Cytokinin-Auxin interactions in plant development (Arabidopsis thaliana)

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3Shoot branchingRoot apical meristemAHKs isopentenyltransferase (IPT)Root transition zoneLateral rootinitiationAuxin exportMAX4BRC1IPT1StrigolactoneAuxinSHY2AHK3AHP61ARR1ARR10ARR12CytokininIPT2IPT3IPT4IPT5IPT9IPT8IPT7IPT6AuxinCytokininIPT5PIN3PIN1PIN7PIN6ARR1ARR12CytokininPIN1AHK41HistidinePhosphotransmitter (HP)AHK2AHK1AHK32, 4-7AHK411AHK5CytokininAHP3AHP2AHP4AHP5AHP1AHP-LikeARR1ARR12PIN1PIN7AuxinAuxin exportShoot apical meristem (SAM)MPARR15ARR78AuxinCytokininCLV3WUSARR5CLV19CLV2


The plant growth hormones auxin and cytokinin along with strigolactones play an active role in plant development. The pathway diagram shows interaction of growth hormone mediated regulation of gene activities and role in various plant part development. In the root apical meristem development section the paralogs of A. thaliana AHKs and AHPs were listed as family group members and not as members of the complex.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AHK1GeneProductAT2G17820 (Ensembl Plants) Histidine Kinase 1
AHK2GeneProductAT5G35750 (Ensembl Plants) Histidine Kinase 2
AHK3GeneProductAT1G27320 (Ensembl Plants) Histidine Kinase 3
AHK4GeneProductAT2G01830 (Ensembl Plants) Histidine Kinase 4
AHK5GeneProductAT5G10720 (Ensembl Plants) Histidine Kinase 5
AHP-LikeGeneProductAT4G04402 (Ensembl Plants) histidine phosphotransfer protein like
AHP1GeneProductAT3G21510 (Ensembl Plants) histidine phosphotransfer protein 1
AHP2GeneProductAT3G29350 (Ensembl Plants) histidine phosphotransfer protein 2
AHP3GeneProductAT5G39340 (Ensembl Plants) histidine phosphotransfer protein 3
AHP4GeneProductAT3G16360 (Ensembl Plants) histidine phosphotransfer protein 4
AHP5GeneProductAT1G03430 (Ensembl Plants) histidine phosphotransfer protein 5
AHP6GeneProductAT1G80100 (Ensembl Plants) histidine phosphotransfer protein 6
ARR10GeneProductAt4g31920 (Ensembl Plants) Type-B Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) response regulator 10
ARR12GeneProductAt2g25180 (Ensembl Plants) Type-B Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) response regulator 12
ARR15GeneProductAT1G74890 (Ensembl Plants) Type-A Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) response regulator 15
ARR1GeneProductAt3g16857 (Ensembl Plants) Type-B Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) response regulator 1
ARR5GeneProductAt3g48100 (Ensembl Plants) Type-A Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) response regulator 5
ARR7GeneProductAT1G19050 (Ensembl Plants) Type-A Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) response regulator 7
AuxinMetabolite22676 (ChEBI)
BRC1GeneProductAT3G18550 (Ensembl Plants) branched 1
CLV1GeneProductAT1G75820 (Ensembl Plants) CLAVATA1
CLV2GeneProductAT1G65380 (Ensembl Plants) CLAVATA2
CLV3GeneProductAT2G27250 (Ensembl Plants) CLAVATA3
CytokininMetabolite23530 (ChEBI)
IPT1GeneProductAT1G68460 (Ensembl Plants) isopentenyltransferase 1
IPT2GeneProductAT2G27760 (Ensembl Plants) isopentenyltransferase 2
IPT3GeneProductAT3G63110 (Ensembl Plants) isopentenyltransferase 3
IPT4GeneProductAT4G24650 (Ensembl Plants) isopentenyltransferase 4
IPT5GeneProductAT5G19040 (Ensembl Plants) isopentenyltransferase 5
IPT6GeneProductAT1G25410 (Ensembl Plants) isopentenyltransferase 6
IPT7GeneProductAT3G23630 (Ensembl Plants) isopentenyltransferase 7
IPT8GeneProductAT3G19160 (Ensembl Plants) isopentenyltransferase 8
IPT9GeneProductAT5G20040 (Ensembl Plants) isopentenyltransferase 9
MAX4GeneProductAT4G32810 (Ensembl Plants) MORE AXILLARY BRANCHING 4
MPGeneProductAT1G19850 (Ensembl Plants) MONOPTEROS
PIN1GeneProductAT2G01420 (Ensembl Plants) Auxin efflux carrier family protein
PIN3GeneProductAT1G23080 (Ensembl Plants) Auxin efflux carrier family protein
PIN6GeneProductAT1G77110 (Ensembl Plants) Auxin efflux carrier family protein
PIN7GeneProductAT1G70940 (Ensembl Plants) Auxin efflux carrier family protein
SHY2GeneProductAT1G04240 (Ensembl Plants) SHORT HYPOCOTYL 2, IAA3, AUX/IAA transcriptional regulator family protein
StrigolactoneMetabolite68487 (ChEBI)
WUSGeneProductAT2G17950 (Ensembl Plants) WUSCHEL, WUSCHEL1, WUS1

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