Prostaglandin Synthesis and Regulation (Rattus norvegicus)

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PG SynthasesCell MembranePhospholipidsGq signalingpathwayprolactinreleaseCytoplasmInactive MetabolitesCortisoneCortisolCalciumCalciumPtgisPtgs2PGF2aArachidonic AcidHsd11b2Ptgs1Prostaglandin H2Ptger3EdnrbPtgdsPtger2Anxa5Anxa4Edn1Ptger4PtgirPGF2aPtgfrAnxa2Pla2g4aPTGDRScgb1a1S100a10PGE2ANXA8Anxa1Anxa3Cyp11a1Hsd11b1EdnraTXA2PrlCortisolProgesteroneS100a6PGI2Tbxas1Ptger1Anxa6Hpgd


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GenMAPP notes 
Adapted from Gross, G et al. 2000, Society for Gynecologic Investigation; 7:88-95
GenMAPP remarks 
See note for more details
This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP98(r20887) with a 80% conversion rate.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ANXA8GeneProduct306283 (Entrez Gene)
Anxa1GeneProduct25380 (Entrez Gene)
Anxa2GeneProduct56611 (Entrez Gene)
Anxa3GeneProduct25291 (Entrez Gene)
Anxa4GeneProduct79124 (Entrez Gene)
Anxa5GeneProduct25673 (Entrez Gene)
Anxa6GeneProduct79125 (Entrez Gene)
Arachidonic AcidMetabolite
CalciumMetaboliteHMDB0000464 (HMDB)
Cyp11a1GeneProduct29680 (Entrez Gene)
Edn1GeneProduct24323 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 1474344
EdnraGeneProduct24326 (Entrez Gene)
EdnrbGeneProduct50672 (Entrez Gene)
HpgdGeneProduct79242 (Entrez Gene)
Hsd11b1GeneProduct25116 (Entrez Gene)
Hsd11b2GeneProduct25117 (Entrez Gene)
PGE2MetaboliteHMDB0003175 (HMDB)
PGF2aMetaboliteHMDB0001139 (HMDB)
PGI2MetaboliteHMDB0001335 (HMDB)
PTGDRGeneProduct498475 (Entrez Gene)
Pla2g4aGeneProduct24653 (Entrez Gene)
PrlGeneProduct24683 (Entrez Gene)
Prostaglandin H2Metabolite
PtgdsGeneProduct25526 (Entrez Gene)
Ptger1GeneProduct25637 (Entrez Gene)
Ptger2GeneProduct81752 (Entrez Gene)
Ptger3GeneProduct24929 (Entrez Gene)
Ptger4GeneProduct84023 (Entrez Gene)
PtgfrGeneProduct25652 (Entrez Gene)
PtgirGeneProduct292661 (Entrez Gene)
PtgisGeneProduct25527 (Entrez Gene)
Ptgs1GeneProduct24693 (Entrez Gene)
Ptgs2GeneProduct29527 (Entrez Gene)
S100a10GeneProduct81778 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 12962548 relationship with Annexin 2
S100a6GeneProduct85247 (Entrez Gene)
Scgb1a1GeneProduct25575 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 7615804, PMID: 3292559
TXA2MetaboliteHMDB0001452 (HMDB)
Tbxas1GeneProduct24886 (Entrez Gene)

Annotated Interactions

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