 Ub-Activated FGFR4complex:Ub-p-FRS2FRS3FGF8-1 FGF2(10-155) FGF9 FGF18 GRB2-1 HS SPRY2 UBC(305-380) FGF17-1 PPP2R1A FGF1 HS FGF19 FGF20 p-Y371-CBL:GRB2FGF4 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF19 ATPFGFR4 V550L FGF17-1 FGF1 ADPGalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF9 KLB FGF1 UBA52(1-76) FGF8-1 FGF18 FGF6 p-6Y-FRS2 ADPHS HS RPS27A(1-76) UBC(457-532) PPP2R1A FGF8-1 FGF18 p-S112,S121-SPRY2 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS:p-PTPN11UBC(1-76) FGF19 DAG and IP3signalingFGF19 p-T185,Y187-MAPK1 ActivatedFGFR4:pY-SHC1:GRB2:SOS1FGF18 PPP2CA UBC(153-228) FGF17-1 FGF16 FGF1 p-5Y-FGFR4 NRAS KLB UBB(153-228) p-5Y-FGFR4 p-5Y-FGFR4 UBC(229-304) UBC(229-304) PD173074 FGF20 FGF19 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2:GRB2:GAB1:PIK3R1FGF6 PLCG1 FGF16 ATPHS p5Y-FGFR4 Y367C mutant ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS3RPS27A(1-76) FGF18 ADPFGF16 FGF4 FGF19 HS KLB FGF6 UBB(153-228) FGF4 HSp-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 HS FGF1 UBB(1-76) FGF8-1 PPP2CB UBA52(1-76) UBB(1-76) UBC(153-228) FGF9 FGF4 FGF17-1 Activated FGFR4enhanced kinasemutantsFGF18 FGF18 UBC(381-456) p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF20 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF17-1 FGF19 FRS3 p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 FGF8-1 FGFR4-binding FGFsactivatedFGFR4:PLCG1FGF8-1 FGF1 FGF4 p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF4 FGF1 KLB UBC(609-684) GTPp-5Y-FGFR4 FGF18 UBC(533-608) FGF6 FGF1 FGF17-1 FGF16 p-5Y-FGFR4 UBC(77-152) FGF6 ATPPD173074FGF9 FGF19 p-S112,S115-SPRY2 FGF6 UBC(1-76) ATPUBC(457-532) FGF17-1 p-Y371-CBL FGF19 FGF9 ATPFGFR4 N535D UBC(305-380) HS GRB2:GAB1:PIK3R1FGF20 ATPUBC(609-684) FGFR4 GRB2-1 HS FGF6 ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS:PTPN11UBB(153-228) FGF18 KLB KLB PPP2R1A FGF17-1 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) ActivatedFGFR4:p-FRS2FGF19 FGF2(10-155) FGF16 FGF17-1 SHC1-3 FGF4 KLB GRB2-1 p-5Y-FGFR4 p-5Y-FGFR4 FGF9 ADPp-5Y-FRS3 UBB(77-152) p-5Y-FGFR4 GDPKLB p-5Y-FGFR4 KLB FGF17-1 FGFR4 N535D p-T,Y MAPK dimersPI(4,5)P2FGF2(10-155) SHC1-3 FGF8-1 FGF19 PI(3,4,5)P3 FGF19FGF20 FGF18 HS UBC(457-532) FGF2(10-155) FGF6 p-5Y-FRS3 Ub-(Y55/Y227)p-SPRY2FGF2(10-155) FGF4 UBC(533-608) HS p-6Y-FRS2 UBC(609-684) FGF17-1 HSRPS27A(1-76) FGF9 PP2A (A:C)p-5Y-FGFR4 GDP UBA52(1-76) FGF6 p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 FRS2RPS27A(1-76) FGFR4 mutant dimerswith enhancedkinaseactivity:PD173074KLB FGF17-1 FGFR4 V550L UBB(1-76) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) HS FGF1 FGF4 ADPATPPPP2CB FGF19 FGF20 UBC(533-608) FGF2(10-155) PIK3CA FGF9 KLB FGF17-1 FGF4 p-6Y-FRS2 p-5Y-FGFR4 GRB2-1 GRB2-1 PPP2R1A NRAS FGF9 FGF20 1212519, 24, 36, 37, 41...12121212126447, 71, 88, 891247, 71, 88, 8934, 65393939121250121212551212396410121214, 20, 30, 78