Kit receptor signaling pathway (Homo sapiens)

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p85 complexLigandGolgi apparatusGOPalmitoylationCY->PMAutophosphorlationSumoylationDeubiquitinationDephosphorylationReceptorCYMethylationEndosomePlasma Membrane(Protein-protein interaction)ExtracellularAccession Number: NetPath 6; cellmap:6PhosphorylationMolecule in the pathwayProteins in a complex interactionDesumoylationEndoplasmic reticulumUbiquitinationGene SymbolDeacetylationMitochondrionAcetylationReaction through unknown mechanisms/moleculesECProteolytic cleavageCytoplasmNUDMTDNucleusPMGlycosylationRecruitmentEnzyme complexTranslocationMolecular associationERActivationDemethylationENControlInhibitionMAP2K1CISHVAV2MPDZKITPTPRUSOCS6MAPK1STAP1CLTCPLCE1VAV1CRKLFESGRB7TRAILR1KITLGRPS6KA1KITJAK2SOCS4DOK1FYNGRAPMITFSHC1SOS1TECSRCYES1HRASCBLAKT1EP300SOCS1CRKPRKCB1EPORFGRBADPRKCADOK1CBLBPIK3R1SPRED1SH3KBP1APSGRB2ABL1STAT5BHCKPTPN11SPRED2PTPN6SOCS5PIK3R2PLCG1RAF1BTKINPP5DCSF2RBLYNSTAT5AGRB10PIK3CGSTAT3RASA1MATKKITLGSTAT1


Kit is a receptor protein tyrosine kinase, which is a receptor for stem cell factor or kit ligand. Signaling through Kit is important for formation of red cells, lymphocytes, mast cells and platelets among others. Binding of Kit receptor to stem cell factor leads to an intracellular cascade of events that includes activation of PI 3-kinase, Src family kinases and PLC gamma. Activating mutations in the Kit receptor are associated with several human malignancies include leukemias, gastrointestinal stromal tumors and mastocytomas. Source: NetPath


GenMAPP notes 
NetPath 6; cellmap:6 - Kit Receptor Signaling Pathway. The Kit Receptor signaling pathway was kindly reviewed by Imke Ehlers in Peter Besmer’s lab. This cancer signaling pathway is available at Cancer Cell Map ( and NetPath ( and is part of a collaborative project between the Computational Biology Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (, PandeyLab at Johns Hopkins University ( and Institute of Bioinformatics ( If you use this pathway, you must cite the Cancer Cell Map and NetPath websites until the pathway is published.
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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ABL1GeneProduct25 (Entrez Gene)
AKT1GeneProduct207 (Entrez Gene)
APSGeneProduct10603 (Entrez Gene)
BADGeneProduct572 (Entrez Gene)
BTKGeneProduct695 (Entrez Gene)
CBLGeneProduct867 (Entrez Gene)
CBLBGeneProduct868 (Entrez Gene)
CISHGeneProduct1154 (Entrez Gene)
CLTCGeneProduct1213 (Entrez Gene)
CRKGeneProduct1398 (Entrez Gene)
CRKLGeneProduct1399 (Entrez Gene)
CSF2RBGeneProduct1439 (Entrez Gene)
DOK1GeneProduct1796 (Entrez Gene)
EP300GeneProduct2033 (Entrez Gene)
EPORGeneProduct2057 (Entrez Gene)
FESGeneProduct2242 (Entrez Gene)
FGRGeneProduct2268 (Entrez Gene)
FYNGeneProduct2534 (Entrez Gene)
GRAPGeneProduct10750 (Entrez Gene)
GRB10GeneProduct2887 (Entrez Gene)
GRB2GeneProduct2885 (Entrez Gene)
GRB7GeneProduct2886 (Entrez Gene)
HCKGeneProduct3055 (Entrez Gene)
HRASGeneProduct3265 (Entrez Gene)
INPP5DGeneProduct3635 (Entrez Gene)
JAK2GeneProduct3717 (Entrez Gene)
KITGeneProduct3815 (Entrez Gene)
KITLGGeneProduct4254 (Entrez Gene)
LYNGeneProduct4067 (Entrez Gene)
MAP2K1GeneProduct5604 (Entrez Gene)
MAPK1GeneProduct5594 (Entrez Gene)
MATKGeneProduct4145 (Entrez Gene)
MITFGeneProduct4286 (Entrez Gene)
MPDZGeneProduct8777 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3CGGeneProduct5294 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3R1GeneProduct5295 (Entrez Gene)
PIK3R2GeneProduct5296 (Entrez Gene)
PLCE1GeneProduct51196 (Entrez Gene)
PLCG1GeneProduct5335 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCAGeneProduct5578 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCB1GeneProduct5579 (Entrez Gene)
PTPN11GeneProduct5781 (Entrez Gene)
PTPN6GeneProduct5777 (Entrez Gene)
PTPRUGeneProduct10076 (Entrez Gene)
RAF1GeneProduct5894 (Entrez Gene)
RASA1GeneProduct5921 (Entrez Gene)
RPS6KA1GeneProduct6195 (Entrez Gene)
SH3KBP1GeneProduct30011 (Entrez Gene)
SHC1GeneProduct6464 (Entrez Gene)
SOCS1GeneProduct8651 (Entrez Gene)
SOCS4GeneProduct122809 (Entrez Gene)
SOCS5GeneProduct9655 (Entrez Gene)
SOCS6GeneProduct9306 (Entrez Gene)
SOS1GeneProduct6654 (Entrez Gene)
SPRED1GeneProduct161742 (Entrez Gene)
SPRED2GeneProduct200734 (Entrez Gene)
SRCGeneProduct6714 (Entrez Gene)
STAP1GeneProduct26228 (Entrez Gene)
STAT1GeneProduct6772 (Entrez Gene)
STAT3GeneProduct6774 (Entrez Gene)
STAT5AGeneProduct6776 (Entrez Gene)
STAT5BGeneProduct6777 (Entrez Gene)
TECGeneProduct7006 (Entrez Gene)
TRAILR1GeneProduct8797 (Entrez Gene)
VAV1GeneProduct7409 (Entrez Gene)
VAV2GeneProduct7410 (Entrez Gene)
YES1GeneProduct7525 (Entrez Gene)

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