Felbamate Metabolism (Bos taurus)

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123-carbamoyl-2-phenylpropionic acid3-carbamoyl-2-phenylpropionaldehyde3-Hydroxy-2-phenylpropylcarbamate1.2.1.5p-hydroxyfelbamateCYP3A4Felbamate1.1.1.1atropaldehydeCYP2E1CYP3A4CYP2E12-hydroxyfelbamate


CYP metabolism of felbamate.


This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP2816(76465) with a 66.0% conversion rate.

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  1. Glue P, Banfield CR, Perhach JL, Mather GG, Racha JK, Levy RH; ''Pharmacokinetic interactions with felbamate. In vitro-in vivo correlation.''; Clin Pharmacokinet, 1997 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
  2. Husain Z, Pinto C, Sofia RD, Yunis EJ; ''Felbamate-induced apoptosis of hematopoietic cells is mediated by redox-sensitive and redox-independent pathways.''; Epilepsy Res, 2002 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
2-hydroxyfelbamateMetabolite8575477 (Chemspider)
3-Hydroxy-2-phenylpropyl carbamateMetabolite184751 (Chemspider)
3-carbamoyl-2-phenyl propionaldehydeMetabolite21350391 (PubChem-compound)
3-carbamoyl-2-phenyl propionic acidMetabolite3025746 (PubChem-compound)
CYP2E1GeneProductENSBTAG00000018365 (Ensembl) HomologyConvert: Homo sapiens to Bos taurus: Original ID = En:ENSG00000130649
CYP3A4GeneProductENSBTAG00000047379 (Ensembl) HomologyConvert: Homo sapiens to Bos taurus: Original ID = En:ENSG00000160868
FelbamateMetaboliteHMDB0015084 (HMDB)
atropaldehydeMetabolite10312 (PubChem-compound)
p-hydroxyfelbamateMetabolite8096945 (Chemspider)

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